My Top Avatar Characters:

This is all I got for now. These are my favorites. I would put AMON and ZAHEER somewhere, but they don't have comicvines. Probably put them higher than Ozai.

List items

  • My favorite. She's badass. Known as the Blind Bandit in the ring, she's a tough as nails Earthbender who won't let anyone tell her what to do.

  • My second favorite is a Harley Quinn like character. She's always bubbly and optimistic.

  • Love her. My favorite Avatar, tbh.

  • Great mentor to ZUKO.

  • Third favorite is my favorite villain of Avatar, Azula. She is evil as she is meniacal.

  • Waterbending master with a heart of gold.

  • Great protagonist. I love that he is a pacifist. Pacifist protagonists are rare nowadays...I know heroes don't kill, but Aang doesn't even like to fight. Remember, there's always a way. Fighting isn't ALWAYS the answer.

  • Great character. She's a Kyoshi warrior and girlfriend of Sokka.

  • Great character that fills the void of all three: Hero, Anti-Hero, and Villain.

  • Sword master with a comedic streak.

  • Great villain. Voiced by the JOKER and Luke ! XD Only downside is how little he appears.