Why Batman Can't Win In BvS

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As we grow ever closer to the release of a movie a decades long awaited meeting of cultural icons, the question on everyone's head (and Zack Snyder's twitter account) has been "Who will win"? Call be bias, but I'm thinking that the alien space god will wipe the floor with the man in the tin suit. And I'm not just saying this because I have a man crush on Henry Cavill, or because I have a ton of money riding on this, I'm saying it because the case is stacked against the Prosecuter. Let's look at the facts

What Cav-El has been doing?

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After the events of MoS, Clark has be rumored to be running himself ragged trying to make up from what happened and finally taking on the cape full time. Not as the guardian angel he was referred to as in MoS, but as Superman. And in current interviews with Empire, he's stated that Clark has gotten more experience since MoS. On top of gaining experience he's currently in between the public that either sees him as the a savior sent from the heavens or as our impending doom. Unfortunately, living in world with a media that markets fear, he is currently the target of the US Government (and quite possibly the world). Now most of us just expect him to snap all the senators neck, right? Well not this Superman, he's learned and has gone to talk to them willingly to help ease their fears. One step closer to the symbol of hop he is meant to be.

What Batfleck is up to?

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Before the current events, what we know so far is hat he witnessed the Metropolis slug fest and has lost who we presume is Jason Todd. He's also witnessed all sorts of things and has become jaded due to certain events like former allies becoming rotten. He was also retired before MoS. According to interviews with producers, Batman has gotten a lot tougher on crime after his return, almost acting as Judge, Jury and Executioner. As for his view on Superman, well as we saw in his chat with Alfred, it's not good. His years of crime fighting have left him jaded and entrusting..... well, more so than usual in the comics. He knows in his mind that if there is even the slightest chance that Clark will turn against us, that he must take him down while possible. I'm sure that certain events like Lex meddling and Clark's forcing him to stop will only fuel his motives more.

How do things stack up?

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So lets see? Clark is trying his best to do good and help people, and then Bruce comes around wanting to kick his ass because he doesn't trust him? If that doesn't make Bruce sound like an underdog we should root for, I don't know what does. Point is, Bruce has absolutely no reason to win this fight. Bruce might be the weaker of the two, but he has none of the qualities one would associate with an underdog. One of my favorite lines was in the very first tease in which one of debating voices summed up Superman as "A guy trying to do the right thing". His only flaw that we've seen so far is trying to make Batman stop, but unlike in Batman:The Animated Series where he also had a problem with Batman's methods, here it seems like his reaction is more justified and less hypocritical. While many say Clark needs to learn a lesson of humility, I think it's arguable that Bruce needs to learn one way more. Clark just needs to accept Bruce's methods even though he'll never truly be okay with them. Bruce on the other hand has to start trusting and seeing that there is still good in the world and start to break down the walls of grime that he' built around him after decades of cleaning up the streets. Clark just has to accept Bruce's quirk, Bruce needs to learn to love again, and I say that's way more important.

But What About The TDKR Line?

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Okay so lets clear this up. Snyder found it fitting to quote The Dark Knight Returns when announcing this movie. After that, people jumped to the logical conclusion that it was going to be a very close adaptation to the book as tends to be Snyder's style. Even back then I knew that couldn't be the case. This movie takes place before they become friends and form the Justice League, but TDKR takes place in the future where the JL has already disbanded. In BvS, they have to be written to become the JL. An other thing is that in this story Bruce was written as the underdog. Superman had become a Government Dog who was more focused on doing the Government's bidding than helping on a smaller scale anymore. Bruce hand was forced and he had to come back and help. After which Superman tried to make him stop. There was a reason for Bruce to win that fight that just doesn't exist in BvS. Heck, in this movie his views align with that of Lex flipping Luthor. If that doesn't strip you of the underdog title, I don't know what what will.

In The End

I just don't see how or why Bruce would win. He no only doesn't deserve too but it serves no purpose. Bruce's role in the Justice League isn't to be able to go toe to toe with his teammates. His role is that of detective, strategist and moneybags. So this argument that it would make him useless if he doesn't win, holds no weight. But we shall know the winner in just under a couple of months. March can't get here quick enough.

Who do you think will win? And why?