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Martial Arts Masters-Marvel

This is a list of all my favorite martial artists from marvel comics

List items

  • alien kung fu specialist who can even harm thonos with her crazy space fu!

  • another alien fu girl able to use pressure points to the 9th degree can harm even thor with her strange skills.

  • the inhuman master martial artist he can kill and locate weaknesses in anything but can he land a hit?

  • The master of Kung-fu and with no mystical attachments hands down the greatest martial artist of the marvel universe.

  • The man who originated the mantle of "Iron Fist". A master unparalleled in the use of the Iron fist and the only Iron Fist that is literally "Immortal"

    Not yet ranked

  • Shang chi's equal, wolverine and deadpool are fans!

  • The man who defeated Danny rand and Steel serpent like they were children (roughed up night thrasher too). Master at such a young age.

  • Ok brace for it.......This guy has mastered all terrestrial martial arts, with which he can easily defeat the likes of wolverine and Black Widow and even super powered types.....He's currently in the process of synthesizing thus creating an all new form of martial arts by fusing kree and shiar unarmed/martial arts. Add to this the man has low level telepathy which locks onto one's reflexes which enables him to predict and automatically block an opponents attacks.

    Still not impressed?

    I know i am!

  • a man with a multitude of powers, who defeats wolverine and Electra with ease, skill IS his name!

  • Similar to stick also a master

  • He defeated Danny rand with relative ease and man despite his considerable girth he's quite the fighter

  • The hands premier assassin, and the best female martial artist of the marvel universe who's not a cosmic chick (gamora and mantis i see you lol)

  • She is well versed in titanian martial arts plus the telepathy means she has an advantage but her over-reliance on the telepathy places her here on the list, after all, what good is mind reading if thought and action are not always one.

  • Son of the mandarin who can easily rend steel with his hands and chi.

  • T'challa of Wakanda even without attachments defeated his uncle who was on par with his dad...who kicked Steve Roger's ass thus he's a very skilled martial artist.

  • a chi controlling master martial artist. no one else can use chi to survive for years, apart from soem op tiers he is the only one able to rend steel with bare fist.

  • he can defeat most people lower on the list. he has mastered many different fighting styles

  • the worlds leading master of savate. even without any enhancements eh can go toe to toe with steve rogers.

  • Marvels first and finest gymnast, while not as skilled as Elektra he can hang with the very best when it comes to a throwdown.

  • Danny rand, while marvel says he's the best im not sure, he's skilled yeah but not a master! thus he can be the best just yet.....he's improved much over his series so he moves 2 places up!

  • Able to mimic any move or style she sees and weave them together into her own distinct style. while she is useless in a dark room she is certainly worthy of respect.

  • Danny's rival who after years of training defeated rand in battle and even the more experienced arson randall.


  • Daken took down wolvie and wade with ease, even without his powers he's arguably a top tier fighter.

  • Always loved the design of Hiro. one of my fav from my very first comic book back in the 90's. He has superhuman speed and agility, trained by birth in the martial arts and his punches would make the hulk proud. Do not mess with my man Hiro!!!

  • iron fist's main girl, she was trained by him after years of martial arts knowledge herself

  • The hand's latest master martial artist, remains calm under major pressure. able to go toe to toe with Daredevil.

  • the man from the future is quite skilled and when not shooting like an idiot actually shows quite a bit of martial art prowess

  • Able to best T'challa in everything killmonger is to be feared!

  • Trained samurai who relies too much on his healing factor and claws

  • Wolvie's clone daughter who eclipses wolvie in her killing arts.

  • The x-men's resident ninja, defeated wolvie in battle years before and has undergone training by ogun recently.

  • The merc with a mouth is actually quite skilled his style utilizes his constant chattering to great effect, along with conventional firearms and swords

  • Natasha can hold her ow but that low pain threshold means she cant take a hit as well as she can give it. Trained by Wolvie

  • Yet another modern day trained samurai. She can hang with iron fist despite having no powers

  • Skilled martial artist, but relies on her poisons and teleportation ring a bit too much.

    not yet ranked

  • skilled but cant transcend his petty ambitions

    not yet ranked

  • on the same skill level as matsuo

    not yet ranked

  • Skilled samurai but with a very limited skill set

    not yet ranked

  • the new captain America. Bucky was trained by cap and went on to be an assassin for years to come.

  • Wolvie's teacher, alternate version further taught Psylocke.

  • The man with the best aim in the marvel universe. his sadism and glee at killing makes him a deadly adversary. His skill is decidedly lower than most on the list but anything is a weapon in his hands, that makes him lethal.

  • master of savate who's mutant powers give him and edge in speed endurance healing and the ability to make things explode.

  • with all his abilities enhanced to superhuman levels his skills rival the best in the world. He kicked Spidey's ass back in the day and tangled with DD

  • Trained by Steve rogers he now appears to know more than just how to sling a bow and arrow. I've never been convinced Clint is as skilled as Marvel wants us to believe but at the very least he can handle himself.

  • Even without powers she' s a very bad ass and highly skilled old woman! Loves using guns but her martial arts skills are also quite impressive

  • Trained samurai, her skill is augmented by her lethal adamantium claws and willingness to kill.

  • Easily Steve Rogers equal.

  • Domino has a slew of skills and even without her powers she can kick shatterstar's ass. With her powers activated she becomes a force to be reckoned with.

  • The former new warriors resident ass kicker

  • female mercenary with cool fight skills

  • Future iron fist and youngest in his linage.

  • taught storm a few things, tangled with both wolvie and psylocke

  • one of the living weapons

  • trained by ogun and wolverine but like most mutants relies too much on her powers.

  • Marvel may not want to classify her as such but she has managed to kick both wolvie and sabertooth's asses. Her raw savage street fighting style is complimented by training with Wolverine and later weapon X. Damn girl is very resourceful too

  • Shuri is no t'challa but she aint no slouch either. A good mix of skill and brains with the right weapons makes her a winner!

  • The master of the criminal nation of madripoor.

  • wong is a world class MA and also has cool magic skills to boot!

  • the man who took psylocke's eyes was skilled enough to defeat her brother and herself in all of their meetings. His counterpart from another world was more skilled than an upgraded psylocke and she was forced to get additional training to beat him.

  • mentally unstable martial artist/not yet ranked

  • sure can swing a sword but also adept at martial arts...though swords take precedence

  • Assassin of the hand

  • Kicker of much monster ass! lol

    Switches on the fly from rifles to wielding a LesPaul guitar like a weapon. sexy and badass

  • Wolvie's adopted daughter. Trained in the ways of the ninja and samurai from a young age, also taught by Wolvie. add to that her blossoming magical powers and this chick is bad!

  • Yet another Iron fist, little is known of him however.

    Not yet ranked

  • The teacher of modern day "iron fists" sure he has no access to the power they do but he can still go toe to toe with the very best

  • He may have been the "Smartest" iron fist ever which no doubt made up for his other shortcomings, He was more a master strategist and tactician with his power than any before or after him.

    Not yet ranked

  • The hypnotic Iron fist

    Not yet ranked

  • One and only female Iron fist, master of using her chi channeled through other objects for a variety of effects.

    Not yet ranked

  • not yet ranked

  • not yet ranked

  • not yet ranked

  • not yet ranked

  • not yet ranked

  • not yet ranked

  • not yet ranked

  • not yet ranked

  • not yet ranked

  • creepy spider lady

    not yet ranked

  • the elusive dog brother, not yet ranked

  • not yet ranked

  • iron first protege, father to danny rand/ not yet ranked

  • sister to danny rand/ not yet ranked

  • old dog of war nick/ not yet ranked

  • avenger fighter/not yet raked

  • beasts new girl/ not yet ranked

  • nick fury's replacement/ not yet ranked

  • sharon is a badass/ not yet ranked

  • light based mutant fighter/ not yet ranked

  • deadpool nemisis