The New X-Men?

With thousands of new mutants discovering their powers inside the pages of the current X-titles, it seems the perfect time for new recruits to be joining the numerous X-Men teams. All New X-Men have already shown a group of 'X-Men' (made up of Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magneto and Magik) saving mutants who have just discovered their powers from their certain fate. This group, I previously thought were going to be evil and I know the team has been formed to oppose the X-Men, but they seem to be trying to do what their doing for the better of the new mutants. But they are also killing innocents in the process, so that doesn't exactly make them the heroes. I loved the first issue of Bendis' run and I think Uncanny X-Mne coming out in February will be based over Cyclops and his team, whereas All New X-Men will focus on Jean's return and the effect that'll have on the others, as well as Beast's certain death, I'm guessing the old beast will replace him as it shouldn't be too long till the old Hank undergoes his first mutation.

Working their Magik
Working their Magik

February: JLA, Constantine, Cyclops and Fearless Defenders!!!!

February could very well be one of the biggest months for comics in recent years as we get lots of new exciting news flowing in about whats planned.


What do D.C have to offer on this cold, wintery month

  1. JLA. This could be an awesome new Justice League because I like lots of the new characters and I think Green Arrow, Baz ( the new Green Lantern), Stargirl and Martian Manhunter will be awesome and add a lot of depth to the storylines. But I'm frankly not excited about Catwoman, Vibe and Hawkman should not be here, since they are either outdated (Vibe), a previous thief (Catwoman) or just has a currently dreadful title (Hawkman). I will be picking this up and I suggest you join me because this acutely might be better than the current Justice League title.
  2. Death of the Family Conclusion. Issue 13 was the best comic I've read all year and I think that the finale will just be too awesome to handle. I trust Scott Synder to do an amazing job on this and I think he will.
  3. Katana and Vibe. Yes, I know I mentioned that I wanted nothing to do with JLA's Vibe earlier, but the character is getting his own title for gods sake, so there must be some hype about Vibe. Katana, who was the most boring of the Birds of Prey series that is still currently going on, is getting her own series. Of course this is to do with her joining JLA, but that means she'll be appearing in three titles every month, thats quite a lot for this C-list hero. I will definitely get Katana because of my love for the Birds of Prey series, but I would be lying if I said I wanted to read Vibe, but again I will consider.
  4. Constantine: My favourite from JLD is getting his own new 52 title, despite me not seeing anything wrong with the old Vertigo one. I'll still get the first storyline or two because of my love for Justice League Dark and Hellblazer.


I loved all that D.C news, but can Marvel live up too that

Marvel Now. More Marvel Now will be quenching my thirst for a Marvel Birds of Prey team and we have finally got one, the Fearless Defenders. You have no idea how psyched I am about this, I love Valkyrie so much and Misty Knight is one of the best female Marvel characters right now. Of course we will also get Guardians of the Galaxy comic, to try and hype up the movie heading for a 2014 release date, and Secret Avengers, a reboot of the reasonably new franchise which has been doing quite well. Uncanny X-Men is set to return with Bendis at the helm and Cyclops is now leading again?!?!

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Which actors and X-M would you like to see in Day of Future Past?

I really can't wait till Day of Future Past is released and of course there have been no official cast listings yet, but we can be pretty certain that Jennifer Lawrence will return as Mystique, Michael Fassbender as Magneto and James McAvoy as Professor X.

But the good thing about Days of Future past is that it's a time travelling storyline and it is likely that Patrick Stewart will meet McAvoy and that Ian McClennen will meet Fassbender, I would love for this to happen, but I would love to know which X-Men you want to see in this movie and who you really want to play them. I'm still drawing out a cast list mentally of who I want to be who and I think your opinions would help me a lot.

One actor and character really connect together very well for me is Emily VanCamp as Magik. Let me know what you think and please share your cast lists.


Joker isn't the only villain coming out to play!?!

As the epic Death of the Family story arc begins, I can say, after the first issue, this crossover will go down in history as one of the greatest Batman stories ever!

But recently, when I was scanning over all the December solicits. I notice that Death of the Family was introducing many old rouges back into the mainstream comic continuity:

  • Riddler is scheduled to make an appearance in Batman #15, he has only had one cameo since the New 52 kicked off, so I think it will be awesome to see him back again.
  • Poison Ivy may have been a year long Birds of Prey member, but in Detective Comics #14-15, she'll return as a prominent rouge, she's meant to be working with Joker, Penguin and Clayface.
  • Harley Quinn, who has not appeared in a Batman comic, I'm trying to forget some of the awful Suicide Squad issues, till #13 this week. May I add Snyder wrote her fantastically!
  • Clayface, like Riddler, will make his debut in Detective Comics #15 alongside Ivy and Joker

It's good to see so many old faces returning, but their is no doubt that Joker is going to be responsible for at least one death, but I wonder who's? Please comment on who you think should die and who you think will die.

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The Doctor Returns and Amy Pond Leaves...

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With Series 7 Part 1 just wrapped up, we bid a farewell to the Ponds. Rory and Amy have been travelling with the Doctor since 2010 and during this time they have both become two of the most popular companions ever. They both left us last weekend in the tear-jerking finale with the weeping angels being responsible for their 'deaths'.

What seems strange to me is that less than a week after there departure from the TARDIS, the new Doctor Who ongoing is launched and to my surprise Amy and Rory are the companions, I think this may be a problem when Oswin Oswald takes the regins and prepare to be the latest addition to the Doctor's vast companion gallery. Of course they could easily solve this problem by stating this was set in between Series 5 and 6 or between 6 and 7, but frankly, despite Amy being my favourite companion, I want to see more of Oswin due to her amazing appearance in Asylum of the Daleks. What do you think about the Ponds staying on in Diggle and Buckingham's Doctor Who? And what did you think of Oswin in her early debut in Series 7?

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Will Batgirl be Joining Teen Titans?

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Teen Titans #15Last week December's comic solicits where reveled and one title caught my attention, Teen Titans. Not only is it joining the many titles involved in the major Batman crossover, Death of the Family, but it also has a guest appearance, Batgirl. Of course it is only fitting to have Batgirl assist the Titans while they operate in Gotham, I believe that they are searching for Tim Drake not sure about that though. But will Batgirl prove that maybe she might be good enough for the renowned Teen Titans, I'd love to see her return to the team as Batgirl, not necessarily Barbara, was alway a great addition to the team. Plus I also think she'd have a great dynamic with Cassie. What do you think too much going on to have time for them or do you think she'd be a really good addition to the all-star group.

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Has Cyclops's career as an X-Man finished?

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All-New X-MenMy answer to that question would sadly be 'yes'. Cyclops, one of Xavier's first pupils has started to show signs that his career as the leader of the illustrious X-Men. The Phoenix could be blamed for his recent acts, such as killing the founding leader of the X-Men, Charles Xavier, but his recent douchebaginess has just caused me to hate this Original X-Man. The picture below shows that Cyclops, Frost and Magik may not be in the team for a lot longer and a new Brotherhood or Hellfire Club may be in the works, I personally would love to see this lineup. But please let me know what you think about this and if your'e excited for All New X-Men!!!


Jim Lee isn't the only person leaving the Justice League

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As we wave goodbye to one of DC's current greatest artists, Jim Lee, we also bid adieu to Hal Jordan, the current Green Lantern, who's long life ended in the Green Lantern Annual last month and the mantle was passed over to Simon Baz. I'm sad to see Jordan leave, but to be fair I wasn't enjoying him take up the Joker of the Pack title in the Justice League. Captain Marvel is set to be replacing him and it won't be long till Atom, Element Woman and others join the team. Surprisingly Baz will not be replacing Jordan in the Justice League, infact he appears to be battling them on the cover of Green Lantern #14, but he is scheduled to be joining JLA next year. It will be interesting to see how things work out for Hal and Baz, so I would stay tuned in the Green Lantern books for that.


Batman Villains in the New 52: Talia al Ghul

Batman Villains in the New 52: Talia al Ghul

Part five of my villain guides is going to be about the Daughter of the Demon, Talia al Ghul. She was once the World's Greatest Detective wife and the mother of Damian, his son. How has the New 52 changed this Femme Fatale and she has recently been popularized by The Dark Knight Rises so has this affected her at all? Tomorrow I'll finally be doing Mr. Freeze so stay tuned for that!

Talia returns
Talia returns

Talia al Ghul

Batman's true love has recently resurfaced in the New 52 within the pages of Batman Incorporated as the ruler of the terrorist organisation known as Leviathan. Talia is back and she is evil as ever and has started off her reign of terror with placing a half-a-billion bounty on her son's head which led to Batman having to pretend he was killed by the assassin Goatboy. It was only recently discovered last year that Talia was the head of Leviathan, they had been stalking and challenging Batman Inc. as well as abducting children and turning them into bloodthirsty killers. Now in the New 52, Leviathan are replacing hundreds of people and not just children. Leviathan members are preaching their way of life to mostly children to bring about a new line of members, Talia was also seen in the pages of Red Hood and the Outlaws helping Jason Todd, I didn't really understand why she she made this cameo appearance it was just kind of pointless.

Ruler of Leviathan
Ruler of Leviathan

Her appearance hasn't really changed at all, she still wears white dresses, she still has brown hair etc. But they did an issue on her origin story, how she grew up under the influence of R'as and her brief romance with Bruce Wayne. She now appears to have some sort of vendetta against her father, she seems to be angry because R'as gave her everything she asked for but she wanted a mother. I think that Batman Incorporated is amazing and it is by far one of the best Batman titles currently and before reading the New 52 version read volume 1 of Batman Inc.

In verdict, I see nothing wrong with what they've done to Talia and I'm happy to see Morrison writing her so well. They haven't really changed much put Talia is honestly one of my favourite reboot characters along with Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze.

Reboot Rating: A-

Recommended Reading: Batman Incorporated: Issues #1- end of the series.


Batman Villains in the New 52: The Penguin

Penguin, he may have become more of a businessman than a villain, but the New 52 proved that he is still an established crook and he is generally bad to the bone. How has his appearance changed, which comics has he appeared in so far and where does his alliance lie. This will be today's topic. Mr. Freeze has been delayed till next weekend but I will be uploading other villains till then such as Killer Croc, Bane and Talia al Ghul.

Emperor Penguin, WTF?
Emperor Penguin, WTF?

The Penguin

Oswald Copplepot is one of Batman's more ridiculous rouges, a gang leader/businessman going by the identity of Penguin due to his bird-like appearance. He has been appearing in lots of the Bat-Family titles since the New 52 kicked off (Detective Comics, Batwing, Catwoman and he got his own mini-series Penguin: Pain and Prejudice) and I have only read one of his story-arcs so far, that being Detective Comics which was absolutely awful and P:P&P was meant to be quite good, but I wouldn't know that for certain. His personality seems to have remained as the high-class owner of the Iceberg Lounge and Casino. I have never liked Penguin and his overly frequent appearances are just boring me and with a whole new storyline approaching ,which some how ties in with Poison Ivy and Penguin, it looks like we just can't get rid of him.

Bat versus Bird
Bat versus Bird

His appearance is much the same as it has always been, maybe the have exaggerated the bird features a little. But Penguin is the same Penguin he started off as.There is not much to say about the fat, pale-skinned, criminal the Penguin, but I do believe the New 52 have kept his appearance pretty much the same, which is a safe move from DC because in some characters case's a redesign is good, like Poison Ivy, but in other cases ,Harley Quinn, redesigns are extremely bad ideas and it can mean the end of the character's fan base, so I think they've handled Penguin very well in this department, yet there are other issues.

In verdict, I think if they just stop using him as much then he could get B+ at the very highest, but they have used him too much in such a short space of time, this has unfortunately affected his rating. Detective Comics was awful, another thing that prevented him from getting an A, yet I'm exited to see Layman take over and fingers-crossed he will be able to write Penguin better than Daniel did.

Reboot Rating: C

Recommended Reading: Penguin: Pain and Prejudice: Issues #1- #5

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