Saint Reboots- Batman V Superman

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Folks, it's time to do something that is close to my heart.... because it's in the form of a knife that was put in it. I'm talking about a little film that you probably never heard of.... Batman V Superman (has Vietnam like Flashbacks). The movie came out, and in what nobody saw coming, was more damaging among fans than Man of Steel. I wanted to love BvS so flippin much.... but I just couldn't, Despite what you may think of MOS, I could atleast argue that it had the ultimate set up for a sequel, and it felt like the movie just didn't care and wanted to really flesh out the ONE STORYLINE BATMAN HAD! But rush and under develop the MULTIPLE AND ARGUABLY MORE IMPORTANT AND WORLD BUILDING STORYLINES SUPERMAN HAD! *takes deep breaths*.... Instead of doing a review on the Ultimate Cut (which everyone and their mothers has done), I've decided to rework the entire story of BvS and doing something better. But, I will be taking aspects from the movie and working them in. I'll make a list of what's staying and what I'm cutting out.


-World doesn't trust Superman/Being Split on him

-Lex knowing Superman is Clark

-Bruce being more brutal

-The Fight (duh)

-Doomsday and Superman Dying

-Wonder Woman

-KGBeast working for Luthor


-Lex Blowing up the Senate

-Lois Lane tracking down a bullet

-The dude in a wheelchair

-The fake Africa Testimony

-The Senate stuff

-Bruce having the future visions

K now... let's begin. I will be doing character breakdown, and focus more on scenes and what characters do throughout the movie. The story is more or less the same, but some major parts taken out and replaced with others.


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Saving People In A Banned Country: Many countries around the world have actually banned Superman from entering their countries. But in the start of the movie a city in a certain country (Let's say Russia), has a town that's in some sort of trouble. The moment Superman is spotted, he is blasted with a new weapon made by Lex and used by the Government. The people in danger see Superman get hit and go down. But seconds later, Superman get's up and saves everyone.

The Public: Superman will at time save people and show how far he's come. He's quick to put people at ease and has gotten quicker and more versatile with his powers. But even after saving people, he'll overhear people distrust him and call him a government dog.

Kryptonian Tech- Superman in the movie is seen dealing with the use of Kryptonian Tech all around (it was actually what was used on him when he saved that town), as some people have been spotted around the globe using it and with the help of Henry Irons, he is helping him track it down. He is one of the few people who has figured out to use it and Superman has come to trust Irons over the past few years.

Lois and Clark: They have moved in together. Lois for most of the time, is their as emotional support. At some point in the flick, she receives information about what Lex Corp is doing and it's up to her to stop Lex's plan.

The Turn- At this point in the film, the world now thinks Superman is guilty since there is film and witnesses to him killing and destroying (obviously this is Bizarro). While there are still people (like kids) who don't believe this is true, the President issues a warrant out for Superman to either come in and answer these allegations or be taken down with military force.

Lex Luthor

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Playing All Sides: In the movie, you'll see his intellect by how he manipulates everyone and is also finding ways to profit of the Superman problem, while at the same time try to destroy him. In the beginning, the Country that was attacked used new weapons that were meant to take down Superman. KGBeast is seen dealing with these Politicians and selling them weapons (this is done to cover Lex's tracks). Lex actually causes the accident in the country, that catches Superman's attention. Hoping that the new weapon he made would destroy him, but if it failed he'd make a profit.

"Friendship" with Bruce: Lex and Bruce have become close since Metropolis. They both met, during a fundraiser to help build Metropolis. Much like in Luthor: MoS, they have dinner together in the movie, and Lex tries to manipulate Bruce to get what he wants. He feeds his anger and his fear of Superman, much like with everyone else. Him and Bruce actually talk about that day in Metropolis.

Getting Kryptonite: He acquires a large chunk of Kryptonite. Much like in the movie, he's known about it for a while, but only had a small chunk and it isn't until this point in time that he aquires a big piece and gets it from Eiling.

Creating Doomsday- In the movie it is explained that he was able to reverse engineer the Birthing Matrix and has been able to create Kryptonian beings for a while. He is the only one who can but he's pretended that his scientists haven't been able to do it. Lex actually has created several Bizarros and each one has decayed quickly, as they have short life spans. He is able to use one to frame Superman for crimes. An Easter Egg we'll get is that we see he's trying to create a more perfect clone with Superboy and is seen in a birthing chamber. When fighting this new Bizarro, Superman actually takes him to space and they both tank the Nuclear Bomb, but it mutates Bizarro into becoming Doomsday.

Dealing With a Spy: Sen.Finch sent someone to investigate and uncover what Lex is planning. She dies early on as Lex finds out and sees she has been sending information to Lex. But she also uncovered that Lois and Superman are together, and decides to send it to her to warn her that Lex is trying to frame and kill Superman. She does this because she was someone saved by Superman and she felt like she owed him for that.


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The Day at Metropolis- We still get that epic moment where we see that Bruce is seeing the events of MoS. It's not just him though, it's other members of the League seeing it on TV and Lex.

The Build Up-Bruce and Clark had encountered each other over the years. Both of them don't trust each other and Clark is constantly showing up Bruce because he finds his methods disturbing. The both know each other's secret identities, and mock each other with the knowledge of doing so.

Investigation- Bruce in this movie knows that Clark is Superman, but has been gathering information from afar. At the point where Clark is found guilty by the government, he investigates to make sure about what's caused these murders and the murders to seem Kryptonian made. So he takes it upon himself to take Superman in. He's been preparing by buying up and learning using Kryptonian weapons and Kryptonite that he takes from Luthor.

Who Wins?- It doesn't matter, either way Lois comes in and stops them giving them the information about Lex's plan.

Bruce Fight Scene- In order to give Bruce a Fight Scene besides the one where he takes on Doomsday, Bruce will be fighting past KGBeast and his goons in order to get more proof of Lex's crimes and at the same time shut down Lex's Clone factory. Beats the goons, but fails to shut off the machine before Clark and Bizarro get nuked.

Tracking The JL- Bruce in this has actually been doing investigation on the members. At the end when Diana tells him about this incoming threat, he says he may be able to help track down other people to fight this incoming threat.

Superman Board

The Superman Board will be dealing with all Superman matters. They are a group of special Government officials who monitor him and discuss matters. The boards is Comprised of key members like

Sen. Finch: Representative of the Senate. She distrusts Lex and is constantly thwarting his clearance on stuff. She is murdered by Lex, but is made to seem like Superman did it. So the remaining members allow Lex clearance to stuff.

Amanda Waller: When Lex comes into the picture, she and him have a one up battle. Each trying to beat the other in a battle of who knows more about the other. They both mutually respect each other. Easter Egg to SS, because Lex knows about it, and taunts her with this knowledge.

General Eiling: The one who has it out the most for Superman and because of this has become closely acquainted with Lex. He'll be taking the role of that dude who gives Lex clearance for stuff.

Calvin Swanwick: Right hand man to the President and on it because he's dealt with Superman the most.

Key Moments

International Incident- In the beginning of the film, they have to deal with a country who is mad that Superman "invaded" their country. They can't go public with it, because Superman saved their citizens. So they want America to deal with it.

Lex Luthor- He pays them a visit with the help of Eiling. He gives them the news that Superman is getting stronger and at some point, no weapon on Earth will be able to stop him.

Wonder Woman

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Visions- She is gonna be the one to know about Darkseid coming. Not Luthor, and not some stupid dream by Batman. She's here to talk to Superman and get him to join the fight. When Superman dies, Batman wants to help her assemble a super team and says he found stuff at Lex Corp (all those video files).

Why She's here- While her reason is to recruit Superman, she comes under the guise of an art dealer and stops some of Lex's goons from stealing a a crate. It becomes a story and Lois goes to interview her. Wonder Woman knows who she is, and tricks Lois into touching her magic Lasso and gets info out of her regarding Superman.

Well, that's all folks. The each character segment are broken down in their actions in chronological order. And I promise that this will be my last blog regarding BvS. Read and comment your thoughts!