My Favorite Kim Possible Villains:

1. Monkey Fist

2. Shego

3. Dr. Drakken (I love that rap of his, lol XD.)


Okay. Since this site doesn't have ALL the villains on the spot, I'll just put the LIST here:

10. Aviarius - Archenemy of Team Go.

9. Senor Senior, Sr. And Senor Senior, Jr. - An old villain, young villain father-son villain team that reminds me of Spiderman villains Norman and Harry Osborn. Though senior is MUCH less evil than Green Goblin... If thats an oxymoron and a thing... But yeah!... Father son villainous duo.

8. Duff Killigan - A golf-themed villain who is obsessed with turning the world into his own personal golf course.

7. DNAmy (Amy Hall) - A smart villainous who is not evil-like, but is a villainess nonetheless (ha, that rhymes, now gimme a dime!). Anyway. She's responsible for a number of mutations in the show and is directly responsible for Monkey fist's mutation.

6. Motor Ed - Dr. Drakken's brother and motor theme villain

5. Warmongo and Warmonga - The most evil villains aside Monkey fist, were the main antagonsts of the finale and serve as a bigger bad to Drakken AND Shego.

4. Gill (Gil Moss) - A more realistic villain to the likes of Friday the 13th who had a PERSONAL grudge and vendetta against Ron Stoppable.

3. Dr. Drakken (Dr. Drew Lipsky) - KP's arch-nemesis and the smartest villain aside Monkey Fist.

2. Shego - This villainess and sidekick turned middleton into shegoton and was the supreme ruler of Shegoton in a dark future dystopia in "A Sitch in Time." She serves as the villainous foil to Kim.

1. Monkey Fist (Lord Monty Fiske) - My favorite villain and arguably the most evil and cynical. He gradually grows more lustful and greedy by the end and is the only villain who doesn't survive and is turned to stone. He CAN come back, but his evil actions say otherwise (seriously, he was becoming a Frollo Jr. With his lust for power vs frollos lust for love with esmeralda...) thats what makes him such a great villain. In fact, since his very first appearance, he proved a great antagonist to the duo. But by the end, he became close to a complete monster.

List items

  • Ron's archenemy and my personal favorite KP villain.

  • She took over all of Middleton and the entire world in the film, "A Sitch in Time." She is the best enemy for Kim, physically AND mentally.

  • Genius-level intellect and Kim's archenemy.