My Top Ten Flash Villains

In terms of pure villainy

Note: List is subject to change. Along with all my other lists.

Top ten flash villains:

10. Pied Piper - Sound based villain who has enhanced sound capabilities and expert in sonic technology.

9. The Shade - One of the earlier Flash villains, this villain has umbrakinetic powers that are really impressive.

8. Heatwave - A fire based villain with a flamethrower who is a member of the infamous Rogues. He is commonly associated with Cold.

7. Weather Wizard - Yet another alliteration Flash villain, Weather Wizard isn't as ridiculous as he sounds. He is arguably the most powerful villain, though his level of villainy doesn't impress me much (he's more of a thief and sometimes works under Cold himself.)

6. Captain Boomerang/Mirror Master - Both prove to be great adversaries to the Flash in their own unique way.

5. The Trickster - He is played by Mark Hamill in most media. He is a con artist and above average intellect who uses gags and tricks to fool the Flash and escape. He is also mentally unwell4. Zoom - The second Zoom was a man by the name of Hunter Zolomon. He turned into a murderous sociopath because of his father.

3. Captain Cold - Cold is the leader of the Rogues and a harsh leader at that. He has a strict moral code that allows him to be unable to kill anyone and passes this on to the Rogues. He scolds and makes sure the Rogues are in check at all times.

2. Gorilla Grodd - The second most evil who is more universally evil opposed to just giving Barry Allen hell.

1. Professor Zoom - The most evil Flash villain, imo, though most would agree with me. He has a personal hatred and rivalry with his idol-turned-archenemy the Flash (Barry Allen...). He appears on the Flash CW series and is arguably the best villain on that show, aside from Cold.

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