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Fastest comic book characters of all time

this is overall speed

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  • do i really have to explain this??? wally and jay literally stole his speed and wally still couldn't keep up he blocked a blood lust wally west punch effortlessly he has beaten wally rogue gallery with no effort at all. he crossed the world 12 times in 1 SECOND!!!!! superman was a statue to him and wally. even while amped wally is still slower than zooom

  • hes slower than Barry but and wally but he still can travel through time

    and basically everything else they can do

  • he fought zoom in a picosecond he has escaped a black hole he can travel around the world in 1 second superman is a statue when he is running he made 500,000 force field devices in 12 hours he is well above ftl

  • he beat the runner

  • he is faster than barry

  • he can travel at the same speed in air on the ground or in space it doesn't matter

  • he has ran 9.4 billion times the speed of light to save a city from a nuclear explosion which think is PIS but whatever

  • he can enter hyperspace with ease he can fight when time is stopped also he can travel anywhere in time if he chooses he is so far above light speed its not even funny

  • he can enter hyperspace has kept up with surfer nova and brb

  • he can enter hyperspace he also keeps up with silver surfer quasar and brb

  • he has reacted to a ship going 7 times faster than the speed of light

    he has ftl reaction speed and traveling speed

  • he has nanosecond reaction time he can travel half the galaxy in seconds

    he bull rushed stardust he out raced silver surfer on his way to galactus

  • superman is extremely fast in every category speed combat speed reaction time reflexes all of these categories are below light but not by that much..................... i guess i was mistaken superman is ftl and according to the comments he should be higher so here happy fanboys

  • Gladiator almost speed blitzed Thor at full confidence hes ftl

  • hes faster than superman also he has kept up with the flash in a race before

  • hes doesn't have much speed feats but he can keep up with superman and shazam

  • she is faster than superman......nuff said

  • hes a superman copycat that being said he is slower than sups

  • Thors flight speed reaction time and reflexes are above light speed but the only reason hes so low is because of his combat speed. he has escaped a black hole fought and kept up with silver surfer has reacted to mjlonir he is so underrated in speed its not even funny but if you say hes not slow your a Thor fanboy

  • not that many speed feats but his are impressive he was miles away from punisher and before punisher could even finish his thought sentry was behind him. he heard Norman Osborn say his name from half way across the world and flew to Norman is seconds