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Rumble Lite

Chaser of the underworld

The main body is used for missions, this body is used for 'fun' suited for his many personalities

A man of select words, Fowler's immense stature, Monstrous form, Metahuman class striking skills, and death dealing fists makes him a nightmare for many heroes and villains alike.He does no possess super strength in the 'lifting' sense, but has superhuman striking force (the power to shatter objects with his fists) that allows him to fight and slay 'flying brick' types. Compare the muscles of a strongman and a boxer. In terms of speed he is more oriented towards combat speed that allows him to react and attack speedsters. Compare Usain bolt and Bruce Lee). Fowler’s main power is that he can deliver powerful punches and kicks.

More monster than man
More monster than man
Superhuman substance abuser
Superhuman substance abuser

This Brawler is one step up from the average warrior, sacrificing some parts of defense for pure brutal strength. He is much more aggressive and deadly than the common warrior, and they don't always side with the good. He tends to be easily provoked and despite his powerful attack, he can be knocked down due to his unproportional defense. He was too big to fit in anywhere, and found frustration with the small-sized world that expected him to be a bruiser. He was a fighter, with lightning-quick reflexes and speed, but he was also a thoughtful scholar.

  • Physical: Light build, tall, thin, black hair, brown eyes, tattoos, and piercings. Always slender and tall, his disproportionately elongated long (fore)arms and very long legs gave him an advantageous reach. There seems to be two common aspects of fighters with this long a reach; they each have snapping jabs, and deadly right hands.
  • Name: Fowler S. Friday
  • Aliases: Sir Paradigm, Mr. Green/Dollar, Robert, The Vigorous, The Striker, The Furious, Daddy Long Legs, Der Schmale
  • Legal Status: Sealand Overlord with extensive criminal record (dueling)
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: Radix (Grandcreator), Peregrine (creator) , Battler (creation)
  • Age: 23 (age of the human body used)
  • Sex: Male (by choice)
  • Height Reach: 259.08 cm 294.28 cm or 457.2 cm 492 cm (8.5 ft or alternatively 15ft on base form,like Ang Lee's Hulk [2003])
  • Weight : 680.38 kg (1,500 lb(s))
  • Punching Power: Class 100 ( could effortlessly range into the multi-megaton level at the very least)
  • Kicking Power: Class 100 ( ould effortlessly range into the multi-megaton level at the very least)
  • Gripping Power: Class 100 (could effortlessly range into the multi-megaton level at the very least)
  • Jumping Power: 3-4 miles in 1 leap
  • Running Speed: Mach 10 (high hyspersonic)
  • Swimming Speed: Mach 6 (hypersonic)
  • Tunneling Speed: Mach 5 (hypersonic)
  • Physical Strength: Immense as It can lift a 160,000-ton tanker but no more than 200,000 tons
  • Vision: 20 kilometers
  • Hearing: 30 kilometers
  • Hair Color: Variable
  • Eye Color: Variable (left eye is prone to glowing red)
  • Birthplace: Sweden (somewhere in an super soldier development laboratory)
  • Species : Cyborg
  • Occupation: Hired Brawn
  • Education: Autodidact
  • Likes: Drugs
  • Dislikes: Country Music
  • Blood Type: O
  • Personal Treasures: Other Body(ies)
  • Hobby(ies): Cooking, Smashing stuff
  • Favorite Food(s): Italian, Indian
  • Special Skill: Cooking, Dancing
  • Favorite Music: Dubstep
  • Best Sport: MMA
  • Current City: Tritonia, New Meropis second home
  • Political Views: Tritonian
  • Religious Views: Pantheism
  • Affiliation(s): Fowler= Paradise and Fear & League of Shadows | Peregrine= Nakamura Empire

Fowler is super tough as well, or else he would eventually cause himself grievous injury with his own power. Fowler is a Bioborg with an exoshell which makes him look like a human ogre. Fowler is sweet and polite boy who loves to fight. Fowler was created by a doomsday automaton whom is also his 'father'. However, Fowler had numerous strange behaviors such as showing affection with his tongue. They added canine-like qualities to Fowler (i.e. superior scent, hearing, howling, barking, chasing cats). Fowler may be the biggest member of LoS, but he is also one of the fastest. Fowler Seager Friday, he possesses amazing speed and agility. He moves like lightning, but due to his size, sometimes has trouble controlling his power. His size is also a constant source of frustration for this Tritonian giant, since his loves are cooking, music and origami, and he is simply too large to enjoy such delicate disciplines. His hands are simply too big to handle normal sized instruments and would crush most fragile ornaments.

A warrior scary in appearance, a small giant with a roar of thunder, he loves his boxing gloves and is also one of the most powerful brutes in terms of striking.


  1. "Make You Feel That Way" by Blackalicious
  2. "Gonna Fly Now" by Bill Conti
  3. "How it ends" by Devotchka
  4. "Raining Blood" by Slayer
  5. "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven
  6. "New World Symphony - 4th Movement" by Antonín Dvořák
  7. "You're the best" by Joe Esposito
  8. "No Tears" by Scarface

HQ - Home/Lair/Nest/Etc.

Once in a few days Friday would use a different form to learn about the world, a form that provides more challenges compared to his main form which is efficient but sometimes rather boring. The excitement in this body is given because he experiences a myriad of sensations that is present with other humans because this body is simply a human shell installed with several wetware enhancements coupled with augmentations to endure the burdens of dangerous weaponry. For all intents and purposes related to his recreation this body is simply called 'Fowler' Friday. Unknown to Radix Friday loves to fight but can never the human drive or spirit, because his AS has not developed up into that point yet It decides to experience the flow through a more humane body.

Fowlers, and most beneficial, superhuman ability is a type of instinctive affinity for mechanics. This ability enables him to divine how to use, repair and modify complex machinery that he is, otherwise, unfamiliar with. He has been known to quickly jury-rig complex machinery within a matter of seconds.

Fight Philosophy

Let them grow he said, he waits for them to develop. Let them fight he said, he waits for them to strike.

Fowler is not created to fight, but the being discover's its identity through the process. It is not a killer like Peregrine, it only wants to fight but its opponent's mostly end up dead so hence why he is sometimes labelled 'killer'. He really hates the fact that people die when he hits them, all he wanted are combatants to fight with. He gets upset that they forfeit by death, really the only power he wants is to resurrect them so that he can hit them again. Because death is nota good excuse to evade fighting, he wants to see a world where the strong continue on fighting. His nightmare is world peace without conflict, because complacency would negate the drive to fight. Conflict is good, conflict is gold and Fowler will spread as much as possible to filter out the weak from the strong.

He does his best to imitate what everyone else, especially what the elders, are doing. It's essential to watch those more advanced and to try to copy their movements, tactics, and strategies. Observe, study, analyze and imitate seasoned martial artists. Looking at martial arts masters who have been adepts for a long time. FInding men and women who have lost some of their strength, stamina, and maybe some speed because of age. They aren't succeeding by overpowering their younger opponents. They have learned efficiency, economy of motion, better timing, and other finesses. In observance of human mirror neurons, there is a link between evolutionary with biological capacity for responding to, understanding, and extrapolating from the behavior of others. This occurs through the firing of premotor and parietal neural cells known as mirror neurons.

Not only is he able to develop social skills through the mirror, but he is able learn almost anything. He learns by observing others. Imitation is used, almost from birth, as a way of side-stepping trial-and-error learning. You does nott have to put your head on the active landmine, his friend can do it for him and he’ll get the message. Just like how Leonardo da Vinci approached his work: first observe, then study, then analyse, and lastly copy. Many martial arts techniques understand the same concept – first imitate the master, then innovate and finally transcend.

He is also fond of Asymmetric Warfare.

How he sounds like

His Humanoid Component

Rumbleman, Rumbleman Mass destruction across the land.
Kicks more ass any size.
And he's yours, to weaponize.
Look out! Here comes the Rumbleman!
Seems human enough
Seems human enough
Machine in man's clothing
humble beginnings
humble beginnings

Subject 236 is just a mundane boy who happens to love his horror films a little too much. His handlers are worried that one day he might actually act upon his impulses and imitate what he saw on the screen. Their assumptions are always under the radar because he is a quiet boy, who follows orders and listens well to advice. Besides this tiny quirk he was just an average member of society who blended in so well that people did not notice him living amongst them. He never did project himself enough to be noticed outside is small social network. He is only noticeable when he decides to introduce himself. His footsteps are almost completely silent and he manages to conceal himself in plain sight subconsciously. He was nearly lost to his handlers in a test run until they panicked enough, then the boy showed up. Present with fresh blood spattered on his clothes. Once in a while he would make friends and they would disappear. Seemingly without a trace, the facility did not acknowledge the existence of those individuals that have been recently been ‘befriended’ by 236. As a kid he is excessively obsessed with the macabre genres presented in the cinemas to the point where he remembers the details of every kill. Even at his own quarters he would often role-play them out in his bed, visualizing himself as the aggressor over an innocent victim. In the place of his make believe knife is a box cutter and in the place of a scantily clad maiden is an oversized teddy bear. If he played too rough the doll will break and there will be stuffing all over the room, but he feels incomplete because teddy bears don’t scream. He lacks the much-needed social interactions because he keeps his attention to himself; being the introvert at the educational ward he was a stranger amongst strangers. other specimens ran away from him, females are scared and the males don’t even bother talking to him. His only friend was the door, which he stood next to during break time, Rumors spread around his feel of eccentricity that caused others to avoid him. This isolation prompted him to create imaginary friends as a coping mechanism. He can hear his ‘friends’ , but he has yet to see them but they are familiar enough to hold conversations on a daily basis. Since his parents are usually busy 236 gets the house to him. Helpers and servants are there to serve his every errands; a big field is present outside the compound and most of all he is born in a very advanced facility. A piece of information that nobody knew, except a few missing individuals. There are numerous urban myths about a hidden dungeon located under the area. Myths which are made more surreal by the blood-curling wails that tear through the night. Most often he would pose in the role of the antagonists of those R-Rated movies that he idolized. He acts as a wannabe, but with a very eerie accuracy to the actual role model. This is the story of a lonely boy living out his dark power fantasies. 236, however, was born with genetic anomalies that altered her appearance and gave him further control over his metabolism. His optic nerves, frontal lobes and spinal columns have been altered to give him superhuman speed - he can see the world in slow motion. He's also hypermnesic, particularly when it comes to remembering images in perfect detail. Unlike other specimens, he could also accelerate his metabolism and achieve super-speed and strength. Subject 236 discovered a method that bestowed upon him the ability to bio-kinetically increase the power of his punches to the point where he can punch down mature trees. With his fist in this state, 236 can shatter wood and brick, deform steel, and punch target dummies with extraordinary concussive force without sustaining injury to himself. Also do feats like split a car in two with just two punches and the power to crush a tank with his bare hands.its ability to "see" through scents as well as being able to "lock-on" to targets and never let them out of his sight makes the subject more dangerous. Once he begins to advance in a certain direction, it is virtually impossible to halt his movement. Some obstacles such as many tons of rocks and plasma-discharge cannons have slowed his pace considerably but can't stop him. The only known examples of him being stopped is because he lacks the durability to go along with it. In addition, Subject 236 possesses the ability to accrue mass from an unknown, extradimensional source, enabling him to increase his height, weight, durability and strength to titanic levels. He generally draws enough mass to enable him to rend metal with his bare hands, but is fully capable of becoming exponentially stronger. Unfortunately for Him, while it may only take moments to achieve his greater mass, it often takes much longer for him to shed it. It isn't uncommon for him to take days to fully return to his human form.

As Subject 236 triggers his growth, he adds layer upon layer of heavy muscle and many inches in height. His arms elongate like that of a primate, his brow becomes more a more pronounced like a neanderthal, his ears become pointed in an elfen like fashion and his canine teeth start to protrude and lengthen into tusk like protrusions.

The specimen also possessed the MAOA gene (Known as monoamine oxidase; A gene which affects violent behaviour when mutation occurs in this gene. High MAOA activity leads to less violent behaviour while low MAOA activity leads to more violent behaviour.)


The right bits for the right bot
The right bits for the right bot
  • Multi Flight/Anchor: As such he has boosters built into his feet, which are mentally commanded using cybernetic circuitry built into his nerves. These are capable of flight at mach five, and generate enough thrust to support Fowler's own weight plus and additional. The boot jets can be used as offensive weapons when fired at close range. Like all jets, Fowler leaves an exhaust trail from his rockets, however the bioborg can use this after effect to blast away foes like a hurricane blast of wind. As means of backup there is also a a surgically-implanted anti-gravity generator at the base of his spine, activated by a neural link should the boots fails. Inversely he could adjust his center of gravity so as to become virtually immovable.
  • Rapid Rotation: Fowler is a cyborg who possesses the capability to rotate his body around its lengthwise axis at superhuman speeds. He can spin as faster than 400 revolutions per second, and still speak, hear, and see his environment while spinning. Fowler can spin his limbs which can be electrified. Fowler can rotate the top part of his body to face any direction and rotate his head in a full circle, allowing it to face any direction. After spinning in the air at incredible speeds, Fowler is able to generate enough power to emit a shocking nova blast from its body that will lay waste to nearby foes. Alternatively this allows him to twist (create an axis of rotation anywhere within touch and warps them kinetically) any object , no matter how hard, as long as he's touching it for even a moment and he can use this ability to destroy people's bodies by literally tearing them apart (contort and twist enemies' bodies by a simple move of a finger which causes gruesome dismemberments and deaths).
  • Mass Expansion: Increases his mass to about 2.5 times normal, increasing his height by about a third. His power is the ability to temporarily increase the muscle mass of his body to impossible levels. Strength, durability, and resistance to injury proportionate to size. Limited degree of shapeshifting by redistributing his body mass. When needed, the Fowler can increase its size by extending his upper-body from the lower. He can then shrink back down to size if it needs.
  • Cyber Fisticuffs: Rex has had extensive genetic and cybernetic alterations to his body allowing him to project a concentrated blast of air that has been vibrated at an intense frequency. This allows Fowler to both effectively throw long range vibrational punches, as well as vibrating the structure of something in order to weaken or destroy it. Additionally this augmentation grants him superhuman punching and gripping (crushing) power (striking power not lifting power, he can smash through steel doors and total a massive safe in one blow with his fists. (Even pummeling majestic-class opponents). Both functions accomodate each other by delivering powerful pulsed vibratory shocks on contact that increase the concussive force of his punches. These fists can be swung with sufficient concussive force to damage concrete. He could shatter bones with a mere touch. Fowler can regulate these hyper-punches so as to strike a person without causing serious injury. Fowler's wrists are equipped with a pump that allows it to literally turn its hands into jackhammers.
  • By slamming the knuckle on the ground, Fowler can cause minor localized quakes, knocking his opponents off-balance, directing energy through ground to make pillar of rock/spikes come up from the ground. Battle experience enables him to target his seismic waves with pinpoint accuracy, causing targeted objects to vibrate themselves apart, from the inside out to cause an internal malfunction in the opponent being touched. Such as making the heart fail or explode all together. This is shown in exploding the heart of a cyborg mercenary while in his chest. With each punch Fowler is capable of generating and releasing seismic energy and tremendously powerful waves of vibrations in any object he came into physical contact with, the vibrations starting in his body, and then emanating outwards, mostly through his fists, causing objects to shatter or crumble and also using it to create massive shockwaves, damaging and disorientating all within his line of fire. When used against objects with a larger surface, the effects were much like an earthquake. It is also durable enough to be slammed into buildings and other structures, knocking them down (demolish entire buildings in minutes) with no damage to itself. By striking the hands against one another, Fowler can project a powerful concussive force beam at his opponents .He can use his strength to perform a "Thunder Clap", creating a powerful blast of wind. The energy can loosen the bonding forces between molecules, causing them to change states (i.e. solid to liquid). At special settings the vibrations can cause an objects to shatter or crumble into dust. It also has a setting which renders matter temporarily malleable (used on 'invulnerable' foes) for purposes of reconstructing or modifying their physical form. Alternatively Fowler has used his quakes to channel and generate powerful vibratory shock waves charges through held objects (such as weapons stolen from enemies), increasing its vibrating frequency and hence its piercing and cutting power, turning it into a vibroweapon. Fowler has a device inside the wrists that allows him to render objects weighing up to 2.2 tons weightless. Because of his particular talent he has over-sized hands which are very powerful.
  • His energy empowered attacks are so powerful because of his technique of releasing energy at the point of contact, therefore enhance his strength to the point where he can break through boulders with his bare hands or, create a gigantic crater by simply kicking the ground. He can essentially vibrate at frequencies that allow him to split diamonds. He attacks primarily by punching using his large left hand to create shockwaves. Fowler's limbs has the ability to further increase its kinetic energy the farther it is extended. At a distance up to 20 yards, its destructive capacity rivals that of Superman, at 30 yards N/A, at 60 yards N/A, and at distances greater than 60 yards N/A .The limbs can also store the energy it has gathered along its path within the kinetic field and release it on contact with a target, even if its motion is interrupted. This device appears to have the ability to temporarily disrupt temporal/kinetic energy in a localized field and manipulate it for limited effects such as energy transfer based on a linear distance traveled.
  • Legs: Fowler's legs are thickly muscled, allowing him to do massive damage by kicking something or someone, or he can use them to create a seismic shockwave effect ripping through the ground in front of him, sending fountains of debris and explosions into the air. by stomping the ground with his heels. As a result, Fowler can generate shockwaves with a strength of 7.5 on the Richter Scale, or 9.5 if near a fault line.
  • Ascended Senses: His left eye was replaced with an infrared imaging device which affords him night vision and the ability to perceive thermographic images through solid objects, while his left ear was replaced by an audio sensor that is far more sensitive than the human ear (He can apparently hear things from considerable distances). Identify individuals whom he is familiar with by scent from certain distances. Voice stress analyzer for lie detection. High-resolution optical sensing devices, computer-assisted dexterity and limb position sensor network. Micro cameras gave it a near 360 degree field of view. A proximity alarm could be set to trigger if certain individuals become close to its location. Thus the red glow in the pupil of the eye lenses. The ability to scan a targets retina, fingerprints, and DNA. Also an analyzer which displays the ingredients of whatever he puts into it.

    All of these faculties along with his own body allows him to record and analyze the movements and tactics of the enemies he faces with great detail, and to anticipate or emulate them to some degrees. Such as predicting (not 100% accurate) their next move.

  • Adamantium Jaws and Claws: Fowler also possesses adamantium bonded to teeth and claws that he often uses as offensive weapons. They're sufficient to rend most conventional materials such as wood, flesh, stone, and even some types of metals. He also has retractable talons in place of fingernails, that he is capable of extending to twice the length.The arms he used as his trademark weapon had the ability to make the wrist spin at rapid speed, making it usable as a buzz-saw, and an improvised projectile shield. Fowler's jaw structure is truly amazing. he is able to dislocate his jaw bone and reattach to a differant area that is high reinforced with thicker bone and more muscle. This creates a practicually invincable vice thats almost impossible to break. Besides being able to lock, Fowler's jaws are just plain powerful.
  • Ascended Reach:The bioengineering process he underwent grants him the ability to elongate his limbs that he used primarily for balance, adding onto his already enhanced agility. The arms are powerful enough to allow him to walk up sheer concrete walls and move about quickly. They are also used to grab items, both small and large, and as literal weapons in terms of being swung at objects and people like clubs, the crushing limbs can be used as whips, capable of rending steel and lesser metals; or as bonds, capable of entwining an object or human being and once securely around an object or human being the cables are unbreakable. Fowler could use the limbs to strike at great speed. Fowler's body has flexible serpentine attributes, providing him with increased agility and the ability to constrict opponents after entwining them in his coils. They can kill an average human being by constriction in a matter of seconds. The 'whips' are strong enough to slice through a metal staircase and can deflect bullets or be spun like propellers for limited flight. The fingers (capable of dislocating joints) at the end of each limb can also be used to cut and tear into the flesh of his enemies. He has fingers (powerful enough to break diamonds) that could stretch and encase the faces of others, suffocating them or ripping at their flesh. The limbs was powerful enough to both restrain and pummel Majestic Class super-humans into submission. The special fiber lining in his muscles made beating power armored opponents in combat possible, tearing their armor apart with brutality. He had mastered the use of his limbs to the point that he could use it as both a bludgeon, projectile launcher (he had also upgraded its flexibility several times, making it much more efficient in combat) and by coiling any of his limbs behind him and using it as a spring, Fowler could propel himself over thirty feet into the air. General strategy includes stretching hiss arms to launch his huge clawed hands to slash or grab the enemy and extends both arms, whipping them at the target, and smashing them to the ground. He uses his limb to hang from tree’s grab fruit and other such tasks. He has the ability to constrict with his hands. Limbs with prominent gripping fingers that Fowler could use to seize and lift tremendous weights. Fowler used this to grab heavy objects and airlift them to use as weapons against its opponents. During testing phase Fowler proved strong enough to lift an adult giant monster of average mass; who weighs approximately 66,000 tons. His four limbs could wrap around his victim and stun them with "electric eel" shocks, which allow him to conduct multiple experiments at once or take down numerous foes. The reaction time of the these "limbs" is superhumanly fast.
  • Slip Layer: As a result of an unknown procedure, Fowler's skin (stronger than rubber and steel), was infused with an experimental substance that eliminated friction between it and other surfaces. Adhesives would not stick to him and it was virtually impossible to grasp him barehanded. The exoshell was able to slough off any force directed against it. He can also wielded extend 'slip blades' that could cut through anything. Fowler is a prodigious contortionist. Fowler is multi-jointed and can fit his body through any aperture at least one foot wide. He has trained himself to be able to escape from conventional locks and chains, and to perform various acrobatic stunts. Fowler is also a trained acrobat, escapologist and tumbler. Seeing how he can fit through pipes, Fowler is presumably boneless in this form. The Layer upgraded several times allowing him greater control and greater power. Fowler can change the color of its skin to any color of its choosing.
  • Electric Layer: His layer contains devices that generate large quantities of electricity, and natural insulation to protect himself from said electricity. He can fire electrical bolts, generate bright lights, form electrical fields around himself that will protect him from danger and warn him of impeding attacks, maintain an electric current that knocks out or shocks anyone that touches him, and set up outward electric fields to do the same. It grants him the ability to throw bio-electric punches. He can channel vast amounts of magnetic energy through his body for the purpose of granting himself vast superhuman durability, to the point he can shrug off punches to the face from super-humans while weakened and remain unharmed. Hard and plastic feeling skin. He can also set itself in tune to the Earth's magnetic field, making it virtually impossible to move.
  • Prehensile Layer: The layer has a number of abilities including being able of elongating, strangling and grappling, and pummeling (and even forming sharp edges with its corners hard enough to impale opponents) and reshaped by his thoughts. He can also create makeshift horns that can be used to violently gore an opponent. it was resistant to heat and force blasts a tough skin that provides some degree of body armor. He possesses the ability to cling to surfaces using the artificial micro-suction discs on his hands and feet, which could rend flesh from bone.
  • Explosive Shell: he sweats a nitroglycerin like compound which can detonate on impact, lending explosive force to his punches.
  • Non-Interference Zone: As a result of surgical implants, the Fowler's body produces a mutated pheromone that anyone in his vicinity can't help but like him (even if he's trying to kill them!) He may not be able to control his empathic projection of joy and love, and it's doubtful he would even try. His speed can take almost any enemy by surprise, and his power to radiate joy often overwhelms his intended victims, making them unwilling to fight him, even in self-defense. The same pheromone affects the Fowler's own adrenal system, giving superhuman strength and stamina. He was able to open the part of the brain that regulates passion, making his victims fall deeply in love with anyone he wants. Fowler is an unconscious empath, with the ability to tap into a person's mind and determine what they love or trust. It also enabling him to mesmerize his opponents into perceiving his empathic projection in the image of someone they love or trust. As part of the empathic illusion, his opponent imagines him or herself in the embrace of his or her self-chosen loved one, and the implausibility of the loved one's sudden materialization and provocative behavior is overwhelmed by the sensation of euphoria he triggers in most human brains. this power can extend to erasing himself from others memories and inducing memory loss in general. He takes pleasure from even the most trivial of social interactions. He has even been known to thank his opponents.
  • Acid Shot: Fowler is able to expel a combustible mist from his mouth that has a highly acidic corrosive effect, though the mist actually resembles fire rather than mist itself. Fowler's gas is able to quickly burn through most known substances or he can purposely channel the mist in the form of powerful concussive blasts. This enzyme was specifically designed to counter act an enemy's accelerated healing capabilities. The process of self-healing was actually reversed so that the more an opponent's body tried to heal injuries inflicted by the enzyme, the worse the injuries became. This unidentified chemical from his body that fused, warped, and/or distorted flesh on contact. This process was painful, and sometimes fatal, to his victims.
  • Loud Mouth: Enhanced vocal cords which generates sonic energy which can be used in a concussive manner. Fowler can also exactly duplicate any sound he hears using his vocal chords. the vibrations create a unidirectional shockwave that can shatter glass, deform soft metals, and deflect projectiles. Human beings standing closer than ten feet to him when he vibrates his tail at maximum intensity risk losing consciousness, internal haemorrhaging, and even death. He is further able to synchronize sound waves with pain, causing physical damage. It is as if his vocal cords are laced with nuclear weapons. Fully capable of leveling cities with ballads. Also the dangerous capability to transduce sonic vibrations, which reach his body into various types of light (essentially having concerts wherever he pleases). This ability seems to operate over a great range of frequencies, including the audible spectrum, and a great variation of sound pressure levels regardless of the complexity, dissonance, or randomness of the sound. Generating both Saser and Laser beams capable of splitting buildings in half (The deadly laser fired from Fowler's mouth can be fired with surgical presicion. Able to cut sections of building with out damage to surrounding objects.), causing massive damage to any targets it connects and generating large explosions on contact. He is capable of playing the song 'Ode to Joy'. This song uses intense microwave and sound waves, giving him a very powerful form of attack that can cripple many forms of machinery.Some songs allow Fowler to revive any machine , and also replenishes and increases their power. Fowler can utilize sound as the perfect form of sonar, allowing him to find any stranded humans or robots that can't be seen in any other way.
Ain't like no cyborg I ever heard of
Ain't like no cyborg I ever heard of

Since his intense augmentation has given him the ability to contort and extend his superhumanly strong limbs into forms physically impossible for a normal human. He can stretch his limbs, and attack by either projecting his arms, legs and neck (his head a whip for whipping enemies) He is completely obsessed with his own malleability to the point of breaking a man's spine for 'being too stiff'. He goes after selected targets and their guards to have lots of fun because people with a frightened screaming faces he pounces on them usually wrapping his limbs around them as theirs pop off. He tends to use this ability by sneak attacking from a distance outwith his enemies range or, if surrounded, knocking all his opponents over by using his arms like a sweeper. His impressively strong limbs can effectively become blades in the process.

Fowler specializes in hand-to-hand combat and will rarely use a weapon. Although his frail and antiquated appearance says otherwise, Fowler is a highly skilled martial artist whose punches and kicks are capable of felling trees and smashing rocks with one blow. He is known as being capable of easily breaking his opponent's neck, to the point of being able to rip a person's head off with little or no effort. He sharpens his nails and the teeth until they become sharp enough to kill someone. Fowler is a trained fighter, with great agility and speed. His long reach, fighter ability and narrow frame made him a difficult target to hit in battle.

Lean & Mean
Lean & Mean

As a cyborg, Fowler is capable of taking staggering amounts of damage without being disabled. For example, despite being set on fire, he would continue one operating. Fowler also continued operating despite direct damage to its internal systems. Only significant and irreversible trauma seems capable of stopping him, such as breaking their necks or cleaving them in two. He was designed to survive under any and all conditions. He is also able to swim underwater and hold his breath for long periods of time, if not infinitely.He may explode if sufficiently damaged.

The cybiote reinforced body provide great endurance and superb resilience towards damage. In the testing phase Fowler withstood tremendous physical shocks and impacts, falls from many thousands of feet from the air without any signs impairment. Fowler has proven itself invulnerable to conventional and unconventional military armaments from bullets, rockets, artillery fire, and even high explosives. Fowler demonstrated a high resilience to electricity and electrical shocks (electric layer). Fowler possesses super speed and agility in combat. He can easily outrun most automobiles and he has proved that he can move so fast as to defy gravity and run up or down walls or other vertical surfaces. Fowler is an incredibly gifted acrobat who is capable of incredibly complex series of gymnastics and belief defying acrobatic feats with absolute ease. The agility and sense of balance are incredibly acute.

Fowler is incredibly strong, to a frightening degree (sufficient to rip apart a mountain range). He has personal restrictions, which help keep his strength at bay (to find more suitable ranges of fighters), even with these he can knock down buildings with objects casually flicked. Since He has a habit of being wild, he often runs to buildings with each step that strikes the road, shatters concrete and causes miniature earthquakes Fowler's powers are very basic. He is immensely strong, capable of wrecking power armor, robots, and tanks with his bare hands. Since he picked up and chucked a military tank to a fair distance. Fowler imprints a great amount of destruction in his wake when he starts moving top speed. Crumbling walls, powdering pavement, and smashing houses are all normal for him.

Fowler adapted to burrowing underground and could traverse through the Stratum with incredible speed, his passage marked with earthquakes and tremors of extremely powerful intensity. His forearms were equipped with powerful claws that enabled him to tunnel through the earth and were impressive defensive weapons, capable of clawing through stone and metal easily.

He specializes in massive blasts of sound, seismic energy and vibrations.

An Inside Look
An Inside Look

Further applications of his power - there is a reason why friends call him 'boombox'

Further Upgrades from Rp's and applications from pre-existing powers

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  • Nightmare Form | Sir Paradigm
  • Dragon Scales | Three sets of changes
  • Fowler Punch - An attack that makes powerful flames surround his punch attack. Kinda like a burning punch but with more awesome. His 'fire', is made in a peculiar way, creating even solid, harmless flames which he uses to coat his fist. He creates flames with a variety of colors, with each color having a particular effect or property. For example, the user can create a azure flame which is frigid, a lime flame which is putrid a violet flame which has adhesive properties, and more flames. Fowler's energy could fly, disintegrate most physical objects, and counter energy attacks. At its essence it is a strength enhancement flame, It can neutralize fire from enemies, making it more of a defensive type than an attack.

As a side effect of his transformation, Fowler's head, shoulders and his hands burst into flame for the duration of the form. When enraged, his mass expands in an explosive manner and his eyes glow with an inner fire while his very skin around his shoulders, fists and hair ignites. The flames will rage about his skin for the duration and sometimes in combat others can see the fiery trail that his mammoth fists carve into the very air about them. his fists left a flaming trail behind his punches

    His flame is called 'Fiamma Pugilistica'


  • Superman Punch: A flying punch where the Fowler jabs his fist into an enemy.
  • Jab: A straight punch used while standing straight.
  • Uppercut: A punch that has Fowler do an upward punch at an opponent either entirely on ground or jumping.
  • Screw Punch: A punch where Fowler twists the arm to release a spinning fist.
  • Hook: A punch where Fowler curves his arm.
  • Double Handed Punch: An attack where the Fowler attacks with both fists.
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Power Head (Inspired from thread 'Head Cannon')

No upgrade is too ridiculous if it increases my ability to shoot people.
  • Fowler can equip a gun to to his head thanks to the Cybrid integrator. The unknowable power of the head gun is what really gives him a secret advantage. Nanomolecular fabricators generate a large mass of plastic at the exterior of the cranium, superheating it to plasma just after ejecting it along the bioborg's line of sight. A mechanical beast fitted with an energy projector that tunes to various frequency and power levels. This allows him to project force beams and thermal beams. He manages to load the weapon by swallowing ammo, such as bullets or flamethrower fuel.

He can easily upgrade at Tritonia, turning the bioborg character into a melee machine bristling with hazardous implements of death or equipping guns to his arms, legs, chest and head. When he fight other androids, they can drop new weapons and upgrades that will allow him to grow swords, guns, scythes and other weapons out his arms and skull. This allows for some really unique fighting combinations. For example, he might sport a grenade launcher in his head, a howitzer in his left arm, a sword in his right arm, and a chain-gun hidden discreetly inside his chest. Like a high-tech Swiss-army knife, he is.


There are things that even the bioborg does not know about
There are things that even the bioborg does not know about
"His version of the pinocchio syndrome; Pinnochio wanted to be a real boy; Tin man wanted to have a heart; Scarecrow wanted to have a brain; Velveteen rabbit wanting to hop"
More meat on these 'bones'
More meat on these 'bones'

Fowler has a surgical addiction for certain procedures and likes to experiment by grafting superhuman parts into his body to renew ever once in a while, In his obsession with physical perfection. He has conducted deep experiments on his own body, sometimes he has to resort to black market organlegging as an alternative vice to the drug lord thing. Fowler would either send cyborgs or augments to repossess any organs that can't be paid for by his clients.

  • In his power, the recent dead can be partially revived, their bodies fitted with control devices that turn them into organic robots.
  • Organ regeneration and suspended animation make it possible for people to live for centuries, but only if they devote all of their efforts to obtaining the wealth needed to pay for the treatments.
  • His organization have developed a process which will make people immortal. Unfortunately, it involves turning them into cyborgs.

Cybrid Integrator – The Cybrid Integrator is a classified Tritonian device that can meld beings together. In the past, Fowler 'acquired' some metahumans, over the next years, Fowler uses the Cybrid Integrator to meld body parts of the best 'supers' onto his own body. The result is an extremely powerful form, that uses it to add more pieces to take down stronger opponents.

Fighting Style

Fist & Twist

reach advantage
reach advantage

Fowler has swift strikes and incredible strength that he uses as his weapon. Jumping into battle, Fowler uses powerful grappling and crushing blows to laugh upon his opponents. His fighting style combines grappling, striking and his infamous showboating.

A true fighter of the streets, Fowler's fighting style is an unrefined feral combination of vicious brawling and crushing grappling maneuvers. He relies on hitting his opponent hard and fast before they have a chance to evaluate the weaknesses in his technique. With more strength than most of the fighters he faces, his overpowering fists and rock solid head butts are usually enough to ensure his victory.

Fowler is capable of long, powerful punches and incredibly quick, fluid motions of his body. He can roll into a ball while in midair and spin toward his opponents for a gravity-defying attack. Time spent augmenting among deadly electric enhancements has turned his body into a powerful electricity-charged conductor which can burst forth with light and power. His wild nature gives him an unmistakable fighting style and ferocity.

The style is adapted to his special body

Fowler was both rough and dirty, a great example of “anything goes”. He hit below the belt, after the bell, and on breaks. He butted and used rabbit punches, thumbs, and elbows. The killer instinct was always visible. If a anybody wanted a fight, they had it.
Fast and Strong
Fast and Strong
Better to smash you with
Better to smash you with
  • His upper body possessed mega pushing power which allows him to knock enemies away coupled with mega reflexes and speed which allows his punches to zoom across.
  • superhuman hand speed (becoming a blur) and precision
  • He has superhuman dexterity that makes him nearly invincible with a fist but also cunning with his mind.
  • He employs his speed which enables him to knock opponents over or to run around them while punching them, enabling him to incapacitate far stronger opponents by rapidly pummeling them with hundreds of punches within the space of a second until they succumb
  • Arms allow sonic disruption and can act as a whip.
  • Unbreakable guard (nigh immovable and highly resistant to knockdown)
  • Nails are sharp which allows piercing strikes, but also blunt. Claws which can shatter bones if they make a clean hit. These nails can be coated with a formula that converted human blood into gasoline. The nail would then slice a victim open and infect their blood (or Grabbing his prey and inserting its fingernails into the prey and causing the combustion process to begin). Typically those infected would die of the sudden effects of having their blood turned into a poisonous substance. The bodies were highly flammable even after death.
  • Fowler can make spiny blades of bone come from his elbows and knees (He fights using blades implanted into his joints) that can be used to cut deep gashes into what ever they make contact with. The tips of the blades can release an explosive charge on contact with an enemy and the more force that is put in the swing, the bigger the explosion. His palms are also armed with a five inch blade at the outer ridge in between the pinkie and the wrist. This blade can go into a holding compartment, just like a switch knife.
  • His hands can function as blades
  • Fowler’s skull is extremely thick and hard, which in turns makes his head butts extremely powerful (bash open walls and retrieve hidden goodies). Portions of Fowler's skull and skeleton have been modified with a durable alloy, making him extremely resistant to physical injury; in particular, his head is virtually impervious to physical damage. Fowler can headbutt anyone to death and through a variety of solid objects if he wants to because his extremely thick skull. To kill enemies, he likes to grab them with his stretchy arms with and releasing like a rubberband to headbutt the enemy like.
  • His lower body is heavily armored, it possesses a pseudo-camouflage capability for misdirection along with mega strength which allows easy smashing.
  • Legs allow concussive blasts of vibrational energy. Fowler's atoms take from the background energy and release as high energy photons or vibrations (concussive blasts.)
  • His entire body is very flexible and excels on speed for him to move.
  • He is very highly resistant to blunt trauma (like punches, kicks, and blows from weapons like bats and maces, though not -completely- immune; unless the blows a dealt by a being with similar or greater strength, there just isn't a chance of injury), highly resistant to electricty , electromangetism and heat, plus has high end level punching power .
  • Can momentarily increase speed and punching power by using legs to pump blood extremely rapidly throughout the body.
  • The cybiotic (cyborg) components also weights his blows, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of his punches and kicks.
  • Very very high stamina. He can go weeks without water, food, or resting. Can deliver thousands of punches non stop without getting tired.
  • Besides the obvious stretching power, he has the ability to resist energy as well as absorb a lot of impact.
  • Grow (to lash at or encircle foes) or solidify (razor sharp spiny needles that can be fired as high-speed projectiles) his hair at will. Even a single removed strand of his hair can be used as garrotes (comparable to a knife). Fowler can throw his hair as acupuncture needles at his enemy. Jabbing them in carefully calculated places on the body.
  • Detachable metre-long phallus that can be used as a deadly bludgeon (able to destroy boulders and anvils with a single light strike). with adjustable density. Fowler keeps this set at "soft rubber" when not in combat or 'other' uses.
Popping heads like bubble wraps
Popping heads like bubble wraps

He uses a variety of martial arts technique, some of them a stylized form of Muay Thai (kickboxing with emphasis on creative techniques involving elbow and knee strikes). Attacks such as knee strikes are enhanced by his re-cyborg physique, to keep his style melee based.

Explosive power also helps, not to mention his unnaturally long wingspan which gives separation by 192 inch wingspan and 96 inch long arms that allows him to jab safely from 8 feet away which is well outside a human range. A 'superman punch' further adds to that, because of his prodigious leaping ability can cover three to four miles in a single bound.

His arm is a series of levers and the longer the lever the faster the speed at the levers end each segment of his arm longer than normal, giving him light fast elbow strikes. Spinning elbow that can can reach relativistic velocities or much more, downward elbows deadly 100 strikes 00.4 seconds when clocked at his laziest. His leverage, longer lever apply higher torque and pressure in a submission hold, and is able to apply chokehold with at least 500 tons of force, more than enough to decapitate a human.

Fowler is also a surprisingly cunning fighter, prodigious at attacking foes with his fists, (pro)wrestling maneuvers, and gravity defying acrobatic flips; he was also known to grab and hurl gigantic rocks with tremendous force and accuracy against his opponents.


Blood Ichor

Self and selected individuals only
Self and selected individuals only

The good drugs made from amalgamating the beneficial qualities of several pan-enhancing drugs. They can be addictive and damaging to others in the long run but in return gives Fowler such a boost to his powers that the side effects does not matter. In its essence it is a game changer when the chips are down, because while others are anxious on getting high he is shooting power through his bloodstream. In general it boosts stats then gives super strength, super speed, stamina, increased agility, enhanced reflexes and also bestows durability which can go to nigh-invulnerability. Pain turns into pleasure as healing will work to a more advanced level and berserker rage can be activated at will (which may ultimately lead to insanity). The pill also seemed protected the user from the crushing pressure of being underwater. It was noted that the serum had the unfortunate side effect of mutating its recipients into monsters. It allows a person to shape shift, it only works once on a human. It is highly addictive and a prolonged user will lose their natural form if not given the drug regularly. Increases both energy and aggression. Causes temporary multiple personality disorder essentially turning them into a "devil" (i.e. bring out their worst qualities). Ultimately turns its users into mindless super-strong zombies.


Slaves only
Slaves only

This drug was supposed to purge the body of criminal thoughts and allow evildoers to become good productive citizens. It was discontinued because it was felt to be too dangerous. But it is used by a Fowler in because it left those exposed open to suggestion. A drug that enhances a victim's susceptibility and acceptance of what others say. Turning them into an "angel" (i.e. enhance their best qualities).but frequently turns them into mental vegetables. An overdose over-stresses the cardiovascular system, leading to death from an "exploding heart. Its withdrawal is painful and lethal. A pill that removes alcohol from a person's system and instantly sobers them up.Slowly turns its users into machines, piece by piece. Users needs to receive an annual dosage of the formula or he will rapidly age 60 years including such symptoms as baldness, wrinkles, weak vision, loss of teeth, and deafness.


Sold to the highest bidder
Sold to the highest bidder

Recreational drug. It grants the user incredible euphoria sometimes people use the drug to give them constant dreams. It is of that class of substances euphemistically referred to as ‘Bangers’. Sold in pill form by Fowler, its existence serves primarily to reinforce the general disregard for the consequences of their actions. A combination contraceptive and sexually transmitted disease treatment. It is also a drug that restores youth, including smooth skin, "vigorous" hair, sound teeth, and smooth muscles. May cause "hallucinations" of pixies and faeries it will enmesh the user in a fantasy world, hallucinations that others can see and that persist for four hours. Used one night and awoke the next morning with an incredibly increased physique and enhanced intelligence. This intelligence was passed down to their descendants. It gave human intelligence to the animals who drank it. It can even increase life span and intelligence. Alternatively it can calm down the contraceptive system enough to become pregnant when mixed with the drug ‘nectar’.It is most likely a relaxant or healing agent. will make people have sex. May cause constipation. This is provided with one drop of Androcyl and Gynocyl which is used for gender bending.

Each can be stored in pellets that could be shot from a gun.

Nuclear Cigars

"Just like pappy liked em"

Too strong for humans
Too strong for humans

Fowler uses these special cigars for a rapid boost of energy in the form of customized pills kept in his belt and he always smokes at random times. The cigars also emit fumes that are worse than mustard gas to peak humans, prolonged exposure may result in immediate death.

Utility Belt

Everything necessary really
Everything necessary really

Projectiles (Ping pong ball sized):

  • Burning balls that releases a bright, radioactive flash that reduces people to skeletons
  • Knock-out gas balls
  • Ice balls
  • Smoke balls that act as smoke grenades which release highly concentrated tear gas upon impact.
  • Solid-weighed rubber balls to cause blunt damage. The ball continues to bounce, and instead of losing momentum as it bounces, it steadily starts gaining more and more of it. The ball continues to bounce and gain force until it shatters the solid concrete floor and even bends the steel walls of the vehicle.
  • Spiked balls to cause edged damage which detonate with a force equivalent to twenty hand grenades.
  • Shrapnel balls that splits into flying, razor-sharp (throwing stars) which can propel at high velocities that are capable of slicing through steel. These whirling shurikens cut like buzzsaw blades.


Salt & Pepper

A pair of super-powered metal boxing gloves which increase the wearer's strength, stamina, speed, agility and increases it ten times. Salt & Pepper appear like a set of modern boxing gloves, blue in color, but with a metallic glimmer, which appears as a bright glow to those with enhanced sight.The design also has spikes at the end of each glove. They will appear as normal items until “activated”. The gloves can channel the elmental powers of Fowler, as an extension it can throw super energy punches. They are a great weapon in battle and are capable of decimating opposing forces.

They imbue the wearer with pugilistic skill, whether the individual possessed it before (definitely) or not. Salt & Pepper allow the wearer to strike beings who can only be harmed by special weapons. Further, they enhance a wearers ability to “K.O.” even to magical and superhuman opponents.

This glove is good for his 'Snake' Punch where he extends his arms to strike enemies from a great distance, and its finishing move is the Megaton Punch where Fowler assaults his opponent with immense striking power. The "Tremor Screw Upper" finishing attack can be performed while wearing these gloves.

  • Fowler benefits from a pair of gloves that let him kick ass, while his shadow-self beats people to death outside (a shadow that killed people with no evidence)


His favorite fruit knife
His favorite fruit knife

This is not the average dagger that stays mundane by simply cutting into an object with the force of its sharp blade as the Mackknife uses an edge of high-frequency oscillating particles (making even the slightest glancing blow become a huge gruesome slash), allowing it to sever all matter on the molecular level. As an added bonus, these vibrations caused minor sonic damage to their targets while giving the advantage of inflicting extensive internal damage to living targets with a single slash, rupturing arteries and organs without the blade having to touch them. The blade can be additionally heated to white-hot temperatures in order to further increase its cutting ability.

Booster Shots

"I want to stab something, but I want to shoot them at the same time. A 'gunblade' would be dumb, but an explosion propelling a steel spike? Now this I can get behind!"

A straightforward weapon that believes in punching first and asking questions later. Forearm mounted Duo Shock Super-Heated Oscillation Pile Bunker Gauntlet - a nail/shield device to function as a stun gun which is used to punch his enemy, it is a melee weapon that drives forward a massive 7.5-ton metal heatspike designed to pierce heavy armor. The spike is fired and retracted over a short distance, making it useless beyond close combat. When activated, A ultra-hard, explosive-tipped spike stabs the enemy at tremendous speed and deals incredible damage to whatever it impacts, only up to about 4 meters can be initially inserted into a target. The tremendous speed of the spike causes particles in the air to collide, giving the weapon a static charge.

It is very prickly
It is very prickly

The strategy is coming into point-blank range, then start shooting the opponent in the chest with shock waves from the Pile Bunker on its right arm, although it is still strong enough to shatter stone. Its force is also able to create a wave of dirt when Fowler slams (and presumably fires) it into the ground. The Pile Bunker is a reasonably strong weapon, but with a crippling short range. Users must risk very close contact with their target in order for this weapon to be effective. Pile bunker uses explosives not pneumatic compressor or electric motor. Its designed so the stake would lightly retract into the arm and then shot out as a shell round is fired causing a vibration in the stake. This would allow Fowler to deliver a heavy blow to all enemies and break the shields of defending enemies.

A Pile Bunker is a tool used to penetrate bunkers and make small holes in them so you can drop a grenade. its fairly quiet and effective besides its small range. It was used in early war fare but was abandoned due to its heavy weight. But has recently taken up a handheld version for combat use. in close combat to demonstrate the power is overwhelming. A kind of weapon which use a powerful drive system to force a hard, dense, and very sharp solid-metal blade into an opponent, doing massive damage. Used correctly, it can impair entire limbs at once, leaving you with potential to damage a leg or pierce a chest. This weapon works by hitting the opponent, and then activating the weapon to drive that spike/object into them. A shield and melee weapon in one. The center of the shield houses a spike that can also telekinetically accelerated. Meant for piercing thick armor, it was a novel, if somewhat ungainly, melee weapon.

It is comparable to a stinger or in this case a spider's fangs. Massive explosive force and rapid compression to pierce armor plating, likely injecting something horrifically explosive or acidic, then withdrawing back into place and the explosive launcher ejected and another loaded into place. The Pile Bunker is unable to rotate, but can incline or decline up to 45 degrees.It is a huge, sharp ramming tool that will not only damage anything directly in front of it, but out to a certain range because of the shockwave generated from it. It seems to impale anything that touches the weapon itself. During the attack, which is a punch, spikes shoot from atop his fist and damage opponents, as well as blowing them back. It can be equipped only on his arms. It is essentially a large shield mounting three powerful pile driver spikes (a cartridge driven system. A weapon equipped to the forearm that features a spring-locked steel-titanium alloy spike which is propelled by high-explosive charges in a revolver fashion.).

Car engines are tough enough to withstand these explosions. The trick is that the force has to go somewhere, aka the path of least resistance. In cars the piston moves down due to the explosion, reducing the stress on the cylinder walls. Due to this the engine can withstand so much punishment. A pile-driver with explosives just needs to have a tough enough wall to cause the explosive force to move the stabbing apparatus into foreign objects. The problem here will be the fact that the stabbing apparatus should not encounter a foreign object that stops it from moving forward. If this would happen the explosive force would find the second weakest route out of the chamber. If you want to see what would happen, have somebody close the barrel of a gun in such a way that the bullet cant get out

Three sets of large Pile Driver rods in a holster.This weapon keeps the rod pulled back towards the end when not in use and when used it springs foreward to pierce and strike hard into the body of the target with explosive force but does not come out fully of it's holder. The Pile Bunker can only be shot once every 1.5 seconds. Stabs a target with HE rounds that go off after leaving the bunker. Good against buildings. Its a melee weapon with very sharp blades filled with HE charges that stabs into walls and detonates the charges, results is the wall shatters and new blades are reloaded. It can also be equipped with uranium shells. They're filled with powdered uranium and work as regular huge metal slugs, but once they penetrate armor their shell breaks off and the uranium ignites and blows out of everything. Deals damage to a target and after 5 seconds, lights up a fire at target location that deals damage over time. Easily one of the most damaging melee weapons, if solely for its ability to pierce even some of the thickest armor like cardboard. The spike itself can be left extended to be used as a makeshift melee weapon to parry with.

It also goes by the name of kinetic ram or jackhammer


  1. The ammunition is infinite
  2. does not affect the mobility of Fowler to evade, to move forward.
  3. It can potentially one-shot his targets (blows holes in even the thickest of armor)
  4. can be worn on the back of each arm

Squib Shooter

One hand
One hand

the right handed grenade launcher, an adaptable weapon. It fires grenades that do high damage and have a wide AoE radius.

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Left hand grenade launcher


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The piece of his chain
The piece of his chain

" Pimp gear"

  • a pair of frameless sunglasses
  • wears a long, thick, dark pelted fur coat with his chest bare
  • golden chains as a necklace or a clasp
  • He also wears baggy white pants with a utility belt and black boots
  • On Fowler' bare chest is a tattoo with the writing of 'Pugilistica'
  • several golden rings with different colored gemstones on every finger except the ring finger

His jewelry are all proudly made from blood minerals, because nothing beats conflict gold and conflict diamonds


"I do not have a wireless comms system built within me, I use external utilities to do so "

Stealing may cost more than a hand
Stealing may cost more than a hand

Sealand Type 1

This cellphone gets great signal anywhere and it comes with no expense. It comes with the additional ability to replenish health, equip disposable armor, summon a variety weapons (with special bullets) and a cache vehicles for use which he can also repair by text or dial. This phone is the one of the reasons that Fowler is rarely in trouble from authority figures as they can reset his criminal records and basically serves as a 'get out of jail for free' service. The experimental technology on this handheld also allows it to change weather conditions depending on the current location, so he can enjoy a trip in the sunny days or assassinate foes in heavy rain. They can even boon him with explosive punches but this is rarely used as he sees them as a last ditch option. (the phone itself is a mysterious object which may or may not be a machine)


Spotter's manual

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You're looking for the battle maniac, huh? Well, he's not too hard to pick out of a crowd. Not to be brash or whatever, but he's kind of a big guy. Especially when compared to other people, he's wild and shark faced, and he walks with a distinct style. As a fighter, though, he's finely chiseled. You won't be able to miss this bioborg's adamant muscles. You should really go over Tritonia's coast and go have a chat. He's a friendly guy and, well... he doesn't advocate peace.

Physical Description

Sex: Male

Age: Infant

Build: Tall, muscular, wild

Complexion: Tan, though sometimes a bit covered in dirt

Hair Color: Brown, black, or gray

Facial Hair: None

Scars/Marks/Tattoos: Scars all over, distinct birthmark, and various torso tattoos

Jewelry and Accessories: Rarely seen without his bling and shades

Clothing: Pimp gear

Armor: Though he makes armor, he doesn't wear it; armor gets in the way of his work

Type of Weapon: Knuckles, Impact weapons

Typical Companions

  • Impero
  • Lady Liberty
  • Angeni
  • Kratesis

Known Hangouts

  • League of Shadows Vase
  • Tritonia, along with his family
  • Iberia, underground or at palace hall
  • Athenia


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