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"May they taste my steel" - Dorian K.

Dorian KnoxGeneral Stats
Age:Twenty-Six Y/O
Weight:199 Ibs
Tomas Knox (Father, Alive), Sofia Delany-Knox (Mother, Alive), Jonah Knox (Brother, Alive), Glenn Knox (Brother, Alive) The Rangers of the North ("Wendigo" Counterterrorism Force)

Skills & Abilities

Unarmed, Armed & Ranged Combat Adequacy

Speed & Precision
Speed & Precision

Deadly with a weapon as he is with his own fists, Dorian is a well seasoned and brutal swordsman who prefers agility to cut down his enemies rather than doing so by pure-force. Trained by many, Dorian is well-versed against quick, slow, large, small, and many different varieties of opponents, knowing when to strike, to parry, or to evade and/or block. Facing larger and stronger opponents, Dorian relies on his blurring speed and sharp reflexes to evade their attacks, and given his primary choice of blade - the longsword - Dorian rathers keeping a considerable amount of space between his opponent and his blade in order to maintain a chance to evade or parry if need be. Rather than keeping his blade low and in range of an opponent's lower-torso, waist, or legs, Dorian prefers keeping his steel upwards and in range of an opponents upper-torso, neck, or head. This is due to an attempt of limiting the chances of an opponent gaining the upper-hand over Dorian, which rarely he would allow. Though smaller enemies are usually smaller and quicker, Dorian's speed and tactical wit rivals that of a swordsman two times smaller than him. Often wise quick, Dorian attempts to limit a smaller opponent's mobility by targeting their legs or lower-torso rather when facing a larger opponent he'd do the opposite - target their upper-torso and head. Given the chance, a smaller target will tend to cutting down little by little. Dorian would rather limit that chance by targeting their legs, depending on the situation, Dorian will always choose to decapitate an opponent rather than momentarily stopping them.

Situational Awareness
Situational Awareness

Whenever not using his primary, Dorian prefers bladed weapons over blunt, though he has grown an equal appreciation for both alike. Whereas certain bladed weapons are a tool of quick maneuverability, Dorian's usage of blunt weapons consists on brutality and pure-force. Behind quick blows and deadly swings, maintains a cold focus on crippling rather than killing. First wise, he focuses on limiting an opponent's mobility - targeting their legs - then, he focuses on limiting an opponents usage of weilding a weapon - targeting their shoulders, arms. Without a weapon, Dorian range of surrounding weaponry is never limited unless it was meant to be. Dorian is not above claiming a fallen soldiers blade, nor is he above pulling a corpses bone as a puncture/blunt tool. Without either as a possibility, Dorian usually goes for any sharp object in range - a knife, glass shards, poker. Whereas without any sharp advantages, he takes blunt-force objects into account instead - rocks/bricks. Himself alone, Dorian is a practiced and deadly hand-to-hand combatant. Rather than keeping a safe-enough distance from an opponent with his blade, he'd rather keep a close distance to whoever he faces, armed or not. When close enough, Dorian relies on brutal strikes and deadly kicks in hopes of stunning an opponent long enough to take an advantage. In his mind, winning consists of dropping an opponent as quickly and effectively as possible. Whether he is to cripple or permanently blind, cheating and playing dirty is not an exception of his usual playbook. No matter the setting or surroundings, Dorian will always use such to his advantage. He'll use such things as nearby water to drown, nearby fire to burn, and nearby walls to knock others unconscious. Nothing is ever taking out of account, when the case arises, Dorian will act in a blur.

When faced with stray enemies, ranged combatants, or anything of the like, Dorian takes exception to ranged weapons. Either a bow (composite/long), rifle, crossbow, or anything of the like, Dorian's strength, accuracy, and precision is the backbone to his ranged adequacy. No matter how far, close, high, below, Dorian takes all factors into account. No matter how strong the wind, how cold the setting, or how distracted the area, Dorian will always tag hit his intended target.

Strategic/Tactical Mastermind & Leadership

Graced with the strategical mind of a general, Dorian's keen leadership knows no bounds to the art of Guerilla Warfare, Unconventional Warfare, and Urban Warfare. When there is an opportunity to be taken advantage of, Dorian makes it his mission to exploit it in order to win. No matter the terrain, Dorian learns to adapt. Whereas the arctic and desert slow, he uses such to disguise and ambush. Whereas hills and mountains are divided into high-ground and low-ground, Dorian uses such to his advantage. High-ground is essentially the preference in any war scenario given, and for a good reason. Whilst above your enemy, you are given the strategic advantage of full visual contact with who or what you plan to eliminate. Though as he is, Dorian will never allow his men the disadvantage of low-ground. Though those who have high-ground favor well with or without great numbers, Dorian always rolls in great numbers. Aforementioned, where low-ground can be a disadvantage, they can also be the greatest advantage a large army could have. Perched over another group gives a full advantage. Though that is only if the high-ground men don't have three consisting pressure points. Dorian's army usually partakes in thirty to forty men battalions, whilst attacking the first group of men, high-ground troops are more often than not to concerned on whose north than who could potentially be pushing from east and west. Pincer Maneuver.

More often than not, Dorian never allows a disadvantage. Exposure to such leads to Dorian pulling his entire asset back from the disadvantage at once. Though he beliefs men win wars, Dorian will not risk the lives of his men for a lesser reward.

Enhanced Attributes & Telekinesis

Improved Speed, Strength, and Endurance

Among mutant and X-Gene possessors alike, Dorian Knox himself bears the mighty genes comparable to those of superhuman, Hero and Villian alike. The control over both his mind and body is, simply put, over-extraordinary. Possessor of abilities like standard superhuman attributes (Speed, Strength, Endurance), one of Dorian's mores surreal abilities includes the strengthened bone and muscle tissues that compact of his structural physique. Due to these utmost rare gifts, Dorian possesses skin tougher than the diamond itself. Because of this, physical attacks like blunt force, piercing thrusts, or gunfire proves to not harm him as they all seem to bounce off of in retaliation. Though his durability does reach to a certain extent, Dorian's skin can most-impressively withstand forces like speeding cars and explosives.

Balanced with his supreme durability lays Dorian's great endurance. Normally, a standard humans muscle tissues produce fatigue toxins forcing them to slow or stop, and while Dorian's tissues produce fatigue toxins, they produce very less than that of a normal human. Due to this, he is able to go days on end of physical activity without a single sweat. It is only until he reaches into a feral state of mind Dorian's endurance begins to deteriorate. Alongside his strengthened muscle and bone tissue, Ford's physical strength can reach to an extent of flipping an entire car over. Lastly, Knox's speed and agility compare beyond that of an Olympic Gold Medal Athlete. Gifted with a complex string of genes and tissue, Dorian can perform movements like no other. Agility was brought upon him during his time in the League though it soon evolved further as his mutant gifts took play.


A rare mutant ability alongside his improved physical stats, Dorian also possesses relatively strong telekinesis. Many a time has Dorian proven to take advantage of his strange abilities, being able to multi-task many things at a time, lift objects three times his weight, and his most prominent usage, Weopnry Summoning. Rather than his obvious ability to carry and throw objects, he is also keen to manipulation the gravitational forces around him. Whether pushing, pulling, throwing, or retrieving Dorian is able to manipulate the gravitational aura around to the point of creating blast-proof force-fields with a mere thought. Likewise, Dorian can too use this ability to create a sphere around his enemies large enough to engulf a ship in hopes of suffocating them.