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Martial Arts Masters-DC

Dc comics list of top martial artists. Listen people this is my opinion and still the top rated martial artist list on comicvine so if you don't like it. BITE ME!

List items

  • A dude from the future who's mad martial arts give him the ability to take on and beat even modern day kryptonians! yup he's skilled, his overconfidence though is his greatest enemy.

  • The best of the best, he was trained by O-Sense along with Lady Shiva and Bronze Tiger. He is a master of Karate, Leopard and Dragon Kung Fu, though he is also proficient in many more. He has taught batman, Nightwing, both Questions, Huntress and many of the worlds top rated martial artists. His skill is noteworthy but when it comes to being an old school zen like master he cant be topped.

    three way tie- Richard dragon,Lady shiva and Bronze tiger

  • Lady shiva is death on two legs, perfect technique, she can read an opponents moves and knows what they will do before they do. She trained Cassandra Caine, Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake. Shiva exists in a state of constant evolution as she refines her technique year after year, discarding moves that are useless and incorporating new and improved one. She is revered and feared by every martial artist on earth, even Batman and Bronze Tiger.

    three way tie- Richard dragon,Lady shiva and Bronze tiger

  • Rounding out the trinity is Bronze Tiger, the consummate black martial artist, on a bad day he can go toe to toe with batman, that's saying quite alot. He was trained by the immortal Sensei, then O-sensei. His strength and ferocity are not easily matched.

    three way tie- Richard dragon,Lady shiva and Bronze tiger

  • If genes make you bad ass the Cassandra Cain is a God! She has all the abilities of Lady Shiva, trained by the league of assassins (which included bronze tiger, Alpha and merlin) and David Cain. Later became Bruce Wayne's protege. For all her vaunted abilities though she must fight against the urge to use her abilities to their fullest lest she kill her opponents. Her future is bright indeed one day she will be number 1 no doubt about it!

    She has defeated lady shiva twice, gone toe to toe with batman, defeated meta-humans with her bare hands and done many things borderline meta herself.

  • The master of everything, Bruce Wayne is a superb martial artist but what separates him from everyone else in the top tier is his range of abilities, he's a world class athlete escapologist, strategist, leader and with preparation there is no one he cant defeat. he's defeated David cane, Bane, lady Shiva (though that was PIS!) stalemated Bronze Tiger, Richard Dragon and Deathstroke....his list is endless....but he's still number 6! BATMAN FANBOYS GET OVER YOUR BATGOD COMPLEX!!!!

  • The man who beat Connor with ease, When he hit the scene he not only took out Connor but the whole arrow family, be afraid! His speed is most impressive, able to catch multiple arrows fired by both Connor and speedy with relative ease.

  • Able to mimic a fighting style once he's seen it, once went toe to toe with Richard dragon and held his own against Lady Shiva for awhile. His skill caught the attention of the monkey fist clan and he has defeated both the silver and bamboo monkeys. Even Batman notes his skill.

  • once the best in the monkey fist cult.When he first met Connor hawk he defeated him decisively. But when the rematch happened Connor turned the table on him, they are almost a tie in sheer skill alone. It should also be noted that in the monkey fist clan his skill was second only to lady shiva herself.

  • Braun is classified as "shiva" level martial artist by oracle thanks to his metahuman abilities of telepathy and limited pre-cognition. He has defeated Black Canary, fought shiva to a draw although ultimately outsmarted by huntress and oracle. We need to see more of this one!

  • The worlds top tier assassin, a young Bruce Wayne was trained by this man so we know his skill in the martial arts is formidable and he defeated a young Shiva years before and only after training her did she set out on the path to become the master she is today he can also go toe to toe with Bruce Wayne a master of planning as well.

  • The man who trained Deathtroke and years later Oliver Queen. The skill of his student speaks volumes of the man himself and since he is still stronger than both, he makes it on my list

  • Slade is an experienced mercenary who has gone toe to toe with Batman, and Nightwing. His overconfidence is his greatest downfall however and his dependence on his healing factor

  • Ok, she is being touted as "better than shiva" though none of her feats back that up.Until her identity is revealed or she has more feats at best she's highly skilled and took black canary and Huntress by surprise.

  • Dinnah was once approached by Lady Shiva to be her successor thus she is clearly top tier, she has drawn many comparisons to Lady Shiva and has gone toe toe with Bronze Tiger on occasion.

  • The mad dog, a feral psychotic trained by David Cain and the early league of assassins, his skill lies in his ferocity, once he's on you he wont stop till you put him down or your dead!

  • His skill is such that he taught wonder woman martial arts and aided batman, robin and nightwing against the resurrection of ras al gul.

    Tie with sensei and o-sensie

  • The man who says he once trained Bronze Tiger, age has diminished his endurance but he still defeated Batman with ease.

    Tie with I-Ching and O-sensie

  • The man who trained Bronze Tiger, lady Shiva and Richard dragon. This is more a tie with sensei since his age would also not leave him open for a long fight.

  • With only one appearance to date he's still quite impressive. He managed to take down both Tim Drake and Dick Grayson with ease though he later lost to Connor Hawke. He's also highly ranked in the monkey fist clan right below the silver monkey.

  • Jean paul valley, kinda crazy but despite that he defeated bane, huntress, Batman and even went toe to toe with deathstroke, slade was even impressed with his swordmanship......... even more impressive at one point he took on batman, robin and nightwing for a bit.......respect indeed!

  • Dick is what Bruce would be if he had'had a family. Dick surpasses Bruce in two areas that of leader and athlete. He is arguable the best gymnast in the dc universe and second only to superman in rallying others around him. He can go toe to toe with Bruce and Jason proving his outstanding skill in contrast though he is still below Shiva, Cassandra and Connor.

  • Strong, fast and brutal. Jason Todd can go toe to toe with Bruce and dick and easily defeats Tim Drake in battle. What make his dangerous apart from being trained by Bruce is his ferocity. With no problem with using lethal tactics he should never be taken lightly.

  • Adept hand to hand combatant world class fighter, a master of many long thought lost techniques also triple jointed so she has crazy agility. worlds below both dinah and shiva. More adept with poison than to straight up fight.

  • So deadly are her skills lady shiva has recruited her for her elite league of assassins and the circle of six, incidentally she was trained by Richard Dragon and Lady Shiva.

  • The son of the very first Judo master, this kid has taken on and defeated both bane and katana with relative ease, sure is a skilled lil bugger!

  • The man known world wide for breaking batman's back! apart from that he's the son of king snake and has developed his own unique martial arts that plays on his strengths. Physically the strongest non enhanced fighter on the list.

    Enhanced by venom he can take on even the worlds top 4 fighters.

  • Trained by Richard dragon and honed by lady shiva he has appeared in shiva's martial arts groups the league of assassins and the circle of six.

  • Trained by the first judo master and now japan's premier assassin, brotha got skills!!

  • This Japanese beauty is an expert martial artist and a master of Kyudo, (the Japanese art of archery). Oliver Queen's skills pale in comparison to hers.

  • Dc's best bow and arrow man. skills rivals Deathstroke (though thats kinda PIS since stroke has more exp)

  • Worlds best gun-Fu expert. Can even go toe to toe with Cassandra and mad dog for small bouts. And man does he look damn cool!

  • A skilled martial artist in his own right but his skills lie more in his brilliant mind and neurosurgeon skills. Able to go toe to toe with Batman.

  • Master martial artist who was trained by various members of the league of assassins. Skilled enough to go toe to toe with nightwing, defeat Tim Drake but defeated by Cassandra.

  • a consummate martial artist and detective, while not on batman or even Shiva's level his skill was formidable as he was trained by Richard dragon. Years later he was a mentor to the huntress and one of her few friends in a war on crime.

  • Man, this dude has mad skills his biggest problem? lack of confidence and an over dependence on the ability to download new skills directly into his brain....oh Pro if only you'd realize your brilliance and skill make you worthy of being in the top 10!!

    alas with grant Morrison no longer writing him he's doomed....

  • his size and girth hide strength speed and cunning, not to be taken lightly. It took bronze tiger and nightwing to down this man impressive indeed.

  • A master martial artist and a master of weapons, Tegu is impressive to behold.

  • While alive he was Tim Drake's far more skilled arch villain. He fathered Bane and while blind was leagues above robin in skill. He even survived an encounter with lady Shiva.

  • Helena is a world class martial artist and a master of the mob style martial arts she went on to be trained by the very capable Richard Dragon and is the the worlds premier crossbow wielder (skill with aim is almost as good as the arrow family) she also has considerable skill with a bo staff though below the level of Tim drake. She has managed to defeat meta humans- manbat, killer croc, and Braun, a team of possessed Creeper,Dove,Plastic Man, and armed soldiers single-handidly go blow for blow with batman and even azrael for small bouts, and before her training with Richard Dragon easily defeated then batgirl Barbera Gordon. Batman once though while watching her fight..."she is better than she knows" BELIEVE IT!

    To top it off she can bed just about any heterosexual man/superhero with relative ease...yeah she's that hot.

  • As an ex mossad agent he was trained to kill, clear and simple as dragon puts it "no foreplay just death!"

  • Savant is a gifted martial artist able to spar with Black Canary for small bouts, hell the first time they met he defeated her soundly.

  • Former member of the league of assassins, defeated by Cassandra Cain yet batman thought her skilled enough to allow her to operate independently in his city.

  • A fully trained modern day samurai warrior. With all her experience though me thinks the over reliance on her sword land her way down on the list. Although she has been defeated by shiva easily. Batman thinks highly of her skills.

  • This stealthy beauty was trained by bronze tiger and in tandem with her fear and camouflage abilities she's combined them into quite the martial arts talent.

  • 3rd smartest man alive and proficient in 6 martial arts? yup he's quite good even if his brain out weighs his skills.

  • World leading Capoira expert, Shiva made him a member of her secret six, he was decisively beaten by Richard dragon who broke his leg. He later joined shiva league of assassins where she killed him.

  • A brilliant mind. Trained by Bruce and lady Shiva. time will never achieve the physical peaks his pears have but as Bruce says his mind is his greatest weapon. Time has proven just as capable as Bruce in all fields except martial arts but one day with the right guidance his mind will eclipse Bruce's and as he has proven time and again..with preparation ...no one is safe! best example? kicking shiva's ass thanks to good thinking and prep. Respect Tim Drake!

    Despite his youth he's defeated Shiva in the art of the bo staff, Taken King snake to school numerous times despite his inexperience, taken on and defeated his future counterpart with years more skill and experience twice. Recently outsmarted and defeated Shiva in single combat, at one point he nearly killed Shiva in battle aided by the drug aramilla!

    Tim's needs his props!

  • Skill to rival Tim Drake her death touch is also quite usefull. Beautiful and deadly is the name for this succubus

  • What can be said when your one of seven people who know a death blow? except batman beat him $hitless?!

  • The sexy Selena is an accomplished martial artist trained by the armless master but her skills pales in comparison to her seduction skills. Strange enough though she defeated huntress and cybernetic assassin zeiss.

  • Mob hitman trained in martial arts also has cybernetic implants and goggles to help him analyze his opponents.

  • A skilled martial artist but not top or middle tier material, strangely her most famous feature is that she's a lesbian. She's skilled sure but her girlfriend was trained by Richard dragon......he gets a hefty move up the list when Dick Grayson recruited her to assist with newly resurrected Bruce wayne.

  • When she could walk she was a force to be reckoned with but a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Now in her wheelchair she's still a great martial arts and probably the best cripple martial artist in dc.

  • Trained by her father Deathstroke she has a formidable skills and is a master of many weapons. Her precognition gives her an edge in battle but its unreliability leaves her open to defeat. Her defense was noted by cassandra as being her greatest strength.

  • the new question, not as experienced as most other martial artists on the list but good enough.

  • A master at aiming, he never misses he has a wide breath of skills and quite adept at martial arts, trained by Oliver Queen and Nightwing. Despite all this he's most deadly when carrying a whole arsenal with which to target while he fights without em he's not gonna hold his own for long.

  • The son of Bruce Wayne who was trained by the the league of assassins. He knows how to kill and can see no right or wrong in his actions. With no continence he s a dangerous child.

  • Steph is rough around the edges. Trained by Bruce and Cassandra she has the skills to pass most average athletes but her lack of discipline means she wont ever achieve greatness.

  • handpicked by Dick Grayson to subdue a "psychotic" bruce after he was dumped in a lazerous put. His suit is reminiscent of the glory that is Prometheus, but his skill? not sure

  • her skill allows her to spar with damien wayne. Also of note she was recruited by new batman Dick grayson when he tried to resurrect Bruce and needed back up

  • Not much without all her equipment but good enough to spar with nightwing on occasion yet he can easily defeat her with relative ease..

  • The new azrael, even more mentally unstable than valley, he is very skilled as he has undergone conditioning which makes him a capable replacement for batman. This dude just has a horror movie vibe that's just creepy.

  • Trained by both deathstroke and David Cain but man does she fall short! A dagger specialist who is not even close to Cassandra or even Raveger's skill level.

  • While she's more skilled at espionage and strategies, she also has reasonable hand to hand skills although she's leaps and bounds below a wheelchair bound Oracle, woof!

  • Dava like Tim Drake was trained by the master of the iron hand, thus she has quite some skill. the fact that she has not appeared again may suggest she never continued her training which places her way down here on the list. Also of note is that her skill was such that Lady shiva was hunting her down for a one on one.

  • recruited and trained by Shiva for the league of assassins

  • recruited by Lady shiva for her league, she was a potential heir for shiva and was also a student.

  • Leader of the Ghost Dragons, below Tim drake in skills

  • new member of the outsiders

  • The second judomaster looks good in her suit but aint up to standard for hand to hand. Another fighter who relies heavily on gadgets.

  • Proposed as the next in line for the mantle of lady Shiva. Sin has been trained extensively for the sole purpose of being Shiva's successor. Now as the adopted daughter of Green Arrow and Black Canary she has access to being trained by Connor hawk as well as mom and dad, with time she will be a world class martial artist.

    I can see a future for her and Damian Wayne in the future! LOL

  • an accomplished martial artist, thief and gymnast close to catwoman in ability yet always defeated by her......hasn't been seen in year!

  • The daughter of vandal savage, she formidable but not top tier material. not a whole lot of showings either.

  • Skilled cybernetically enhanced martial arts master. able to spar with bats.

  • protege of kgbeats, has skills but i dont know much about him.

  • The man of many identities......Suicide king is a very skilled combatant and martial artist able to spar with Huntress and even stalemate her.

  • This creepy face eater took out an already roughed up Batman (dick) and Jason along with their sidekicks Damian and scarlet with such ease i pry he's not dead!

  • The disfigured sidekick of a now deranged and very psychotic Jason Todd, strangely this simple mutilated girl is more than a match for Damian Wayne......perhaps his training was not as glorious as once thought!?

  • teacher of tim and dava

  • teacher of bruce wayne

  • taught extensive martial arts by her father and excels at hand-to-hand combat. Also a master of a variety of weapons

  • teacher of bruce wayne

  • teacher of bruce wayne

  • In his first showing he killed a league of assassins member, and gravely injured tim drake and Pru. His martial arts skills are enhanced by his bladed weapons.

  • Sister of Lady Shiva. While alive Shiva was only slightly more skilled than her her making her comparable to the very best in the world. She is also the third person to have the ability to read an opponents movements as a language, like lady shiva and Cassandra cain.

  • far superior to tarantula in skill

  • Master archer and martial artist