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They call me 'the Dragon of Osaka', pleased to meet you.

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Name: Ryuuji Date

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Aliases: Ryu, Dragon Detective, the Dragon of Osaka, the Tiger of Tokyo, Ryuuyasha

Species: Mutant (all files say 'human', though)

Identity: Public

Affiliations: Yakuza (formerly), himself

Occupation: Private detective

The All-seeing Eyes:

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Much like all other bearers of an X-gene, Ryuuji was bestowed a rather special ability that allows him to excel at his occupation. His deductions are always on point, not due to some sort of inherent prowess, but because of his ability to project himself into the past. In other words, whenever the Dragon of Osaka focus for enough time, he can send witness happenings that occurred within a certain enclosed radius as if he was there. It is, by no means, time-travelling as he cannot interact, simply observe the sequence of facts dating as far as one month back.

This is a somewhat taxing and lengthy process, thus it's often done while there's no one around. Ryu will enter some sort of coma-like state as images of the past flash by, he can fast forward, return and halt in time as much as he wishes during his travels, however it requires tremendous concentration, much akin to yoga, so it is advised that he utilizes his powers solely when there is no possibility for human interactions, otherwise the process will backfire and he will need to retry it later on.

His uncanny ability to gaze into the not-so-distant past has granted him some fame as a private detective, many question his methods but few can debunk his results. Ryu keeps his powers a secret, though.

The Dragon of Osaka:

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His past as a Yakuza left him rather experienced with street combat, hence why Ryu can stand against even the best of gangsters without breaking much of a sweat. However, his 'Dragon' nickname didn't originate from Ryuuji's astonishing combat prowess, instead, it is related to his origins. As a member of the Date family, the Tiger of Tokyo was taught the mystical properties of Chi, in other words, the energy of life. There is Chi everywhere and Ryu learnt from early age how to harvest it and transform it into power, charging his fists with power or even fortifying his body's structure to withstands severe punishment.

In other words, Date can surpass an orthodox human's phisiology to improve the quality of his combat skills by merely harnessing and nurturing his body with the Chi encompassing himself, surpassing athletes in key areas such as strength, speed and reflexes. Combined with his knowledge of hand-to-hand brawls, usage of current scenario and gangster brutality, Ryuuji earned the 'Dragon" title through his own merits.