The Seven Samurai

These are characters from the pages of comics / manga who are followers of The Way, or have samurai-like qualities and could easily count as them. :)

"Fall seven times, and stand up eight." - Proverb

List items

  • There's only three Jedi coming to mind that would REALLY fit as samurai characters: K'Kruhk, Zao, and Ki-Adi Mundi. K'Kruhk is immortal and he looks like Bigfoot crossed with a crocodile. Need I say more?

  • God, I idolized this guy growing up. He's a ronin and I'm surprised there's no RZA song about him.

  • There's a certain yokai species that reminds me a lot of Master Mundi. I don't know the name of them but they're humanoids with long craniums just like him.

  • Will he finally go back to the past? Seriously, Tartakovsky, it's been over a decade....

  • Numba One, bitches.

  • Never seen Samurai Champloo, but he's a good completion to this ensemble.