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  • Alignment:Evil
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A Lizard-like alien who crashed on Earth when his ship was shot down by another alien race.

Sanit is 6' 9" with a heavy muscluar built.

His skin color is greenish-red. He has claws tipped fingers and a vast knowlegde of weaponry.

His only goal is to find a way back home and to report the weaknesses of Earth. And he is willing to crush anyone who will get in his way.

Alien Technology

Emergency Terma-Suit (Lasts around 10 minutes.)

Radar Wrist Band (Picks Up lifeforms within a 100 foot radius)

Bolt Pistol (Plasma Tipped Ammo (3 rounds per Clip, 4 Clips)(Weighs around 20 lbs between Pistol and Ammo))

Self-Destruction Device (50 foot radius Explosion)