Justice League Action- Review

So I've finally gotten around to seeing the new DC Animated series which has just barely premiered a few episodes in America (I believe it's up to 12 in the UK). There isn't much to go off, since it was only one long hour episode which is made up of 4 regular episodes (15 minute episodes). And considering it's more comedic tone and it being less story driven. Even with that one hour it's hard to fully gauge the series, since comedy is very subjective. Let's give it a whirl though.

The Show

This series seems to be a fusion of the original Justice League Unlimited, with some New 52 updates and following the tone of series like Brave and the Bold but a bit less campy. It'll be a nice contrast to the ultra dry and serious revival of Young Justice, and this show is mostly aimed at kids. The show will focus mainly on comedy and action (duh). The animation quality is an obvious downgrade from the old series or Young Justice, but it uses this to it's benefit. It makes up for the cheaper designs with more dynamic and intense action. I recall watching several episodes of Justice League, and the way most of the fights looks were very simple and unimaginative. Superman especially fought very blocky, no combos.

It's got the action part down, but what about the comedy? Well... that's hit or miss for me. At times I find myself chuckling at some jokes, other times they fall super flat. It honestly feels like they are throwing jokes at the wall and seeing what sticks. The storylines are entertaining enough, and are something akin to the old Saturday Morning Cartoons but with DC Easter eggs.

The Characters

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"What about the characters?" You may ask. Well, for the most part the Trinity is solid enough, as well as some of the other characters. Most are put through a comedy filter, which is the most apparent when the usually Broody and Poetic Swamp Thing sounds like your Average Joe (voiced by Mark Hamill) and is even part of the Justice League. As I said before, this show is somewhat inspired by the New 52 and before some of you loose your shit and complain that they haven't got hip to Rebirth, this show has probably been in the works for 2 years and animation probably started a year ago. That's why the New 52 influence is still there and it's unlikely that Rebirth will have any affect on this since the circumstances (by which I mean terrible editorial) for that won't be in this show (*snickers silently*) . You can also take solace in that the New 52 effects are minimal and mostly only apparent in Superman and Wonder WOman.

Superman- I haven't seen much on him, but sometimes he'll be level headed and serious, in an other episode he was very cocky towards Batman.

Batman- He seems to be a focus in the episodes I saw or they glorify in other clips (like the Video Game episode). But in other episodes he'll be the but of a joke or the humor comes from the show being self aware and poking fun at things like "I am Batman!"

Wonder Woman- Extremely influenced by the New 52. She's very much a warrior who loves to fight, and not the diplomat some WW fans want her to be.

The show isn't going for character development, since most of them are probably where they want them to be. You're not going to see them as youngins growing and getting a hang of their powers. WW isn't new to Mans world and learning how to manage through it. I'm not stating this as a negative, I'm just saying that's not what they are going for. I can't comment much on the dynamics since they barely interacted and since the roster will change episode to episode, it's hard to say. Superman and Wonder Woman seem to be working together a lot.... cus they're together in this (*silently snickers*).

Overall Thoughts

Honestly.... I can't really form an opinion one way or the other with this show. Seems entertaining enough for kids, but it doesn't really have much to catch my eye. Maybe that'll change with the upcoming episodes, but this one hour of content hasn't swayed me that much. It's much better than CW Supergirl or BvS, that's for sure. The Action is top notch, but the comedy is eh, and the story is above average.

Rating- 6/10