Comments before an endeavor

For a long time I have been wanting to get into comics. I would read a few miscellaneous issues of some comic, maybe a free issue or a comic that was in the break room at work. I would enjoy the issue, but afterwards would forget about comics for awhile. This would continue happening until a friend lent me several issues of New Avengers. Needless to say I was hooked, not only on the story but comics in general, soon after I read The Killing Joke and at that I knew comics would become an endeavor that I would enjoy for years to come. Now being in the midst of several comic universes I find myself both heavily joyous and intimidated. Comic books to me seem like a great journey, a difficult journey. Knowing that I am far behind in many story arcs I am reveling in the opportunity to delve into these stories and at the same time feel fairly overwhelmed. Now to the point of this blog, I have decided to document my comic journey. Hopefully this will give me the opportunity to reflect on the books I read, and at the same time give my perspective, the perspective of someone that is currently "getting into" comics. 
I hope to receive recommendations on comics and the insights that others have too offer. I will be posting all the reviews of the comics I read on this blog. 
First review will be Batman Hush, coming in the next few days. 

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