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    If I may ask. Where is those images of Megan Frost and Oliver Raven in a hospital from?
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    Defenders was pretty damn good!

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    Not weird. Sometimes you need to eat/go out and there is no one to go with, so why not venture out on your own?

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    From the Caribbean. I'm a College and University lecturer.

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    So many years of my life spent on Comic Vine....Thanks for the memories!
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    Kicking ass and taking names!

    The GoodArt– Stuart Immonen as usual on this book is delivering top notch groovy-ness in every panel. I’m loving it!Story– Baron Zemo is on the verge of killing All New Captain Amer...

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    The legend returns!

    What I thoughtJonboy’s art rocked my socks off from start to finish. I’m assuming the “god” which shows up here is the mother of “Satan” and “god” who ...

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    What I thoughtI really did dig the cover on this one. The Re-entry of Kevin Brashear into our universe as Blue Marvel and Spectrum looks on. Everything is bathed in blue hues and tones and just looks...

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    The end of everything!

    What I thoughtHonestly this just came across as epic beyond words. Hickman had me the moment he took over the avengers line but when INFINITY delivered I could not conceive that things would go up a ...

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    Who's the black guy in the back?

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    The old guard is gone from CV....but I have some new reviews for those interested http://www.comicvine.com/profile/ryonslaught/reviews/
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    Who is #13?

    The GoodArt- Robert Love brings to life this interesting introductory tale which shines in action and emotional scenes. The colors by Diego Simone and Michelle Davies also add a dynamism thank to li...

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    Conflict resolved?

    The Good Cover- This month Clayton Crain delivers a slick and poignant cover. This one has an all white background while Ninjak holds a sword to the throat of Toyo Harada who is bloody and beaten bet...

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    Introducing the Blue Marvel's evil son?!

    The Good Art- Valerio Schiti is still here on art and he’s seen some improvement. There is now a clear distinction between the more senior Blue Marvel and the more middle aged She Hulk and Moni...

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    The best book your not reading!

    The GoodCover- This month continues the Batwing trend of a cover predominantly of blue hues. Batwing and his costume are almost completely black except for his bring blue glowing insignia. It’s...

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    Worth Every Dollar!

    The GoodArt- It’s been well established already that Eduardo Pansica’s art is consistent, sharp, clean yet detailed and well suited to the high octane action.Story- Luke escapes from the ...

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    Dull and boring

    The GoodFamily- I enjoyed the moments between James, his father and his niece.Black Hero- James Rhodes is back in the saddle but this time as the Iron Patriot.New Mission- James is no longer on kill ...

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    The tragedy of Blue Marvel

    The GoodArt- Greg land has taken time off the last few issues to clearly put together this gorgeous issue. There are a few hiccups but for the most part this is a good looking book (Yeah I said that ...

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    Smooth flight!

    The GoodCover- Smooth, slick and hot are the best words to describe Skyman #1 illustrated by Freddie Williams II and Dan Scott. It is worlds above the interior colors and art that much is for sure!In...