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  • Ryonslaught wrote a review of Part One.
    pure perfection

    What I ThoughtCover-Where do I even begin? Yanick Paquette drew this beauty. I am in love with this cover! Red, Yellow, and Green are the dominant colors while in all-black across the top we have the...

  • Ryonslaught wrote a review of Whatever Happened to Earth's Mightiest Heroes?.
    Nice start!

    What I ThoughtJason Aaron writer and Ed McGuiness give us a world without Avengers. Blade tries to find his teammates in this altered world but everyone has been altered to fit into this new reality....

  • Ryonslaught wrote a review of Disintegration.
    Storm and Monet

    SummaryJean Grey consoles Storm as they have found no possible way to save her life from the techno-organic infection she was subject to months ago. Monet thinks she has a remedy. She and Doug Ramsey...

  • Ryonslaught wrote a review of Episode One: Trial By Fire.
    Milestone is back!

    What I thoughtWhat happened- Virgil is still recovering from the physical and psychological fallout of the Big Bang (SEE Milestone Returns for details). The last time he attacked Hotstreak he almost ...

  • Ryonslaught wrote a review of Fireworks.
    The X-men take Mars!

    THEY CAME TO SLAY! The HELLFIRE GALA rages on, but bigger things are afoot a world away. Make no mistake – this is an X-Men book drawn by superstar artist Pepe Larraz. It is absolutely the most...