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New All-Star Western Arc has Promise 1

All-Star Western no. 17 gives us the start of a new storyline and presents a mysterious, new villain - at least as far as Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham are concerned. The story takes place in the winter, with a severe outbreak of cholera occurring in one of the tenement districts of 19th century Gotham. Thousands fled the district and soon those who remain begin to die off. As a result - the district is giving the dubious moniker of "Death's Doorstep." The outbreak become so bad that Gotham's may...

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Good, but not Great, Ending to Jeckyl/Hyde Story 0

At the start of issue 16, we find that nearly a month has passed since the events that transpired in the last issue. Arkham is still committed, and Hex has been staying at Arkham's mansion, still recovering from the injuries (including a broken leg) he sustained in his fight with Mr. Hyde. In addition, we find that he has been drinking heavily and has slipped into a severe bout of depression as he remains confined to a wheelchair while his leg heals. A nurse (Constance) has been assigned to care...

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