Vaylin respect thread

Vaylin is the daughter of Valkorion (formerly identified as Vitiate).

"I killed three knights to make sure they weren't lying to me. Then three more because I hate odd numbers." (Vaylin)

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Vaylin is the most dangerously unhinged of Valkorion's children - and the most powerful. Years later, she served as High Justice when her brother Arcann overthrew their father to become the new ruler of Zakuul. She mercilessly purged her brother's enemies, all without loosing her playful smile. Any hatred she had was reserved for Senya, the mother who abandoned her to Valkorion's corruption. After years of hungering for Senya's death, Vaylin was finally ready to claim her revenge when Arcann intervened, saving their mother's life before escaping with her into the Wild Space. With her family dead or in exile, Vaylin took the throne for herself, becoming the first Empress of the Eternal Empire. Determined not to follow in her brother's disgraceful footsteps, she set out to ruthlessly conquer the galaxy - and track down her treacherous family.

From (Star Wars: Knights of the Eternal Throne: Profile of Vaylin)


Vaylin was extraordinarily powerful in the ways of the Force and reckless to the extent that Valkorion decided to confine her to the Sanitarium on Nathema in order to teach her discipline and control over her abilities.

As a child, her strength in the Force was so great that Valkorion locked her away in a remote compound to teach her obedience and mastery of her powers.

From (Star Wars: Knights of the Eternal Throne: Profile of Vaylin)


From the moment his daughter, Vaylin, was born, Valkorion felt her strong connection to the Force. As she grew up, the Immortal Emperor noticed similarities between them, which both pleased and frightened him, and he decided to keep a tight leash on his favorite child. Her father's control curbed her tendencies toward violence and anarchy, but beneath her upbeat and lighthearted exterior lurked a restless hunter, hungry and ambitious.

From (Star Wars: Knights of the Fallen Empire: Codex entry titled "Vaylin.")

Valkorion acknowledged Vaylin as one of the greatest threats in the galaxy.

"We must deal with my errant son and daughter before they ruin everything."

"I knew you wanted something. You can't stop them alone."

"They are deadly - and worse, lack discipline. do not underestimate their threat. It will take both of us to undo the damage they can inflict."

Valkorion saw in Vaylin a potential challenger to his supremacy one day and sought to condition her mind.

Even as a child, Vaylin showed signs of tremendous power. Fearing she would one day challenge him, Valkorion imprisoned his daughter while he sought limits and controls on her power.

Through brutal experiments and mental conditioning, Vaylin was subconsciously trained to respond to a specific phrase: kneel before the Dragon of Zakuul. When spoken by her father, these words prevent Vaylin from unleashing her power and temporarily trap her will in an unbreakable mental prison.

While effective, it is likely the conditioning aggravated Vaylin's violent tendencies and contributed to her mental instability. While trying to cage his daughter's anger, Valkorion transformed her into a monster.

From (Star Wars: Knights of the Eternal Throne: Codex entry titled "Vaylin's conditioning.")

Lana Beniko informed the Outlander that Vaylin's strength in the Force is astounding.

"Her strength in the Force is astounding, even for her family."

Lana Beniko informed the Outlander that Vaylin is capable of inflicting devastation on an unprecedented scale.

"It's Vaylin! She'll bring the whole city crashing down on you if she has to!"

Valkorion warned that Vaylin would become too strong for the Outlander to handle if her growth continues.

"If Vaylin unleashes her full power, even you may not be strong enough to stop her."

In connection with the statement right above, confirmation of the Outlander being stronger than Revan:

But the immortal Emperor could not be vanquished so easily. He evaded death by infiltrating the mind of the Outlander, his most powerful opponent.

From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne: Official Profile)

Force abilities:-

Force bond

Vaylin formed a bond with her brother Arcann.

She formed a close bond with her brother Arcann as they both detest the idea of destiny. However, Vaylin isn't one to stay in the shadows forever.

From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire: Codex entry titled "Vaylin.")

Force sense

1. Vaylin senses Flow-walking activity near her and responds to it.


1. Vaylin breaks the neck of a Knight of Zakuul with ease.

NOTE: Knights of Zakuul are Force-users and frontline warriors of the Zakuul Empire.

2. Vaylin destroys a large blast door.

3. Vaylin destroys a (multi-story) building-sized structure and hurls its huge chunks like missiles towards another building. This structure is the 'support base' of a gigantic power core of the metropolis.

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Size of the structure in question:

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NOTE: This structure is estimated 20 - 25 stories tall.

4. Destruction of that support base, leads to destabilization of the power core resting above it. The resultant explosion kills thousands in the vicinity.

5. Vaylin destroys a huge bridge.

6. Vaylin hurls a large chunk of metal like a missile towards a Starship with precision in spite of being under fire.

Official screenshot of event no. 6:

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7. Vaylin eliminates a number of Skytroopers (of Zakuul) with ease.

7. Valyin rips a heavy structure apart from its foundation and hurls it like a missile towards Senya during a confrontation between the two.

8. Vaylin sustains a blast of power from Arcann.

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9. Vaylin destroyed a large contingent of Knights of Zakuul (and their Starships), on Ord Mantell.

With the rising flames, Senya finally witnessed the true carnage Vaylin had unleashed on the camp: dozens of Knights – bodies mutilated and mangled – had been tossed haphazardly amongst the scattered wreckage of ships and shuttles torn asunder. The full breadth of the slaughter sent a chill down her back; grim evidence of the horrors her daughter was capable of.

From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne: A Mother's Hope)

10. Vaylin disarmed Senya with her telekinetic abilities with barely an effort.

Senya raised her weapon, only to have it wrenched effortlessly from her hands by the Force. The pike sailed ten meters through the air and into Vaylin's waiting grasp.

From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne: A Mother's Hope)

11. Senya realized that Vaylin could crush her skull in an instant with her powers.

She could crush my skull in an instant, Senya realized. And I'd be powerless to stop her!

From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne: A Mother's Hope)

12. Vaylin humiliates powerful Lana Beniko in a confrontation.

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13. Vaylin rips a machinery apart from its foundation and throw it towards the position of the Outlander with great speed.

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DISCLAIMER: The Outlander in this footage is a FEMALE with Sith Inquisitor background and should not be assumed as the official portrayal of the character.

14. Vaylin rips apart chunks of metal from her prison, gathers them in a single spot, levitate them all in a ball-like formation and hurl this formation like a missile towards a section of the prison at such a speed that the target section collapses from impact.

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15. Vaylin tears apart a massive stucture and suspends it in the air.

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16. Vaylin flings a large speeder like a missile towards Arcann, knocking him down momentarily to buy herself sufficient time to escape.

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17. Vaylin [unchained] lifts and suspends a group of (elite) Knights of Zakuul [and others] in the air with a gesture, and kills them all a moment later.

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"I have never seen such power." - Horizon Captain

Technometry and Telekinesis (multi-tasking)

Vaylin [unchained] destroys the Sanitarium on Nathema below, with what seems like interplay of Technometry and Telekinesis, from her Starship out in the space.

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"Tell our ships to leave orbit. Soon there will be nothing left on Nathema but dust and ash." - Vaylin

DISCLAIMER: The Outlander in the aforementioned footage is a FEMALE with Sith Inquisitor background and should not be assumed as the official portrayal of the character.

Q: What is the Sanitarium?

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The sole structure on the barren rock of Nathema, the Sanitarium was where Valkorion sent powerful Force users who opposed him for gruesome research experiments. The Force void enveloping the world limited the subjects' ability to resist or escape, making it the perfect laboratory and prison.

The Sanitarium is home to a mysterious sect of Force-sensitives called the Nathema Zealots, though day-to-day order is maintained by the Keepers--specially trained Abyssin who serve as guards and caretakers. The halls are also patrolled by mutated creatures from other worlds that are genetically engineered to instill fear, terror, and obedience in the Sanitarium's unwilling residents. The operation is overseen by an Anomid scientist named Jarak--an outcast among his own kind for the deviant nature of his research.

Vaylin is the only inmate to ever leave Nathema alive, though she still bears the mental scars from the horrors she endured during her incarceration.

From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne: Codex Entry titled "Sanitarium.")

Force Maelstrom

A major confrontation with the strike team comprising of powerful Force-users such as the Outlander, Senya, Lana Beniko and Arcann brought Vaylin [unchained] to her knees but she still had the strength to unleash a powerful Force Maelstrom in retaliation that swiftly overwhelmed Senya and Arcann and began to rip the entire setting apart with its sheer intensity and potency. During the attack, Vaylin enclosed herself in a virtually impenetrable sphere of energy for protection.

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DISCLAIMER: The Outlander in this footage is a MALE with Jedi Knight background and should not be assumed as the official portrayal of the character.

IMPORTANT: Only the Outlander had the strength to withstand the extreme forces of this Force Maelstrom for a short while and he (with great difficulty) managed to impale Vaylin with his lightsaber before it was too late for him and his allies. Once again, it shall be kept in mind that the Outlander is stronger than Revan. Further proof of the Outlander's stupendous strength is straight from the mouth of Valkorion:

"You were an exemplary pawn, one I forged into a vessel of supreme power--worthy of preserving my spirit." (Valkorion)


Vaylin is shot on her back and turns to absorb another shot with her hand, without any issue.

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Defensive abilities, strength and endurance

Tanking a hyperdrive explosion - potent enough to vaporize a powerful Force-user in an instant

Vaylin tanked the explosion of a damaged hyperdrive that was potent enough to atomize anything within its blast radius and set the entire setting ablaze, sparing Senya from a horrible fate.

A shrill whine rose like a scream: the sound of pressurized coolant spewing from a punctured hyperdrive. Senya had just long enough to register what had happened before the damaged hyperdrive exploded.

She came to a few seconds later, groggy, disoriented and with her ears ringing. The blast had thrown her twenty meters; tiny bits of twisted, melted metal that had once been the hull of the ship lay all around her. Forcing herself to her hands and knees, Senya turned her head from side to side, looking for Vaylin. But all she saw was smoke and flame; the fires had spread to consume the entire camp.


Somehow Senya rose unsteadily to her feet, then set off in a stumbling run back towards her ship and her son. As the flames fell farther and farther behind her, her head slowly cleared. Her thoughts briefly turned to the fallen knights, consumed by the funeral pyre that had once been their camp. They'd risked their lives to help her, and Vaylin had slaughtered them all.

She and Arcann were alone again. No allies. Nowhere to turn. But she was still alive… somehow.

The blast should have vaporized me.

There was only one explanation for her survival: Vaylin must have used the Force to shield them both from the worst of the explosion.

From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne: A Mother's Hope)

Enduring the power of BRAIN machine - potent enough to vaporize a powerful Force-user in an instant

Vaylin subjected herself to a machine identified as BRAIN - located inside the Sanitarium on Nathema - in order to break free from her mental conditioning at the hands of Valkorion that restricted her abilities. It shall be kept in mind that no other individual or subject was able to endure exposure to this machine before.

"If you are strong enough to survive the process, your bonds will be broken." (Jarak)

"Have any of your lab rats survived so far? (Vaylin)

"None were as strong as you." (Jarak)

The ritual commenced normally but the BRAIN machine malfunctioned while tapping into Vaylin's power in order to harness it. Now trapped, Vaylin attempted to resist tremendous forces of this machine and this tug-of-war led to deflection of energy beams of BRAIN machine into different directions, atomizing nearby attendants from existence.

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NOTE: A stray bolt from the machine called BRAIN vaporized a Nathema Zealot with a single hit.

In connection with the revelation above, Nathema Zealots are super-strong Force-users who managed to adapt to the post-apocalyptic conditions of Nathema, a seemingly impossible accomplishment otherwise.

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A secretive group of powerful Force-sensitives, the Nathema Zealots live in total isolation on the blighted world. Founded by Valkorion, the Nathema Zealots are among the only Force-sensitive beings able to withstand the horrors of the void through a regime of daily rituals and intense meditation. However, while their mental conditioning focuses their power, it simultaneously erodes their free will.

This was not accidental, as Valkorion sought to create an army of completely subservient yet incredibly powerful Force users. However, one unexpected side effect was that the Nathema Zealots grew dependent on the void for their existence, and became catatonic if they left Nathema's surface.

Hoping to extract some value from his failed experiment, Valkorion used the Nathema Zealots as wardens for the prisoners he sent to Nathema's Sanitarium. He also recruited the Anomid scientist Jarak to study their mental conditioning so he could use it to control his daughter Vaylin.

From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne: Codex Entry titled "Nathema Zealots.")

During this tug-of-war between Vaylin and the BRAIN machine, the entire setting violently shook and structures began to collapse in various sections of the Sanitarium.

"Vaylin... something went wrong. Her power is racing out of control. When it erupts, the entire asylum will be destroyed." (Jarak)

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DISCLAIMER: The Outlander in this footage is a FEMALE with Sith Inquisitor background and should not be assumed as the official portrayal of the character.

Vaylin eventually prevailed in the tug-of-war between her and the BRAIN machine, wrecking it in the process and finally unchained.

"Ungh! No! Ahhh! I will not die here! Not in this place." (Vaylin)

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NOTE: From this point onwards, Vaylin's conditioning was null and void.

Force lightning

Vaylin set the surface ablaze with Force lightning.

She braced herself as brisk footsteps approached. A familiar figure materialized from the darkness, her hands alight with crackling sparks of energy. Vaylin flared her fingers out, the sparks arcing from the tips to catch on the rhydonium pool at her feet, setting it ablaze. The fire spread quickly, leaping from puddle to puddle, crisscrossing the surrounding ground to carve out a blazing pattern that lit up the night.

From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne: A Mother's Hope)

Dueling skills:-

Vaylin versus Arcann

Vaylin duels Arcann to a draw.

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NOTE: Arcann is arguably the most skilled swordsman of the Eternal Empire. Vaylin's performance against him suggests that she was honing her dueling skills with passage of time and noticeably improved since she fought Senya on Ord Mantell. It is safe to assert that Vaylin - at this point - is a master swordsman.

Vaylin versus mutated Acklay monsters

Vaylin encountered 3 enormous mutated Acklay monsters inside the Sanitarium on Nathema and slaughtered them with ease while being deafened to the Force.

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