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Sarcasim never gives me a reason to hate him, stupidity does! 0

Fresh off of blackgate facilities, with a combined sentence of 76--, oops wrong review. From the pages and heart of writer, Grant Morrison, comes the story of Bone breaking himself, Bruce Wayne! As we all know (or what you should know), Bruce wayne is lost in time, no thanks to Darkseids omega eye beams. That happened in 2009 or 2008, with the story (who Grant Morrison also wrote) Final crisis. The caveman, Witch hunter, Pirate and cowboy, Bruce Wayne, comes to issue 5 as a private eye d...

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RYU/BATMAN'S Reviews Of "Past" Days: Batman Issue 666 0

Damian Wayne is in Gothlehem or Gotham or Bethlehem. Damian is the Gotham's Dark Knight that you never want to meet! This tuff kid was once Dick graysons' and Bruce's Robin, now he owns Gotham in the palm of his hand! Gotham has fallen to pieces, and crime is running amuck in Batman's city. Crime has changed and so has Batman, Damian holds mighty tools as Batman of Tomorrow. Nothing but trouble is in-store for crime, they should have stayed in bed. Now death awaits them! MUHAHAHAHAHA. Wri...

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RYU/BATMAN'S Review Of "Past" Comics: Power Girl Issue 2 0

 ^ So Cool ^  She's Awesome Power Girl is in deep trouble. She has to deal with Manhattan under the control of the madman or monkey Ultra-Humanite and being captured herself. What she learns from the monkey man will shock her to her foot.  What I Like, Is What You Should Like! Power Girl issue 1 and 2 captured me when I read it. The colors, and drawings of Amanda conner are my personal favorite and I totally like her work! Jimmy Palmiotti is also good on this series too. I began reading hi...

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