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Fantasy suggetions

Hi, I am looking for any good fantasy comics or graphic novels on the line of lord of the rings, eleder scrolls, skyrim or helheim and stuff like knights and or orcs. I'd appricate all the help thanks.

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Trinity war

Clue1- The first clue is who are the trinity, justice league JLA and the secret society from the gatefold cover in the fcbd issue.

Clue2-New members for the justice leauge in which is seen in the fcbd issue.

Clue3-Members of the society were seen at the toy fair this year of a seven pack, howeverit onIy showed 3 or 4 who were joker, black manta, captain cold and maybe black adam.

Clue4-The skull that was seen at the end of volume 1 of the leauge and that keeps appearing is the symbol for the society.

Clue 5-At the end of throne of atlantis it shows scattered pictures of villains who are to tried to be recruited these include scarecrow captain cold gorilla grodd and many more.

Clue6-Hal jordan is still not seen in any of the trinity war but in jla issue 1 there was a board which shows which members are to battle the jl and it shows baz vs jordan.

Clue7-New characters and old characters are to appear, as a old villain from the society was on the cover of jla issue 4, who is Shaggy man.

If there is anymore you can think of please let me know and tell me if you liked it.