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Robert Williams (c. 1954 – January 25, 1979), a worker at a Ford Motor Company factory in Michigan, was one of the first individuals killed by a robot. According to press reports: A jury has ordered the manufacturer of a one-ton robot that killed a worker at a Ford Motor Co. plant to pay the man’s family $10 million. The Wayne County Circuit Court jury deliberated for 2 1/2 hours Tuesday before announcing the decision against Unit Handling Systems, a division of Litton Industries. The suit was brought by the family of Robert Williams, who was killed Jan. 25, 1979, at a casting plant in Flat Rock, Mich.[The robot was designed to retrieve parts from storage, but its work was deemed too slow. Williams was retrieving a part from a storage bin when the robot’s arm hit him in the head, killing him instantly. In the suit, the family claimed the robot had no safety mechanisms to prevent this, lacking even a warning noise to alert workers the robot was nearby.

For symbolic purposes parts of that machine are forged into Hazard's systems.

We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried.
We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried.
  • Code Name: Hazard
  • Name: Osprey Magarac Friday
  • Status: Active
  • Alias(es): Iron Skull, Supraman
  • Age: Variable
  • Height: 6‘3” (Variable)
  • Weight: 270 lbs (Variable)
  • Eyes: Brown (Variable)
  • Hair: Black (Variable)
  • Identity: Known to some
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Place of Birth: Earth
  • Date of Birth: July 4
  • Base of Operations: Mobile, Currently in Outer Space (whereabouts currently unknown)
  • Gender: Self identifies as male
  • Sexuality: Pansexual
  • Power Level: Inconsistent
  • Profession: Armament robot
  • Hobbies: Imitating a bullet
  • Notable accessory: silver contacts
  • Pros: Excellent shot, high endurance
  • Cons: Unstable
  • Best Quote: "What a rush!"
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The records of the man who would become Hazard have been meticulously erased from history. Here is what little has been put back together:

He was completely insane, a savage fighter, and good with a firearm but when properly medicated, he can be peaceful. He took red pills (placebos, although they were originally thought to be amphetamines) to boost his adrenaline in a fight, white (barbiturates) to bring him down and blue (sedatives) to keep him calm and relaxed. Osprey's body has been reconstructed with genetic engineering and nanotechnology to make him an efficient predator.

While cheerfully violent and enjoying a good fight, Hazard is far from brutal or sadistic: he tends to view fighting as a game and is generally friendly and polite (to the point of inappropriate courtesy) towards his opponents. He extends this benevolence even towards the enemies, whom he rarely seems to view as oppressors but more as less-willing participants in his rough-housing.

After Pro-Reg | He also has considerable innate tracking abilities and sensory perceptions, especially his range and clarity of vision. Hazard can also perform an act called "freeing his mind" -- when he enters this mental state, he is able to move and react without conscious thought, increasing the speed and fluidity of his movements while making him invisible to telepaths and immune to psychic illusions or manipulations.

Osprey is a cyborg designed to be immune to the effects of psionic attacks through his hybrid nature, enabling him to shift his thoughts into machine-mode. His body was also composed of an unknown metal which could expand, enabling him to stretch his limbs and tranform his hands into claws. These appendages were highly resistant to damage, though it was possible to damage them. However, they were capable of rapidly reparing themselves automatically. Osprey's robot parts are all removable and some have side-functions when removed.

It was trained in the whole universe of Martial arts in only one day by just copying the knowledge into the brain. This method of learning is amazing, and grants combat abilities equivalent to a martial artist with decades of experience. Osprey is able to run an unprecedented number of these programs simultaneously. In this capacity, each he has knowledge or skills downloaded directly into his neural nets, which aids in the highly accelerated learning and training process. Downloaded data does not carry immediate understanding (they did not grant him an innate understanding of underlying disciplines), however, and skills such as martial arts must still be practiced in order for them to be mastered. Hazard has combat computers that allow him to think and react faster than a normal human.


Cosmic Gladiator
Cosmic Gladiator

The main reason that Hazard is strong, or constantly strives to be stronger is because in some section of the known multiverse is an 'arena' which is open to all combatants from all stretches of existence. From warriors whom originate from humble beginnings up to warriors who have achieved a 'cosmic' bearing, and that is what Hazard wants. The title of the strongest in the cosmos, however the requirements of entry are not easy as even the weakest members can ...

Info bits

  1. Background Info 1, 2
  2. Life so far
  3. Personality
  4. Skill-set - things he can do without powers
  5. Capacity - extranormal stuff
  6. Paraphernalia
  7. Weaknesses
  8. 'Clark Kent'- other being
  9. Dwelling, #


  • Likes to hunt the Hodinn, beings of living solar plasma, capable of producing intense levels of light, heat, radiation, and stellar plasma from their bodies as waves or concentrated discharges.
  • Lives while soliloquising about everything from the loneliness of space, man’s inhumanity to man, the environment and the fact that being a cyborg prevented him from ever knowing true love.
  • Has a rice-megatron. A device that converts food calories into electrical energy. So when he eat rice, lt'll compress and explode it into energy. Charging takes a long time. Food is best when he's in a hurry.
  • had his own head removed from his body and placed on tiny, spider-like robotic legs, which could attach to a larger cyborg body.
  • He wears his alternate attire of an Italian black suit, black leather gloves, white striped dress shirt and red tie.
  • Hires a personal assistant writer and takes a female scientist who is assigned to monitor his body
  • He has a rapid metabolism and he can take in much food and still stay thin.
  • When angry, his right eye flashes red.
  • Sounds like Father in KND (LaMarche) and Simion in Dial M for Monkey
  • Sometimes traverses to a nearby Paperverse (comic book universe)
  • Note: His rage/anger hampers his performance, when rage is clear from his mind the cyborg becomes a terror to behold.


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    Ripster is a cyborg kryptonian dog and partner to Hazard. Ripster is extremely loyal to Jack until the very end and will obey any commands his master gives him. Hazard informs him that his new augs serves as a neural link between them and can now project his own movements and attacks through him.


    'Stun' Setting

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    This is a form where he maintains simpler duties, usually ones that do not include direct destruction. In this function earth shattering hits would result in long comatose periods, even energy outputs that are supposedly capable of rearranging planet alignments can only cause things to faint at most. If it were comparable to a weapon then it would be the 'non-lethal' option.


    Bricks are the best
    Bricks are the best

    It is a process where he decapitates a subject and substitute its head with his own, thus allowing him to operate the body as a surrogate. This is commonly used for battle practice, in some other cases it gives him great challenge and is thus used for more recreational ventures. A form susceptible to the lesser echelons of metabeing perils.

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