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Reverse Flash

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No prep . No knowledge , Both at strongest . Who will win the battlè

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Team : Madara with ten tails ( no third eye yet ) , Itachi , Nagato , Onoki , DMS Kakashi , Kisame shark fusion , Kabutomaru and Deidara

Speed equalised


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Boros stomps . Boros blitz . Boros destroys the planet and wrecks aizen in the process

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You must hate Naruto characters a lot huh lmao . Putting a character that has the same power set as Obito but with the ability to create black holes too . You even side with your tunpo , debating in your own thread which shows how this is totally not bias lmao . Hilarious . It's like you want obito to lose haha . Why do you even make this thread if you already have a fixed winner in mind ??? "any naruto character would die if they were legitimately caught in one " Since you already think that then why did you even make this battle ? Smh

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team 1

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@sally81919 said:
@tryingtochill said:
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@darthsamburger: I know right . All those jokers be like Iron Man clears . Onoki alone is enough to take tony down

IIRC Onoki isn't that fast, and neither is his molecular disintegration. Iron Man's Extremis is at least mach 8.7.

Extremis took four nukes head-on and survived the impact without any cracks. The same attack would have easily killed Onoki.

Also, he has sonic attacks that Onoki has no defence against.

Bruh . Onoki is at least massively hypersonic knowing how he was a little slower than madara AND how he caught up to a meteor from space . Dont lowball naruto characters PLEASE . Mach 8.7 will be a complete joke and easy for onoki to speed blitz . Thanks for telling me iron man is not near onokis speed

Joke ? You joking ? Onoki has nothing to do with DC . Why you tell me about extremis tanking nukes ? Extremis can tank a galaxy busting attack , who cares . Onoki's attack work on an atomic level . The character's durability has NOTHING to do with this . So what ? IM can be 10000000x stronger and more durable than onoki . Fact is bruh : IT doesnt matter in this battle . Onoki is much faster than IM and ONE PARTICLE release is ALL it takes to defeat tony .

Doesnt matter . Onoki is faster and will end the fight in a sec after using particle release on little iron maan

Can I have a speed scan on Onoki? Because mach 8.7 means Iron Man is 8.7 times the speed of sound, making him massively hypersonic.

No Caption Provided

I would also like to point out that particle release takes a large amount of time to charge, and even interfering with Onoki's arms would cause it to dissipate.

A single blast of Iron Man's sonics would cause Onoki's arms to cover his ears, stopping the particle release before it could begin. You have not addressed how Onoki would be able to counter Iron Man's sonics.

No Caption Provided

Onoki charging particle release would leave him open to scores of Iron Man's blasts, so particle release is impossible to be completed in this situation.

Iron Man has the clear edge in firepower, with blasts that do not need to be charged and are twice as hot as the sun.

No Caption Provided

Iron Man also has a nanosprite cloud capable of shutting down Onoki's lungs that Onoki has no knowledge of. How would you counter that?

No Caption Provided

Your argument is on Onoki landing an attack that would require to be charged for an amount of time in which he could be killed over and over again.

Are you insane boy ? Massively hypersonic is mach 100-1000. You trolling or just joking around lmao . How in the world is mach 8.7 massively hypersonic . Get your facts right before spurting nonsense . Travelling at mach 8.7 only puts iron man in the hyper sonic range .which is not impressive at all compared to ohnoki .Heres the scan :

No Caption Provided

This already puts onoki at a massively hypersonic range . Prove that onoki can and will speed bllitz tony starky.

What are you talking about boy ? Particle release happens almost instantly . Do you even know Naruto before arguing against its characters ? If not please go do some research . It pains me , really . Onoki's only particle release that takes a long time to charge up was the one for him to destroy 25 of madara clones with susanoo , which he managed to destroy all of the, .

Are you not reading my counter arguments ? Onoki would be so fast that slow iron man can't even activate his sonics to begin with . Onoki speedblitz Iron Man and then uses instant particle release , destroying tony starkk.

Why not ? It happens instantly boy . Stop making up weird stuff lmao ... "would leave him open " no way lmao . As i said onoki ends this in a sec . The moment the battle starts he uses his instant dust release and iron man is gone . Period .

Why are you still bringing up fire power ? This has nothing to do with fire power . Even a galaxy busting fire power against onokis particle release will still disappear and turn to dust bro . So what ? Twice as hot as the sun ? who cares ? First iron man wont even have the time to charge them up before onoki blitz him and even if iron man had fire power a billlion times more powerful the sun , it is no use as i have elaborated above . You seem to not understand how particle release work . It works on an atomic level . Any attack will be nullified . Unless im was fast enough , which he isn't .

How would onoki counter that ? Must i repeat myself again ? You don't seem to understand the concept of onoki being faster than iron man almost 10 times . I dont care what iron man has in his arsenal , onoki will speed blitz him and instant particle dust him . Stop debating with iron mans gear as its not gonna help him one bit unless theres something to counter blasts that work on atomic levels that yea sure debate with me.

All your arguments revolve around IM's gear ... which wont even work because of speed blitz and instant particle dust . Particle dust DOES NOT CHARGE UP and can happen instantly . Take the one onoki used on sasuke for instance .