Dreams Can Come True

Last night, felt like an endless dream where I was reunited with my beloved true love. Seven years ago I laid eyes on her. Seven years ago at my first E3 to be exact. Final Fantasy Versus XIII appeared. The phoenix arose from the ashes to be reborn as Final Fantasy XV.

I was ten years old when Versus was first shown. Even then I was so excited and pleaded for my older brother to buy it for me. For awhile, I lost hope in Versus after the rumors it got cancelled but, since last year, there's been many hints my sweet love would find her way back to me. It seems not only did she, but, my childhood friend Kingdom Hearts III is now in development. Oh happy days indeed. It seems part of my April Fool's joke on here (http://www.comicvine.com/profile/samimista/blog/tetsuya-nomura-apologizes-on-kingdom-hearts-iii-an/90635/) came true.

For almost two hours I was trying so hard not to let out a squeal since everyone was asleep when I heard this news. Tears were rolling down, my throat was dry and I recall posting on here and hoping that I'd wake up tomorrow to this being reality. The one FF title I've been looking forward to in recent years, she's now finding our way home. In the hearts of those who truly love Final Fantasy.

In honor of my beloved title, I wrote a poem for Noctis,

Bleak as night

Bright as the heaven skies

Seven years for I have waited

For your cessation to end

As your manifestation began

Soar as the phoenix

For you arose from ashes

Day decays as night prevails

History rewrites itself

Our prince united with his kingdom