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Tetsuya Nomura Apologizes on Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy Versus XIII Delay

If you don't know, recently the President of Square Enix, Yoichi Wada stepped down due to how the company has been having financial problems for the past decade. Yosuke Matsuda is now the company's new head President and made Tetsuya Nomura release a public statement as Matsuda wants to reel in the veteran fans who've been growing tired of waiting for Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy Versus XIII for many years.

The public is not aware of this but Geoff Keighley flew to Japan during the weekend to interview Tetsuya Nomura on this. It'll be on later tonight on Spike TV but if you don't believe me then I'd suggest checking this out; Unfortunately, I am not able to post the actual screen shots as it would ruin the surprise that Matsuda has been saving to redeem Enix.

The reason why these two games have been on hold? It's been revealed that Gabe Newell is the second director behind Tetsuya Nomura. A lot of people have been teasing Mr. Newell as he has a phobia of the number '3'.

Little does everyone know, Gabe Newell cries himself at night about this. Secretly, Tetsuya Nomura has been taking Gabe Newell to a special rehabilitation center for those who've worked in the gaming industry. Matter of fact, rumors are Newell made friends with the man who created Superman 64 that's at this rehabilitation center.

What caused this phobia was years ago Nomura called up Newell on doing Kingdom Hearts III. It was actually supposed to come out in 2009 but has been on hold since Newell is feeling very overwhelmed that he'll let everyone down. He knows Kingdom Hearts III is highly demanded and belongs to a popular franchise but he's afraid he'll let everyone down. Tetsuya Nomura refuses to let Gabe quit so for a side project Nomura has Gabe creating Half-Life 2.5 mods for Versus XIII which has been on hold due to Kingdom Hearts III.

How do I know all of this? Ladies and gentlemen, haven't you ever wondered why I've been keeping up with Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain? Don't you think it's odd how I post blogs of Metal Gear on a comic site? I'm not allowed to confess this but I cannot hold it anymore; I am Joakim Mogren.

That is right. I am not CG (Computer Graphics) and it hurts that people are speculating that I'm not human. Just because I have a deep love for cupcakes doesn't make me less human than you are. At E3, I shall announce to the world that I, Joakim Mogren, is Samimista of ComicVine with my buddies Tetsuya Nomura and Gabe Newell there to confirm Versus is now Final Fantasy XV and that Kingdom Hearts III will be out in 2014.