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The Ring Bearer Files

A list of those wielding rings of the emotional spectrum who I consider the greatest in skill, power and best characterized and personable.

List items

  • The modern age's green lantern, he did what even Hal Jordan could not. He knew fear acknowledged it and carried the green flame during its darkest hour, sure everyone loves Hal but there will never be a more dedicated and worthy ring bearer. His feats are monstrous with and without Ion, he was a member of the "league of gods" and grew into his role perfectly and at a believable pace.

    Who else could be all powerful and not be consumed by it? not hal i can tell ya that much!

  • man i love sinestro, he's one of my favorite villains of all time and frankly i think he eclipses Hal with what he can do with that ring but falls short in my eyes for being the greatest. As hal's eternal nemesis he could be nowhere else on this list. Add to that his new motives for creating the sinestro corps , losing his mentor and friend abin sur, the love of his life arin and even the sacrifice of his daughter in hopes of keeping her safe make him, compelling beyond tired hal and I look forward to more from the man in yellow. *update* the newly minted "White Lantern" has saved the universe thus cementing himself superior to Hal for all time :)

  • You cant mention a list of ring bearers and not mention Hal. for all his glaring faults and the fact that i cant stand everyone popping a boner when he's mentioned but there really is no one else for the number 3 spot. One dimensional Hal has days when i can stomach him...... but lets face it he's neither as tortured or emotional enough to be anything human enough to care for.

  • The fact that john is a black ring bearer should mean something to me but he is either written stereotypically, boring or sometimes dumb. He's popular sure thanks to the Justice league cartoon but he was best during Kyle's run as GL. His most compelling characteristic is his guilt over the destruction of Xanshi and the death of his sister.

  • Hal Jordan's predecessor and friend of Sinestro. His death created Hal the green lantern and set up a rivalry that would rock the cosmos. He truly was a friend to sinestro and his death affected him more than many realize by sharing the prophecy of the blackest night with him...he set sinestro up to go on to rebel and eventually create the Sinestro corps.

  • The green lantern my dad liked , sure he's a hot head but no one comes though for friends like he does. Following war of the green Lanterns Guy's love for the corp and various feats land him here on the list.

  • Forget the stupidity that was her cheating on kyle and that zombie thing from blackest night, jade was earths most famous though not first female GL and she was damn sexy in that classic suite....I loved her stint with the ring!!! *Update* Now that she's back in the land of the living lets see how Kyle's Love life gets affected. :)

    She will also soon wield a green ring reminiscent of her father, cant wait for it!

  • The man who has trained the vast majority of the corps, he's grown on me :)

  • Jen's dad and a snazzy dresser with no corp on his arm he was a damn fine hero. he was a philosophical mentor to young kyle throughout his run as gl and to me, that makes him special.

  • She has wielded a green, yellow and now pink ring in her lifetime. she is highly skilled and can kill GL's with ease. Complex girl our "pretty in pink fem fatal" her mysteries are just unraveling but man is she hott!

  • The first blue lantern, a very gentle soul and truthfully I like his design

  • Hal's soul mate, Though don't ask Hal nowadays as he's too busy trying to be a teenager, Carol is in love with a perpetual child and for that she will never recover! Good luck Carol and may you be free....

  • Psychotic ring bearer with a strong balanced will within it all, this guys was creepy and uber powerful during his stint as villain for kyle.

  • Creepy ass william hand is just........terrifying in a dark foreboding he will eventually kill me kinda way. His sexual fascination with the dead and becoming the embodiment of the "Black Lanterns" just makes him more creepy.....

  • If there is a thing such as green lantern royalty this is it. The daughter of Sinestro and Abin Sur's sister..... now she is in a relationship with kyle Rayner. This girl has got it made!

  • The man who is not wielded by his own rage, after years of life on a dead planet atroticus will make the universe and mostly sinestro pay for his suffering. Nice guy I swear!

  • The bearer of the orange light, he has a hunger that can never be sated and enough power o battle a group of guardians to a standstill. Be afraid be very afraid!

  • Ke'haan has a special place in my memories since I created the first online article for him when he re emerged in GL vol.4 on Wikipedia......if only I had found the vine back then all my masterpieces would not reside on Wiki (weep)

  • Kyle's successor to the Ion power....sure he's not done much with it.....but he's a natural with the ring..though honestly, "the greatest green lantern" Definatly not.

  • Another I created during my lost years on wikipedia lol. Laira has always been a stunning visual for me and after wielding a green and red ring I still digs her!

  • Effigy is the road not taken by Kyle Rayner, when he got his powers he used it for personal gain, they parallel each other well.

  • Expected to have great skill he was simply adequate at best. Sinestro wanted to make him his protege but despite once wielding a green ring then a yellow he was a coward at heart.

  • Earths first human GL. Love the long hair.