Snake Is Back!

Ladies and gentlemen, the latest Phantom Pain trailer has finally been revealed at the opening of E3!

Ever since the HD Collection, Metal Gear has been on the Xbox so it's not exactly surprising that Phantom Pain will be on both next gen consoles but it's nice that almost everyone gets a chance to experience this journey! Let us ride away with Adamska! So, most of the trailer is very similar to Red Dead Redemption with the scenery along with the time and weather change. So glad Metal Gear continues to approve with these little features since it makes the series feel more realistic.

After the nine year coma Big Boss has become a fallen legend out for a race of revenge which happens to be the theme of Phantom Pain. Bear in mind the game will share many similarities to the novel Moby Dick that Hideo has been incorporating since he created the fake Swedish studio Moby Dick for the Spike VGAs last year. The trailer takes place in Afghanistan where Boss is set out to find Kaz who has been captured. I couldn't help but think of the original Metal Gear from 1987 with how Solid Snake rescued Grey Fox who was captured at the time. My heart was breaking when the slaves were shown in cages and how Big Boss was handing out diamonds. It's sad because slavery still exists in third world countries.

It seems Huey Emmerich is back as well along with Adamska. Personally, I love how Adamska (Revolver Ocelot/Liquid Ocelot/Shalashaska, for those who are wondering) looks up to Big Boss. Never liked Ocelot until Snake Eater when he was developed a lot more. There's new characters as well. Quiet is a sniper who's outfit is similar to Eva's yet reminisces of Sniper Wolf who's worth mentioning is the disciple of Big Boss. I'm unsure of my thoughts regarding Quiet since so far I'm getting a Eva/Sniper Wolf vibe. Eli is a young boy, Code Talker seems to be an elder and Skull Face seems to be the scarred man from the first Ground Zeroes with how he's with XOF? I was hoping to see more Ishmael in this trailer but, maybe we'll learn more of him soon. It would be interesting if the story's narrated in his POV given that Ishmael narrates Moby Dick.

Overall, I am so glad we got to see more footage. Truly, it's as if I keep falling deeper in love with the series with how it ages like fine wine over time. I got into the series back when Guns of Patriots was released due to my older brother and hope to go on this adventure with him. Seems like Sutherland will do a great job after all but still hope Hayter will have a cameo.