Here's To You, David Hayter

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Right now though, I am very torn. As you all know, in February David Hayter asked a hypothetical poll on Twitter if the fans would be mad or not if his voice were to be replaced. In late March, it was confirmed he wouldn't be in Phantom Pain.Even so fans including myself refused to believe this and thought it was another marketing technique from Hideo who's known to be a notorious troll. The prediction was that Hayter would voice act Big Boss before the nine year coma and then Richard Doyle would takeover but, it seems that's wrong....

It's officially confirmed that Kiefer Sutherland will be voicing Big Boss and even performing motion captures to display more emotion. Phantom Pain's theme will be on revenge just like Moby Dick that's referenced throughout the trailers and even is a fake Swedish studios Hideo created for the VGAs.

I have nothing against the actor but, I don't like how Metal Gear is going Hollywood with celebrities. Before anyone says, yes I'm quite aware that a movie was announced in August of 2012 however, I think people are forgetting that Metal Gear has been in the movie studios quite a few times over the decade and hasn't happened so far. Matter of fact, in 2006 Hayter did write a screenplay for Metal Gear but it got denied. In my opinion besides Kojima he knows a lot about the series.

I don't think we'll see Solid Snake as he'd only be 11 - 12 in 1984 and it might be difficult for Hayter to pull off the pre-pubescent voice but, perhaps David (ironically Solid's real name as stated in MGS4 by Eva) will voice act Big Boss before the nine year coma which is Ground Zeroes that act as the prelude to Phantom Pain. It's basically what the Tanker Mission was to Metal Gear Solid 2.

Since the first Phantom Pain trailer, I've been very intrigued by Ishmael who Kiefer is also voice acting. I believe he's a figment of Big Boss's imagination. Bear in mind that Phantom Pain is a hallucination syndrome after the loss of an eye so it's possible.

No matter what, I'm always going to love and play Metal Gear as I love it for the story and characters but, it'll take time for this to sink in.

Thank you very much for reading this despite how short I feel this blog is (usually I'm very lengthy when it comes to Metal Gear) and when a new trailer is released you can bet I'll be blogging about it here. I really could of sworn we were supposed to see a trailer today unless if the pre-show is still going on or if that's saved for next week.