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Marvel Universe-Galactic Vogue!

A list of my favorite men and women...and some villains as well on marvel's cosmic scale

List items

  • This dude is quite literally the comic equivalent of a God in the truest sense, not just universal but omniversal threat no one else on this list is close!

  • Yet another galaxy wide threat that nearly destroyed the universe.

  • The planet eater and one of only a hand full to survive the creation of our universe. Galactus is a planet wide threat

  • The instigator of the annihilation wave and long time fantastic four foe, during annihilation he became a universal threat

  • The long lost 3rd summers with power to rival the phoenix force itself. Any man that can take black bolts voice to the face and move is someone you should fear!

  • Death's b!tch...no seriously, apart from that he can go toe to toe with the universe's best.

  • The embodiment of creation itself not something to be trifled with that's for sure

  • The inhuman king who's voice can shatter mountains and power universal ships, whatever you do....don't make him sneeze!

  • Almost as powerful as galactus himself. power is thus that he could battle the Silver Surfer,Gladiator, Beta Ray Bill, Terrax, Morg, Ganymede,and the Jack of Hearts simultaneously and DEFEAT THEM! oooh scary

  • Power given flesh, while surely not a master of his many skills what he can do best is save the whole damn universe with style

  • In his first appearance he threatened the entire earth but that was short sighted for a being of his scope. With telepathy and telekinesis to rival phoenix complete control over magnetic fields natural or artificial combined with strength to top even a savage hulk.....Onslaught needs to be unleashed on the universe!!! Lets forget the travesty that was Onslaught reborn and use this villain to his very real potential.

  • The shiny one himself! lover of Alicia Masters the earths finest blind sculptor and paramour of the fantastic four's "thing". Silver is a powerful man, in body and mind, to me though his brooding nature prevents him from achieving his potential. Sure he can beat anyone on earth but in a galaxy full of powerful beings he falls a bit short!

  • The superhuman gladiator has risen to the rank of emperor of the defeated Shiar Empire in the wake of "war of kings" reluctant in his job but fiercely loyal to his people only time will tell what lies in his future.

  • Nova Prime you know something? your growing on me! recently he kicked Xenith the strontian's ass after she basically made short work of the Nova corp and back in the day he even single-handedly (arguably) kicked Annihilus's ass! Respect Rich Rider that's for sure!

  • The mad man that started it all! yup Emperor D'Ken and his obsession with the Mkraan crystal unleashed the phoenix on the universe and set things in motion that wont go away any time soon. Thanks Goodness he's dead!

  • The living bomb burst and current king of the negative zone. He's shown his power in annihilation and annihilation conquest what lies in his future?

  • An ancient race of cosmic proportions that has used their godlike abilities to experiment on lower life forms for centuries. The skrull, Kree and human race all have benefited from them at one point or another. as a group they are almost unstoppable.

  • with the same powers and abilities as the famous gladiator and no compunction to kill be afraid! If you see this one on a lonely planet or star system Flee!

  • No one knew the worth of this one woman...until she lost her throne AND ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! Honestly I've never been much of a fan of lilandra but having her lose her throne made me understand and respect the peace she brought to the universe now that she's been killed......its all an unknown from here on in, Rest in peace lilandra.....

  • most powerful being in the marvel multiverse...literally the grand pooh bah of it all. He has taken the form of jack Kirby at times......hell he is suppose to be the sum totality of stan lee and jack kirby's intellect in the marvel universe. Do not mess with the creator. Also of note he is the only being in marvel more powerful than the living tribunal.

    too bad he's all benevolent cause he'd be the baddest one here.

  • How could anyone forget the watcher? our very own uatu has saved the earth and universe countless times by breaking the most sacred vow of non interference. who warned earth of the molecule man and later sent him to another dimension? who saved the wedding of reed and sue?hmmm, turned up during the infinity crusade? and the debacle of the infinity gauntlet? turned up for civil war and the onslaught saga? yup our boy uatu

    sure he doesn't even need to say anything cause once you see him you know some major bad mojo is about to go down. he's also very powerful to boot, LONG LIVE UATU!

  • Dark, evil, deceptive, powerful and Machiavellian are all words to describe this evil version of Adam warlock. Now he plans to unleash the fault and destroy our universe......yup he's back and nastier than ever!