Sabbosa unveiled.

You want to know about me? What I am? Where I come from? To what end?

What could you gain from knowing these things?

If curiosity has gotten the better of you, then I suppose a little introduction is in order.

I am Sabbosa Tignoahtah. Born on the plains of Ordelia on the planet of Mydri. I am of the tribe of the bear, or rather I was. I am a true barbarian of legend. I can enhance myself through the gift of rage. This has long been lost to my people. They see such things as an ill omen and I was cast out as a result.

Now I wander the world seeking the truth of my soul. I have taken a man in my travels. A minotaur gladiator champion by the name of Tarek Vahl. I have seen death and destruction - both by my hand and others - and seek more.

I am not clear on all aspects of my life, but rest assured that I will find out. By keeping this journal, you will share in these discoveries with me.

Until my next entry, may Raina keep you safe and happy.

Well met.


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