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Wolverine Character
Magneto Character
Captain America Character
Spider-Man Character
Iron Man Character
Nightcrawler Character
Beast Character
Iceman Character
Scarlet Witch Character
Doctor Doom Character
Mystique Character
Hawkeye Character
Black Cat Character
Kingpin Character
Wasp Character
Professor X Character
Punisher Character
Microchip Character
Black Canary Character
Batman Character
Joker Character
Superman Character
Ultron Character
Gorilla Grodd Character
Mole Man Character
Merlyn Character
Klaw Character
Mr. Sinister Character
Nick Fury Character
Jimmy Olsen Character
Purple Man Character
Baron Helmut Zemo Character
Killer Frost Character
Kitty Pryde Character
Donald Pierce Character
X-23 Character
Arthur Light Character
Deathstroke Character
Riddler Character
Scarecrow Character
James Gordon Character
Ocean Master Character
DC Comics Company
Boom! Studios Company
The Dark Knight Movie
The Incredibles Movie
Nick Fury: Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Movie
Hulk vs. Wolverine Movie
Almost Got 'Im Episode
X-Men: Evolution Series