The Unknown God of DC

A bit bored, so I kept thinking and kicking this idea around for a while. Call it dumb if you want, but I think it's neat. Now I wanna clarify, I'm not sure if this has been established or hinted at in one story so I'm not trying to copy anybody. Lord knows I've not exactly read on Pre 52 stuff or anything older than that. So let's begin

A Golden Beginning

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Long before the Monitors and all the Crises, a much simpler time existed. In an era of depression, a mass of pure imagination lies in it, just waiting to be harnessed. This imagination starts to take form in a boy from a dead world. Hope and Justice fuel his very being and by merely being born and speaking, his presence still shakes through all of creation, even in realms separate from his. His power is raw and unfiltered, he can't do it alone. From him new beings arise to help him give this universe form. He needed someone to harness the darkness of his world, he needed someone who dwelled in it. He then realized he needed a woman's touch and someone to explore the realms of magic. Other disciples were born, but non higher than this Trinity of Creation.

Over time though, these beings started to get tired. While they had tried to limit themselves and bring order to creation, the imagination was still to pure and powerful. It is now when the created a new generation of heroes to take over.

Okay, bored

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Enough of this artsy writing. I think you get the jist, Golden Age Superman the one that started it all is the true God of the DC universe. HIm, alongside the Trinity and his apostles are the Golden center of all of creation, and radiating from them is pure imagination which is then filtered better by the Silver Age and then the Bronze Age. Only beings like Mr. Mxy and maybe the Monitors (not entirely sure what purpose they serve but I guess they would), know something about the Golden Center or maybe they are what lies behind the Source Wall. Their Godship isn't so much about being able to control all existence, but much more like the power that Michael Demiurgos. Except that it's basically above beings like The One Above All or the Prescence, becuase their power is both so pure/overbearing but also meta.

In the End

Not my best work, but I' m tired and this would require more research than I'm willing to do. This would also find a way to be tied into that Alternate Rebirth pitch I said a while ago. So while maybe this pitch maybe didn't do it for you, would the notion of the Golden Age Superheroes or mainly Superman being the God/s of DC do anything for you? Yay or Nay? Comment Below.