This is a list of characters from the alternate dimension known as "Earth 41001" or "X-Men the end earth"
The greatest stories don't happen their but man is it ripe with potential. I'm currently working my way through the pages updating them. If you like, give a recommend! thanks ;)

List items

  • The second child of rogue and gambit, flight and enhanced strength, she looks remarkably like moma who is dead in this world. sweet sweet ray!

  • Young Pavel is the son of Kid Colossus and Lorna Dane/Polaris. He's the third metal man of his family and a literal knight in shining armor!

  • A stretchy, invisible smart boy....yup he's heir to the fantastic four! Is he Franklin or Valeria's kid? we don't know but hell with such a family you'd think he was up to this superhero gig, instead he just wishes to play his guitar and watch the clouds go by. Rock on Rebel Rico!!!

  • The first child of the Summer-Frost clan and man is she a sexy little slice of Moma-Emma-Heaven lol. Sure she has the telepathy and yeah she doesn't have mommy's bad girl edge but lets wait till she finds out boyfriend Oli swapped spit with Bekka Monroe that's sure to show her "True" colors lol

  • The suave smooth talking son of Gambit and Rogue. He's got daddy's good looks and charm and momy's powers he dating Megan Frost and swapped spit with Bekka Monroe. he sure is a chip of the old dad block but don't tell him i said that....

  • ooh weeee this one has some feral in her! As the daughter of Storm fans have been wondering is she the result of Wolvie and Storms relationship on this earth? or the product of Brainchild and a feral storm? who cares?! She is the unpredictable wild card every X-Man team needs.

  • Apparently she's a member of the neo (yup a contrived cc concept yawn) on the plus side she's no longer a blond whiny neo. But now an Indian whiny mutant (yay) at least she had a change even if it was completely 180! hell why not kill the character and make a better one? Still must say she grows on you after awhile.

  • Not the most groundbreaking team of mutants ever but potential rich if only kyle, yost, Morison, whedon or to write them the team could go somewhere!

  • The child of a couple i think had a lot going for them....Deathbird and Bishop. She doesn't appear to have any powers besides enhanced physical traits but when you survive the destruction of the entire nermani blood line and are appointed the empress of the most powerful race in the universe you know you've made it big!

  • Scott and Emma's other daughters

  • An Indian hero (sweet) and friend to our merry band of heroes! I love her design its sexy

  • The son of colossus and the savage land tribal woman Nereel. sure he exists in 616 but c'mon it was sweet as hell to see him hook up with the much older Polaris and produce our wonderful Pavel. Cheers tin man you did good!

  • The delectable Sophie is heir apparent to victor Von doom what fun she could be is all up in the air!

  • Son of Nightcrawler & Kymri, he looks just like dear old dad.

  • The herculean Indian God, this guy just oozes coolness, i want to see more of him!

  • our villain, the hindu goddess. she has no idea what she's getting herself into when she tangles with X-men young or old. it always turns out bad......for the villain! ;P

  • Son of Beast & Cecilia Reyes, he's a chip of the ole Daddy Block!

  • Prince Xavi of the Shiar empire. Child of Lilandra Nermani and Charles Xavier (prof-x). The concept behind him was sound if not the execution. pity he's dead.

  • son of Scott and Emma, named after dead Uncle Havok

  • Son of Beast & Cecilia Reyes with Blue hair but no fur.

  • Eldest Daughter of Kitty Pryde.

  • Son of Cannonball & Lila Cheney.

  • Daughter of Beast & Cecilia Reyes.

  • Son of Kitty Pryde. Twin

  • Daughter of Kitty Pryde. Twin

  • Daughter of Nightcrawler and Kymri, she has no tail

  • This series and its opening arc was the first glance that we had of earth 41001 and opened up a wealth of possibilities not possible in earth 616.

  • The second story arc of the epic beginning of earth 41001. The last issue is one of the best Claremont penned issues in years!

  • The second story-arc involving Genext and man is that art gorgeous and fits the title like a glove!

  • The introductory story arc for the team not drawn very well but passable since it gives us such a diverse cast with rich potential

  • Lila Cheney and Samuel Guthrie/ Cannonball