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@satyrgod said:

@salamatsabi: To be honest, and I am always honest, I'm not looking to read a book debating the semantics of free will. A little friendly advice: you should keep your posts shorter if you expect them to be read. A synopsis of the book might be better than transcribing several pages. The argument of free will is moot because it is a matter of degrees; we are free to choose within sets of parameters, usually presented as a set of finite choices. It could be argued that we are not truly free when constraints are applied, but that argument cannot be substantiated (who would be the control group?). Still, even though we have limits it does not imply that we are not free. Correlation does not necessarily indicate causation.

The thing is still true that we are not truly free because we could not achieve everything we are willing to do we are limited by our bodies and the situation we are in. Control group? Of course we can't have that. It would be unethical to do so. You know trapping people in a make up world their whole lives then applying certain scenarios to see how the other would react. The point I'm making is because of these limits we are never truly free since these limitations can hinder our decisions greatly. My Long post made this clear but you seemed to skipped so it's kinda disheartening. Thanks for responding anyway.

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@Pyrogram: so kid dies because he's white. This is gonna piss off a lot a people so I'm not gonna get into this much

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77. The Swamp Thing comics are awesome

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@KingOfAsh said:

I love a good size scale
I love a good size scale

XD never knew King Ghidorah was the biggest I thought the biggest was Biollante

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@jeanlucpicard said:

And China sold/sells toys with lead paint.

Never heard of it could you post the the new article for that?

@Gambit1024 said:

Too long, didn't read. Why should I be horrified?

The title should be enough

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@kuonphobos said:

Jeremiah 17: 9-11

The heart is devious above all else; it is perverse - who can understand it?

I the Lord test the mind and search the heart,

to give to all according to their ways, according to the fruit of their doings.

Like the partridge hatching what it did not lay,

so are all who amass wealth unjustly;

in mid-life it will leave them,

and at their end they will prove to be fools.

I kinda like this quote

@thespideyguy said:

It's articles like this that make everyone think capitalism is evil, when it creates innovation. Most of our favorite and famous inventors invented their stuff to be to be on top, just like these guys. Do they get any sh!t? Instead of getting rid of capitalism fine the motherf*cker who does wrong. Also apple is just as bad these guys.

Never had a problem with capitalism but these guys are really the guys we should get rid of

@blackadamFTW said:

Genetically Modified Organisms are not harmful. In grocery stores, 70% of pre-packaged food is genetically modified, and we don't seem to have a problem with that. Most GMO's have shown to be safe, so I don't see why that's a problem.

The rest of the list is kind of unsettling. Will I keep buying their sh!t? Probably.

yeah that one kinda weird me out

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@Pyrogram said:

@niBBit said:

Perhaps they live in higher dimensions

The hell does that mean xD

People say the Dover demon is that kind of creature. Of course I don't believe it but I thinks that's what he means

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@pooty said:

@salamatsabi: There are a lot of things I don't agree with this

I'm sure there is. Such as?

but you made it clear that your opinions won't be change

I only said that about the existence of a Creator. Whether a Creator exist is about science. Creation vs evolution. Who God is, what the Bible says, why does evil exist, that is religion. I am happy to discuss anything about religion. I have changed my views about God a few times.

Could you give me a better description of him/her.

I will do that soon as i can.

Which did I go to a catholic college school where we spend 3 hours a day analyzing the christian faith). Videos and links are important though so I don't get the argument in trying to discredit them.

So you went to a school. You had a teacher. you had books and you watched videos. you didn't just watch videos. You had a teacher to instruct you. Books to explain to you. Someone who credentials you trusted. That is my point. You can't take someone andonly show them videos is what i said. I was not discrediting videos. They have their place. If your mind was changed strictly from watching videos then that is you. I would like to have books and a teacher. everyone learns different

Ah now I have time I will respond to this. I respect your views but I do have to say this is my opinion on the matter

I'm not a "regular" Christian. Meaning I never attended church so i was never indoctrinated. I formed my opinions from what I read. Not what I was told. I also love the Koran. So my thoughts are not mainstream Christian.

Good if people should choose a religion this is how it should be done

I don't doubt God's power. I think he can and will stop all evil. But why he hasn't is the logical question. My answer is: He told man to obey him. They didn't. Not just Adam and eve but through out time man has rejected him and even say he doesn't exist. So God said: If you think you can do better on your own, do it. I'll be back when you admit you need help. Just like any parent. You set rules. If they don't obey they are on their own until they learn their lesson. Man has not learned their lesson.

This is a weird one for me. If you don't mind how can he not have foreseen this if he's all powerful. If he knew of man would not obey him then why bother making man in the first place. I request the description of your God since It's like walking outside in the dark. Unless I know what your God is and your view is then I can't say anything about them. This is what I see in mainstream Christian God but since your not like them then I have no Idea the qualities of your God are. Which is why I ask you to tell me your view

Mainstream God's Characteristics

All-Knowing- Knows everything that will and is gonna happen

All-Loving-All loving no room for human negative emotions or better yet Incapable or them

All-Powerful-Absolute power

Omnipresent-This is the worst case against God which convinced me that he might have allowed things to happen because this is an absolute and we are not talking about humans who's qualities we can and abilities we can understand. We are talking about a being who knows everything, Loves everything, has the ability to do anything and is everywhere. He has no excuse for the letting Adam even eat the apple since he would know and would even be aware of the events before it happened. If your God pooty lacks even one of these qualities then he is not he God I'm talking about although I still doubt the existence of other Gods but as long as these things exists it's pointless assigning human qualities to this Guy since he would already transcend humanity and it would even be weirder why he would care for humanity. I would have posted a video but since you don't what explanations with videos and links (which by the way I'll address that point later) I will post this form a book I had that changed my believes.


Divinity is continually compared to a king, the majority of whose subjects revolt against Him and it is pretended that He has the right to reward His faithful subjects, and to punish those who revolt against Him. This comparison is not just in any of its parts. God presides over a machine, of which He has made all the springs; these springs act according to the way in which God has formed them; it is the fault of His inaptitude if these springs do not contribute to the harmony of the machine in which the workman desired to place them. God is a creating King, who created all kinds of subjects for Himself; who formed them according to His pleasure, and whose wishes can never find any resistance. If God in His empire has rebellious subjects, it is God who resolved to have rebellious subjects. If the sins of men disturb the order of the world, it is God who desired this order to be disturbed. Nobody dares to doubt Divine justice; however, under the empire of a just God, we find nothing but injustice and violence. Power decides the fate of nations. Equity seems to be banished from the earth; a small number of men enjoy with impunity the repose, the fortunes, the liberty, and the life of all the others. Everything is in disorder in a world governed by a God of whom it is said that disorder displeases Him exceedingly.


Although men incessantly admire the wisdom the goodness, the justice, the beautiful order of Providence, they are, in fact, never contented with it. The prayers which they continually offer to Heaven, prove to us that they are not at all satisfied with God's administration. Praying to God, asking a favor of Him, is to mistrust His vigilant care; to pray God to avert or to suppress an evil, is to endeavor to put obstacles in the way of His justice; to implore the assistance of God in our calamities, means to appeal to the very author of these calamities in order to represent to Him our welfare; that He ought to rectify in our favor His plan, which is not beneficial to our interests. The optimist, or the one who thinks that everything is good in the world, and who repeats to us incessantly that we live in the best world possible, if he were consistent, ought never to pray; still less should he expect another world where men will be happier. Can there be a better world than the best possible of all worlds? Some of the theologians have treated the optimists as impious for having claimed that God could not have made a better world than the one in which we live; according to these doctors it is limiting the Divine power and insulting it. But do not theologians see that it is less offensive for God, to pretend that He did His best in creating the world, than to say that He, having the power to produce a better one, had the malice to make a very bad one? If the optimist, by his system, does wrong to the Divine power, the theologian, who treats him as impious, is himself a reprobate, who wounds the Divine goodness under pretext of taking interest in God.


When we complain of the evils of which this world is the theater, we are referred to another world; we are told that there God will repair all the iniquities and the miseries which He permits for a time here below. However, if leaving His eternal justice to sleep for a time, God could consent to evil during the period of the existence of our globe, what assurance have we that during the existence of another globe, Divine justice will not likewise sleep during the misfortunes of its inhabitants? They console us in our troubles by saying, that God is patient, and that His justice, although often very slow, is not the less certain. But do you not see, that patience can not be suited to a being just, immutable, and omnipotent? Can God tolerate injustice for an instant? To temporize with an evil that one knows of, evinces either uncertainty, weakness, or collusion; to tolerate evil which one has the power to prevent, is to consent that evil should be committed.


I hear a multitude of theologians tell me on all sides, that God is infinitely just, but that His justice is not that of men! Of what kind, or of what nature is this Divine justice then? What idea can I form of a justice which so often resembles human injustice? Is it not confounding all our ideas of justice and of injustice, to tell us that what is equitable in God is iniquitous in His creatures? How can we take as a model a being whose Divine perfections are precisely contrary to human perfections? God, you say, is the sovereign arbiter of our destinies; His supreme power, that nothing can limit, authorizes Him to do as He pleases with His works; a worm, such as man, has not the right to murmur against Him. This arrogant tone is literally borrowed from the language which the ministers of tyrants hold, when they silence those who suffer by their violences; it can not, then, be the language of the ministers of a God of whose equity they boast. It can not impose upon a being who reasons. Ministers of a just God! I tell you then, that the greatest power is not able to confer even upon your God Himself the right to be unjust to the vilest of His creatures. A despot is not a God. A God who arrogates to Himself the right to do evil, is a tyrant; a tyrant is not a model for men. He ought to be an execrable object in their eyes. Is it not strange that, in order to justify Divinity, they made of Him the most unjust of beings? As soon as we complain of His conduct, they think to silence us by claiming that God is the Master; which signifies that God, being the strongest, He is not subjected to ordinary rules. But the right of the strongest is the violation of all rights; it can pass as a right but in the eyes of a savage conqueror, who, in the intoxication of his fury, imagines he has the right to do as he pleases with the unfortunate ones whom he has conquered; this barbarous right can appear legitimate only to slaves, who are blind enough to think that everything is allowed to tyrants, who are too strong for them to resist.

By a foolish simplicity, or rather by a plain contradiction of terms, do we not see devotees exclaim, amidst the greatest calamities, that the good Lord is the Master? Well, illogical reasoners, you believe in good faith that the good Lord sends you the pestilence; that your good Lord gives war; that the good Lord is the cause of famine; in a word, that the good Lord, without ceasing to be good, has the will and the right to do you the greatest evils you can endure! Cease to call your Lord good when He does you harm; do not say that He is just; say that He is the strongest, and that it is impossible for you to avert the blows which His caprice inflicts upon you. God, you say, punishes us for our highest good; but what real benefit can result to a nation in being exterminated by contagion, murdered by wars, corrupted by the examples of perverse masters, continually pressed by the iron scepter of merciless tyrants, subjected to the scourge of a bad government, which often for centuries causes nations to suffer its destructive effects? The eyes of faith must be strange eyes, if we see by their means any advantage in the most dreadful miseries and in the most durable evils, in the vices and follies by which our kind is so cruelly afflicted!

The answer is yes.....from a legal standpoint. If you create something solely on your own with no help, using your own resources, that is your property. No one can tell you what to do with it. You can do with it as you please.

I have to disagree the same way that I can't do as I please to the children I'm gonna have just because I made them. What if both parents wanted to keep their child in the cellar then have sex with her for a couple of years. Well it happened and from a legal standpoint it was definitely not legal

Before I believed in a God, I believed in a Creator. I just wanted to know any details about this Creator. Most information about this Creator is found in religious books. so i read them. I know they could be fake. Inaccurate etc. that is why I don't believe any single religious book or belief. A Creator created Man but Man created God.

That's the same reason I doubted the most religious books but that's your thing It never really mattered if you believe in a creator for me the weird part is how are you assigning qualities to this creator while there are so many people making interpretations of the holy books themselves

So you went to a school. You had a teacher. you had books and you watched videos. you didn't just watch videos. You had a teacher to instruct you. Books to explain to you. Someone who credentials you trusted. That is my point. You can't take someone andonly show them videos is what i said. I was not discrediting videos. They have their place. If your mind was changed strictly from watching videos then that is you. I would like to have books and a teacher. everyone learns different

I don't get the argument here. My teacher in theology used both videos and books to convey a point. I was even shown the passion of Christ video and a few other videos about how to pray the rosary and the whole bunch of videos about morality, The holy spirit and consciousness. We even talk about the history of the church and how it was established so I both watched videos and instructed by my teaches. I even began watching videos on my own which led me to a few videos that disagreed with my views. I was first a homophobic kind of person but certain videos changed my view and I was ashamed of those people I've hurt and apologized. I don't blame religion for this, My point is that videos do help you gain knowledge they are just in a different format. I also didn't change my view instantly. Nor was it solely by videos . It was a combination of the internet, religious and non-religious books, real life, documentaries, theologians explaining their beliefs, weird views on scientific subjects, weird views within the same religion, and weird view within non-religious people but essentially I was far convinced by the Studies and evidence provided by the other side that I could not reconcile it with my beliefs. From then on I secretly called myself an atheist . So I hope you don't take this the wrong way this is just my opinion on the matter pls understand that I view things differently and this should not be taken as an attack to religion. The Book that I quoted might seem volatile but the logic in it I could not deny. Though I respect your opinion I have to say I don't agree with it but I am wiling to listen to a fellow christian about his/her opinion about the matter since I still enjoy the company of religious people.