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My top 15 Favorite Supervillains

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  • victor von doom the most complex villain in comic book history

    he will do anything for the greater good of humanity even if he kills innocent people in hos mind the few out way the many..... is he right

  • joker real name origin unknown ill we know is hes the prince of crime

  • survivor of the holocaust magneto was once a mutant of peace until he gave up hope on humanity and formed the brotherhood and vowed to make mutants the rulers of this earth

  • one of the new gods darkseid is the ruler of apocalypse he is one of the most powerful powerful beings in the dc universe

  • brother of Thor the god of mischief is always trying to find a way to rule over something weather its earth or asguard Loki will do anything to best his brother

  • lex luthor one of the most complex characters in comic history what makes him such a great villain is....... hes right about superman

  • created by hank Pym ultron is an AI that is one of the most dangerous foes in the marvel universe

  • one of captain Americas greatest foes red skull is always pushing cap to the limit you cant get more evil than a super solider Nazi

  • eobard thawne aka reverse flash he tried to destroy the flash by going back in time and killing him when he was a kid needless to say he will go to any lengths to beat the flash

  • leader of the league of shadows and one of batman's most worthy foes ras is in his own right one of the most influential villains of all time

  • black Adam is a man with the powers of the ancient Egyptian gods

  • genius doctor octopus is one of spider mans greatest villains he has even taken over peters body before

  • Wilson fisk most affiliated with daredevil and spider man this crime lord is so hard to defeat because he gets the public to love him making anyone against him look like the bad guy

  • deathstroke is the most dangerous assassins in the dc universe he has taken on some of dc most skilled fighters like batman or the teen titans

  • one of daredevils most dangerous foes bullseye can use anything around him as a lethal projectile