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Early Life

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Sabella Liafador was born in Morocco, Africa to Priscilla Jimenez and Rafael Jimenez. In her infancy, Sabella learned how to both Talk and Walk before the age of 10 months, because of this she was seen as a “special child.” Priscilla, Sabella’s mother was a stay at home mom, she taught Sabella how to play the piano; as well as teaching etiquette and decorum—which were key traits at family gatherings.

Sabella’s father, Rafael, worked as a welder in a steel mill, he was a stern man with a very low tolerance for nonsense. He often led the family through bible study, and suggest that Sabella get involved in the church.

At the age of 7, Sabella was heavily involved at the local church doing plays. Many people within the congregation told her she had a “calling” to preach the word of god through her movements and acting, but her parents didn’t believe Sabella was destined for such things.

After being homeschooled for years, Sabella entered high school, as a teenager, she began to fill out physically, which attract the attention of many of her male classmates. Through prolonged interactions, she became known as a flirt, a woman who could persuade people to “Give up their souls”. Sabella’s academic performance was among the best, she could easily learn and retain new material within hours, but it was often overshadowed by her provocative nature.

On one such occasion, she was caught passing notes with a boy who already had a girlfriend, the note was confiscated by the teacher; and the boy was forced to read the note out loud. Shortly afterwards, the girlfriend of the boy, charged Sabella in the hallway in an attempt to fight her, the minor altercation was broken up by the teacher; and Sabella’s parents were called. Shortly after this event Sabella’s flirtatious demeanor ceased, and she went on to graduate high school with honors.


After High School Sabella enrolled at the University of Morocco, where she studied theater, her goal was to eventually become a world renowned play writer. Realizing her father had zero control over her conduct at school, Sabella once again became an obnoxious flirt. She knew how to enter a room and snag the attention of an audience. She typically wore tight fitting clothes, or low cut blouses that made her a magnet for attention. While in school she met Valentina Chavez, another theater major; the two were roommates and listed as the best actress’ within the entire program.

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Sabella and Valentina were so good, the two headlined a number of plays together with them as the only two members of the cast. Their rendition of “Bonnie and Clyde” was ranked amongst the best performances in school history.

Early in their junior year, Sabella and Valentina were set to do a scene with another one of their classmates which required Sabella to kiss the male. While performing the play, Valentina moved the male and took the kiss herself. Sabella immediately rebound from the incident as if it were scripted, however her face burned red with embarrassment. Shortly after the incident she had to explain to her father, who was in the audience. That the kiss was not planned, and she had no knowledge of it.

That night on their way back to the room, Valentina confessed her love to Sabella, but it was not returned. They two had a brief falling out, which saw Sabella request to change rooms. Just two weeks later, Valentina killed herself.

Sabella and Valentina
Sabella and Valentina

Saddened by the death of her first friend, Sabella began to write poems about their time together. She realized she did in fact love Valentina, but not the way Valentina wanted her too. Her parents were apathetic to the whole ordeal, painting her friend as a sinner; and an abomination in the eyes of God. They told Sabella to forget the foolish girl, and continue with her studies. Not long after Valentina’s funeral, Sabella got a small tattoo with her name on it, commemorating the day the two first met.

Sabella Liafador

Ramon and Sabella Liafador
Ramon and Sabella Liafador

Sabella’s father became ill with lung cancer, because it was evident that he’d died, she moved back in to help her mother prepare for his death. Around this time, the family bought a contract with landscapers to provide a series of services while Rafael was ill. One of the plumbers was Ramon Liafador, an athletically fit man who was an immigrant from Spain. His family was in charge of a Spanish winery, but forced him out on his own. Sabella and Ramon would engage each other in conversation almost every day, he loved the excitement in which she spoke; and she loved the attention he gave her.

Eventually their friendship blossomed into a full blown romance, so much that just three days before the death of her father, Sabella married Ramon at the age of 22. After the death of her father, Priscilla encouraged both Sabella and Ramon to return to Spain, so that Sabella could meet Ramon’s family.

So they did. Having moved back to the Seaside City of Malaga, Sabella favored the small city for its culture and quaint feel. She was the source of envy for many, and was nicknamed “La Malaguena”, even though she was not originally from Spain. Her presence in Malaga was widely accepted, but not amongst the house of Liafador.

Ricardo Liafador (Ramon’s father) did not like the fact that his son married a “Non-Spanish” woman; he also did not like the fact that Sabella was of Moorish decent. The first two years of their marriage Sabella was shunned by her in-laws, not that it mattered; because she still had the attention and heart of Ramon. Shortly into their third year of marriage, Sabella noticed strict changes in everyone including herself.

Sabella was being drugged, she wasn’t sure what was happening while she was “out” but she realized her husband was sterner, he still loved her that much she could see, but he became more business minded. Her personality was changing, she noticed she was becoming more arrogant, her skin wasn’t aging anymore; and she did thing against her morality. At a family gathering Sabella noticed herself getting along with the other wives—she hated them. Something had happened, something in her mind had changed, but she was unwilling to break free from her newfound mental slavery because of the love her husband showed her.

Three and a Half-Children.

One day Ramon came to Sabella and asked her for a child, she immediately said no, because she believed giving a man a child was a selfless act; and that the two were not ready financially to fund a child. Ramon insist that if Sabella did not conceive a child with him, which he would leave and send her back to Morocco. Fearing for her marriage, Sabella agreed to give him a child, after three tries she was pregnant, and Kane Liafador was the child’s name.

Almost a year later, Ramon arranged for Sabella to unknowingly court a powerful man known across Europe, his name Jayden Knightfall. The effects of Sabella’s manipulation left her susceptible to all of Ramon’s wishes, shortly after her rendezvous with Jayden; Sabella gave birth to Faatina Knightfall. Ashamed by her actions, Sabella gave the child away, hoping to never see it again.

A year after that Marcos was born, but his birth was overshadowed by Ramon’s own illegitimate child to a woman in Columbia, his child named Sophia. Ramon was so infatuated with how beautiful Sophia was, that he demanded Sabella birth him a girl. Now furious, Sabella sent a Cardinal unit to try and kill Sophia, but the mother threw herself in the way; and sacrificed her life to save her baby. The Cardinals were only obligated to kill the mother, but the baby had been placed under strict protection by Ramon himself.

The failure to kill Sophia alarmed Sabella to Ramon’s anger, in compliance with his wishes she birth another child, Ziccarra. The moment she placed her eyes on Ziccarra she hated every bit of her. She hated the fact that Ramon loved this child more than he loved her, she hated how people complimented Ziccarra, she hated that her child was the envy of so many, while she received very little attention.

Sabella treated Ziccarra like a step-child; she fed her less, didn’t allow the young Liafador to speak, and used her for the most painful parts of the DNA recycling process. One on occasion, Sabella took an 8 year old Ziccarra to Paris and told her to find her way home. When Ricardo got word of Ziccarra’s treatment, he imposed strict sanctions on Sabella’s parental rights, Ziccarra was now to be guarded by Cardinals at all times, any infringements of the rules were to be met with a Cardinal Ring of Fire.

Because of the Cardinal restrictions, both Ramon and Sabella removed themselves from the Red Cardinals, and joined a group known as the Brave hearts. As members of the Braveheart, Sabella and Ramon secretly carried out raids on Cardinal HQ’s as well as placed hits on Ricardo and prominent members of the Cardinal Organization.

While in the BH, the two joined the most elite families in Europe, and drafted a fail-safe, a plan to destroy the nations should they ever need to. This project was called “Project Flamethrower” a simple idea that’d eventually grow to become the 3rd society. Shortly afterwards, Sabella was killed by a Keijiko warrior. Thanks to the DNA recycling, when Ziccarra achieved godship...she did too.

Thanks to her new Goddess Powers, Sabella has the ability to grant birth to anyone within the Cardinal Kingdom; she gave birth to Leonardo Liafador, hoping that he'd be able to kill his older sister- Ziccarra.


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Name: Sabella Jimenez-Liafador

Age* 58 Sabella stopped aging at 38*

Title: High Cardinal Goddess/ Goddess of Fertility

Height: 5'2

Birthplace: Morocco

Weight: 123 IBS

Family: Ramon Liafador- Husband (Deceased), Kane Liafador - Son (Deceased?) Leonardo Liafador (Son), Ziccarra Liafador (Daughter)