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The Official Bat-Family

The official Bat-Family members. Starting from Batman and on-and-on.

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  • Founder of the Bat-Family, old Bat-head has been around for more than 70 years and has multiple branching series that still grab hold in Detective Comics. Bruce Wayne dedicated his life to ridding crime in Gotham City after his beloved parents were killed by Joe Chill. This was the beginning of what Bruce would do for the rest of his life.

  • Not Dr. Hurt, Thomas is the real deal of the father of Bruce Wayne. If he didn't die then Bruce would just be a billion dollar playboy.

  • "Behind every great hero - is a great mom" While this isn't always the case, it is for Bruce Wayne. His mom has appeared in multiple comics today as some flashback or some dead ghost. Whatever she is the mother behind the Bat.

  • Alfred is sort of the father figure of Bruce Wayne. With Bruce an adult he is a medical surgeon whom has preformed great medical things on the Bat-members. He is also a great actor and combat person.

  • Jim is the best friend of Batman. He was there when Bruce's parents were killed and he's there with Batman as his partner.

  • The great stealth friend/foe is a love interest of Bruce Wayne/Batman. While knowing the caped crusaders identity and usually trying to make him bend the rules for her, she is one of Batman's first female villains.

  • The wonder athlete is considered to be the second official Batman. While he is no longer Robin or Nightwing, Dick has stepped up a whole bunch. Especially from the pixxie boots

  • Who could ever forget little Jason? Killed by the villain Joker and hate like an Incredible Hulk, Jason hates Bruce and everyone in the Bat-Family but he has worked many times with his old family.

  • Now Red Robin, Tim was the third Robin and also watched the death of Dick's parents. While not the kid wonder Robin, Tim Drake is a master detective and is also one of the founders of Batman INC