Rick & Morty: Season 3 Premiere Review


So Adult Swim showed again how it's viral way of getting attention is streets ahead of everybody. It decided to premier a new episode on April Fool's, so that most likely no on would believe them, even though it's really happening. You might think "that's dumb, they won't get as many viewers", and if you think that.... well then you're dumb! Anyway, so I got the chance to see their premier, and while I thought their season 2 finale fell kinda short of the season 1 finale, the season 3 premier really took it up a notch. This will be, as Rick said, Their Darkest year yet!


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As stated before, this will be their darkest season yet, and it shows. It's a total mind squanch on the level of LEGION. I'm not sure what to believe at this point, and while I'm sure the theory that arose all the way in season 1 is still true, I'm not sure anymore of what to make of Rick.

We got to see Rick's "backstory" and it would have us believe that it's not really a true one at all. But you're left thinking.... that maybe it is. I'm hoping it is, because by the end Rick takes a really dark turn and I gotta be honest... made me think that Rick has become a bigger dick than before.

Morty on the other hand, is going through some really dark and intriguing character progression. He seems to be outgrowing Rick and it seems like he's ready to snap (I mean, that Headshot was more than just some joke). Him and Jerry are the characters that I'm most interested as to see what will happen this season.

As for the bad, I'm not sure how I feel about what happened with both the COuncil of Ricks and the Universe Government. I think the resolution seems to be way to quick and just kind of gets rid of a great concept of the show. I'm hoping we get to see the fallout from this, if not it was a total waste of these characters.

Oh, and Beth... I SQUANCHING HATER HER! It's weird to see how many people hate Jerry, but after what she did this episode, I really hate her (and Rick). I never found her to be an interesting character before (probably the least interesting in the family), but this just solidifies her as a total Squanch.

Final Thoughts

It's dark, it's a mind squanch and it's setting up some interesting storylines for future episodes. I just hope that this show makes me like Rick again somewhere down the line, and I can handle it for a while since Morty will most likely be the main focus this season.

Rating- 9/10