CVnU Team/Location: Young Nasty Clan

Gob & Robbers

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Milton's own group for baddies and wrongdoers alike, yet the goal is not world domination. It is to had 'fun' at other people's expenses, a huge slapstick on the world. Yet is is an open group for anyone to enter so long as they are not pesky folk, interestingly it can operate at will as a thieves guild or an assassins guild at any given moment.

Their goals are chaotic at best but their bonds are closer than family, having barbecues while burning down a city. Playing hangman with live human beings or even stealing great monuments for the fun of it, yet at the end of they day they will return to base and take a seat on the couch while watching television together.


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A custom made golem configuration by milton that adheres to matter which it is painted on, it can talk and think for itself. They are imbued with odd properties yet they make excellent sentries for defense, this coupled with Milton's gift for distributing powers at random makes them particularly unpredictable yet versatile in use. The Grimaces are also friendly, albeit unsettling at first. They mean no harm, for allies.

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Interesting plants that are handpicked from Rolf's vegetarian days, when he was experimenting with different life fluids. Substituting blood with chlorophyl.

Their base is destructible yet it was bestowed regeneration and resurrection by milton so damage is to be expected, yet it has a tendency to change the color of beings when irritated.

NOTE: this gang focuses on group dynamics and 'family' aspect

-- in progress

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