The Spark

Musashi was the name
Musashi was the name
@Rumble Man

"You are known to a great many people because you shall break those limits doctor, you'll never know how many people truly admire you for what you do. For how true to yourself and the idea of creation that you are. You will change many things but you must always remember that everything out there in the far reaches of existence are all in here as well."

An open palm rested on the chest on of Radix for a minute and let him have a vision of the grand expanse that he searched for, the billions upon billions of limitless strands of reality. These were not even the ones that rested with his own world but the ones that rested with the human soul that belonged to the doctor himself, while no one man was more complex or valued than another Radix had a truly enriched and beautiful soul because of the aspect of creation that he was tied to.

Miyamoto removed his hand and placed both to rest on the handle of the longsword while he continued his speech.

"There will come a time when you know everything out there Radix but the true power to change will always be found right where you started. You've caught the attention of cosmic and celestial beings already, with little more effort you shall have the complete attention of abstract entities that embody more power than you can imagine."

"I am not known yet and I do not wish to be known at the moment because my work isnot complete, i have different sides of admiration some for my hand in creating this utopia and others are shadow governments trying to kill one another. In a sense I am only ' true' because creation is my reason to exist, it is a fundamental characteristic to who I am. I will change things but there are things that I must do first beforehand"
As the man's palm made contact the rad scientist's sensors automatically map the scenery that was bestowed upon him, a great expansion of literally several gigaverses which expand all the way to innumerable probabilities. Visions of himself as ruler of a cosmos, visions of him being a hero, visions of him being a villain, visions of him being a housewife and visions of him surpassing God.
After he removed his hand several flickering images still remain.
"The thing is that I do not really wish to know everything, I just like the process of learning new things and applying them. I am still at a development stage you see. The power of change is nothing compared to the sheer force of curiosity, The five W's and the one H has been my driving force. Whether they are celestial beings or even seagulls I must learn because outcomes are endless in this existence. But the thing is that I want to be able to imagine anything, to do so that nothing will be unfathomable or inconceivable"
Radix was amazed as this recording was sent for many to watch, to share the wisdom so that others can learn. There have been already philosophical debates and discussions being held at sub-worlds located in cyberspace. The man was well of knowledge, who is wise to share his wisdom as an unused well will eventually spoil the water or bring malaria.

The chaos and complexity that can be found in just one hints at some answer to an unknown question. Relatively simple equations bring about infinite patterns and possibilities

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Radix has gained the ability to peer into parallel worlds. His form re-designed to open gates to other versions of Earth. He is set to open to its home dimension but can also open on other worlds. When activated Radix unfolds, revealing a dimension portal at its centre. This is large enough for a Mech-sized being to emerge from.

By an extension he can cause time to break down, allowing those in Present to see visions of the past. He can cause planets to eventually become uninhabitable due to this break down of reality.

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Nu Rumble

The 'Good' Friday

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His other nickname is
His other nickname is "Blender", many died after figuring out why
"You can't cut the moon's reflection on water."

Name: Battler

Real Name: Bateleur W. Friday

Aliases: Magician, Tritonia's White Knight, Blender, Mister Ginsu, Super Fast Guy with Blades

Age: X

Height: 6' 7".

Weight: 362 lbs.

Hair: Brown.

Eyes: Blue.

Place of Birth: Tritonia.

Occupation: Coast Guard.

Affiliation(s): Tritonia.

Origin: Cyborg

Identity: Public.

Family: Senator Cassius Aelius (Father - Died 250 BC). Livilla Aelius (Mother - Died 250 BC).

Bateleur Walter "Magician" Friday is a 'Friday' made to operate within Tritonia and serve at its best interests, currently he is the youngest of the family of four. He does not inherit nor possess the qualities of his predecessors, as he is not an insane unethical scientist like Radix, or an observant sentry like Peregrine nor a battle maniac like Fowler. He is his own person with his own distinct personality.

He is among Quarl Jaega's best pupils in terms of combative prowess and is currently enlisted in Tritonia's Armed Forces, in which he is qualified to join the Finfolk as he has accomplished many achievements at high distinction. He is stationed at the borders of outer Tritonia to handle more persistent invaders. Usually meeting them in direct combat above the seas or on the air. But most of his other missions involve going out to foreign land to help out and provide a new type of hero to improve international relations. He is clever as his great grandfather, strong like his grandfather and unpredictable like his father.

His homeland,Tritonia made him the first line of defense from foreign invasions by the old powers. They simply call him Battler, a humble, clean young man with amazing martial arts abilities and blades that come out of his limbs. Battler's hand-to-hand style is very fast with an arsenal of blade strikes and slashes

He is an expert chef, although Radix is the only one who seems to appreciate his rare delicacies, as Fowler just wants a cheese burger. He is also skilled at IQ puzzles, computers, and household chores, though he gets little to no appreciation from Fowler.


  • Telekineticist Bateleur is designed to be a 'special' breed of tritonian
  • Cutting which the cutter can induce cuts, lacerations and stab wounds. This ability can cause the same sensation and effect as if a subject were being jabbed or sliced by a blade of nearly any sort. This ability is used to loosen weak bonds, draw blood or the like. However, this ability has some drawbacks as the use of blades (the right blade must be used to cut the right size or density of material, hence why the FFP Sabres used by battler is to channel his cutting energies).
  • Lentation, Battler perceives time slower than it actually is, and to adjust the body's speed and reflexes to match this perception of time. One with this ability could perceive those with superhuman speed approaching them, and react to them as though they were moving at the same speed. This ability could be used to evade nearly any attack, by seeing it like it was moving slower, when in fact he is moving faster.


  • Cyborg Martial Artist of an advanced level as he is one of the premier Tritonian Pankratiasts around, but he is also a practitioner of the "Quad Swords Arts" His weapon of choice being four particle charged force field sabres to slice and his dice his foes. Each blade juts out of his cyborg forearms (which can be released at either the wrist or elbow for close quarters combat) or legs (the leg blades can be re-mounted on the each hip, just below the elbows.The Blades themselves have a very wide range of movement from their hinges. The weapons are able to cut through tough Mech armor, executed by flipping out the Sabres and running or flying alongside the enemy). He likes to charges the blades on all four on his limbs with energy and slashes enemies with them.
"You have only one life to live, yet I have more than a million ways to end it"

Bateleur uses many Capoeira-styled attacks in his fights. His 'pankration' style also combines aspects of Aikido, Sumo (He loves to slap, push, trip, and flip his opponents around), Taekwondo (Battler has blades on his legs that allow him to cleave a man in two, or take a killing slice out of a woman's neck, with one neat whip of his leg) and Eritrean Testa (Testa is a fighting technique art that emphasizes headbutting. Its basis is on real hand-to-hand combat techniques, although it is often practiced in the open as a dance. The system as adapted includes kicks, punches, and limited grappling, but the emphasis is on headbutting, with the other techniques being used mainly to set-up headbutts. It is not unusual for Battler to use "dirty techniques" such as eye-gouging and biting. In traditional Testa, there is a sole focus on trapping and headbutting). Battler has been known to kick, stomp, toss, boot, drop kick, karate chop and otherwise humiliate his foes. Fowler achieves this by combining his two forearm blades with his leg blades, which lets him create slicing air blades via kicking, thus giving him the nickname 'Blender' or 'Mister Ginsu'.

Having two inside his arms and two within his legs. By attacking with with four sabres simultaneously makes it extremely hard for the enemy to dodge all of them at once and avoid getting injured. Should the enemy blocks the swords inside his arms Bateleur can use the swords within his legs and if the enemy blocks the sabres within his legs he can attack with those inside his arms. Battler is extremely skilled with these blades and his fighting style which he began adopting since a young age. He can spin in a manner similar to a buzz-saw, or else employing a series of unrelenting attacks switching the locations as well as the blades with which he attack, leaving no opening for even a metahuman to react.

  • Tractor Beam an application of forcefield technology that can pull on material objects at a distance ranging from feet to miles.
  • Pressor Beam an application of forcefield technology that can push on material objects at a distance ranging from feet to miles.

which can "tear the guts out" of enemy ships

  • Gravitic Sword
    This is on of Battler's secret weapons. Battler creates the Sword by bringing his two "hands" together, then parting them with the Sword materializing in between. This is one Battler's special sword that does not have a discernable shape. Two gravitational planes appear, acting as the sword's blade. Those that come in contact with these two opposing gravity planes will be cleaved in two by the forces of gravity. A one-handed, formless sword imbued with the PSI property that can derange the enemy's mind. It can also harness his cutting energy.
  • High Jump Capability just slightly behind Fowler
  • High Acrobatic and Reflex Capability where the former is slightly less but the latter is vastly more than his predecessor


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  • Shining Wizard - The opponent must be kneeling down on one knee. The other leg must be placed foot first on the ground, so it is angled slightly. This provides a step for Battler to initiate the move. When the opponent is in this position, Battler will charge forward. As he comes within a few steps of the opponent, Battler will lurch his body forward before stepping on the opponent’s angled leg. With him now half-balanced on the opponent’s leg, he will use his other leg and swing it towards the opponent’s face. Battler's knee will connect with the opponent’s face, in turn knocking them down to the ground or decapitating them with the FFP Sabre.
  • Enziguiri - The opponent must stand upright. With the opponent in sight, the Battler will then charge forward. Battler's right/left foot will partially balance off the standing target’s leg, or the Battler will ‘step-up’ to an imaginary platform out of thin air. Once in this position, Battler is then able to lift his free leg and begin to swing it upwards. When the move hits, the wrestler’s swung leg will hit the opponent square in the back of the head. As Battler rolls away, the opponent will fall.
  • Pele Kick - Battler’s back must be towards the opponent. Battler will first duck an incoming attack attempt from the opponent, and wait for them to turn around. Now with the Battler's back towards the opponent, he will swing his arms to hit a backflip manoeuvre similar to a Standing Moonsault. Battler will flick out one of their legs so that it is within distance to kick the opponent on top of the head. Battler will also go all the way over onto their stomach, as he does not need his hands to balance the kick. This will then allow the foot to connect with the opponent’s head, which will drop them to the floor.
  • Battler Kick - It has traditionally consisted of a flying side kick and is used against the opponent after it has been weakened from fighting with Battler. His Coup de Grace.

    • Flying Side Kick (aka Flying Kick or Jump Kick) - A standard flying kick. Battler either jumps or flips towards the target and finishes with a side kick. This is the most commonly-used kicking style for a Battler Kick.
    • Flying Front Kick (aka Jumping Front Kick, Bicycle Kick or Push Kick) - Battler normally leaps forward and is facing the monster while performing multiple front kicks while one leg is tucked in a bicycle fashion.
    • Drop Kick - Battler will leap into the air and then drop down onto the target, kicking it with both feet together. It has several variations, a front drop kick, a side dropkick, and a heel dropkick (which closely resembles an axe kick variation).
    • Corkscrew Kick (aka Screw Kick, Drill Kick or Spiral Kick) - Similar to any flying kick variants such as Flying Side Kick or Drop Kick, but Battler will spin while executing the attack.
    • Axe Kick - Battler jumps up and the kick strikes downward with the heel of the foot at the adversary. Sometimes a Battler may flip and strike with his toes (variation).
    • Scissor Kick (or Leg Scissors) - Battler either jumps or flips towards the monster and will finish with a scissor kick or headscissors.
    • Flying Knee Kick - An attack which Battler jumps and strikes his enemy knee-first.
    • Side Kick - An attack which Battler runs/walks/stands and turn 90 degrees before making a single side step towards enemy and kick with the nearest foot.
    • Roundhouse Kick - The attack where Battler attacks the foe with a forward spinning round kick.
    • Jumping Roundhouse Kick - Same with roundhouse kick, but Battler will jump before doing a mid-air "side bicycle roundhouse" kick.
    • Tornado Kick (aka Cyclone Kick, 540 Spin Kick, or Flying Inward Crescent) - A variant of a flying roundhouse kick; however, the area of impact varies (ie instep, heel, arc, etc).
    • Spinning Heel Kick - A kick where Battler turns their body 360 degrees before landing the heel or the ball of the foot to the target. Battler may also do it in mid-air.
    • Slide Kick - A kick where Battler slides toward an enemy then kicks with the foot on the top side.

Coup de Grace

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  • Sawing A Woman in Half - his version aims for hemicorporectomy
  • Zig-zag Girl - A being is placed into this black cabinet (forcefield), and then two blades are forced through the cabinet from front to back. The section in the middle is forced to the side and the being appears to have been dismembered in three sections.
  • Sword Cabinet - Imagine the reactions of his foes when he traps heir leader's body into the black box (forcefield), seal the sides into place and then begin to impale real FFS Sabres into the black box. he magician then proceeds to thrust swords through every conceivable angle, leaving no apparent room to hide. Once the swords are all in place, he reveals that he has made the head of the leader vanish! No head, no crime! Was it really murder?

For his tricks Battles uses a deployable forcefield , from the inside It is impossible to pass through it without disabling it first but from the outside ot bears the important distinction of being semi permeable to prevent contents from escaping. because it is permeable - outside objects can pass through it.



  • "God Speed" Acceleration Mode which taps into the Speed Force, allowing him to move at superhuman speeds. Acceleration mofr can steal speed, store information, and project holograms.
"That is probably an alien"

He is a citizen who does almost everything at super speeds.

  • Rumble Ball which allows him to morph into a small metallic sphere. While in this mode Samus can easily roll through small openings not normally accessible and attack. (he can jump when in this form)
  • Xam to split his body apart at the joints, and have each segment act independently, able to fly about apparently unaided. He utters the command "Scindo" to separate, and must say "Contraho" to join the parts back together again. He can even split off individual finger segments.

Because of this Battler is capable of wielding blades FSS Sabres in his arms and in his knees, after detaching the shin and forearm. As Battle's sword arms (his cyborg arms conceal swords) become more powerful as he uses them. The cyborg fist that is in place of his forearms is capable of launching itself along with the wrist from the arm to punch/grab enemies at a distance before returning via flight or simply teleporting back. Battler is capable of straightening hiss fingers and then rapidly spinning his hand, transforming it into a deadly, rotating saw.


  • Monofilament wire is a strand of filament microscopically thin, created from a single unbroken chain of molecules.They possess high tensile strength (higher level than diamond) and are very nearly impossible to break. They are still as more supple and flexible than a copper wire. They are always extremely thin, microscopically invisible (literally a single molecule wide.)

Both palms with monofilament wires stored within each finger (He stores them around his forearms and he also keeps some around his calves to use if his hands are immobilized), which he uses to tightly grasp or lacerate his opponents. He can also manipulate them with enough skill to pick objects up without cutting them.

  • Medi-palm simply place it over a victim's bare chest, and specialized sensors in the glove's fingertips relay vital signs such as pulse rate, core body temperature, blood-oxygen level, heart rate variability, and blood pressure to a connecting computer (Bateleur).
  • Force-talon Should the need arise, Battler can detach one of its fingers. Once detached, the finger will have a mind of its own and can be used for various missions. Every individual finger is also equipped with a force-claw, able to slash through any substance.


  • Structural Integrity Fields are force fields designed to be integrated and work with normal matter, in order to greatly strengthen and reinforce the latter. The force field conforms itself over the surface of the object, helping it retain its shape, and for difficult situations it can permeate the quantum structure of the object itself, reinforcing it on a subatomic level. It allows Bateleur to withstand some truly astounding damage, such as survive a near-hit with a nuclear bomb without shields, or even while being hit by the mountain-shattering blows of Fowler.

It takes skill and finesse it would take to integrate force fields with matter without seriously deforming or damaging the latter.

  • Siphoning Force Fields which completely absorb and retain all energy that hits them. Because they can absorb all energy they encounter, including light, his blades or his SIF can appear to be made of of utter darkness. This system also had the downside of completely blinding most sensors and blocking all communication when on.

This is an approach to invisibility, namely absolute blackness (only useful against dark backgrounds or at night). It can also generate a wave of energy which simulates the effects of total darkness. This can be used distract opponents or obfuscate her own movements, enabling him to defeat them with greater efficiency.

  • Reflective Shield Hardener would increase Shield resistances, but it would also emit an EM field that would create electromagnetic focused rays that would reach the foes that has 'lock-on' on Battler. This smart magnetic field would have some limited radius (not more than 8 kilometers). This would look like soft rays of light that follow foes (the ones that have a lock) orbiting the ship that has activated this Reflective Shield Hardener.
Sword x Shield
Sword x Shield

Whenever an enemy fires a weapon upon the Battler, there will be a random chance for the Reflective Shield hardener to “return the attack” by emitting a shockwave (pretty much like a voltaic arc or lightning) that would damage the a foe if it’s in range. The range of that shockwave would also be pretty random, but the shockwave itself will be aimed to the Foes with the help of the magnetic field.

It will take some time for the shockwave(s) to charge on the shield surface and after 1.5 seconds there will be a blast aimed to the aggressing target. The damage of these shockwaves will be mostly EM and Thermal. The Reflective Shield Hardener itself will become ineffective if the ship has no shields left.

The device would preserve Battler's Fields, but the shockwave emitted would be rather ineffective and it will only scratch the foe (if it is in range). Sometimes the shockwave itself will not be emitted at all or if it is emitted it may be too short to reach the aggressing ship. The shields will be pretty damaged, but the shockwave emitted would have the best range (up to the maximum of 8 kilometers) and it would apply lots of damage to the aggressing ship(s).

This is how the effects of “returning attacks” can vary. The Reflective Shield Hardener will behave pretty much randomly and will be able to absorb up to 50% of the incoming damage (also adding the current resistances to the shield) and will emit a weak and short shockwave, or it will increase the incoming damage up to 100% but it would emit a strong shockwave, plus every other value between these two extreme options.

Simply said – strong resistance (absorbing damage) with weak shockwaves, or weak resistance (increased damage) with powerful shockwaves. Actually the resistances that the Reflective Shield Hardener can apply may remain unchanged. The effect of absorbing or increasing the incoming damage is a separate thing.


  • Force Field Pendulum Sabre When turned off, the force field blade seems like an empty tonfa, much like a deactivated laser blade. When activated, however, the force field generator within the limbs creates a force field shaped like a sword’s blade (typically two feet to five meters long). The edge of this force field blade can be made far sharper than even the keenest molecular edge, tapering down even smaller than individual atoms, and the blade itself is frictionless or nearly so. This would allow the weapon to slice through almost any matter with ease. The force field blade may or may not be visible to the human eye, depending on its design.
Back then it was light tonfas
Back then it was light tonfas

The nature of the force field used may affect how the weapon handles and the type of damage it does. For example, electron-based force fields may also deliver an electrical shock to its target even as its slicing through it.

  • Force Field Pendulum Sabre: 'Exotic Particles' A deflective barrier of energy, the blade contains particles that causes matter to disintegrate on contact. The particles making up the blade’s field is a type that would either incinerate (basic setting) or disintegrate (for difficult situations) most types of matter on contact. Anti-gluons, the antimatter version of the theoretical particles that hold atomic nuclei together are used, this would be accompanied by a brief flash of neutronic radiation as the atomic nuclei in the targets they cut fly apart.

He could also use them as a shield in some cases, though mainly to deflect projectiles. The blades could be re-positioned on the side providing more control so that the blade could be spun on its tan axis. The angled configurations help provide a smooth and stable cutting experience.

Additional Utility

They could not only focus his elemental flame powers, but also combine to form a Saberboard. They can reach high speeds and attain altitudes of more than a hundred feet. They can hover.


Kruptos Shield
Kruptos Shield

Battler displayed a unique form form of telekinetic sword arts; having the ability to wield six or more FSS (Flight, Swift, Strike) Sabres in combat, holding each of them aloft with his PSI, and having them fight with a will of their own. Some telekinetic sword arts techniques, like the 'Flying Sabre', were offensive, while others were defensive. A defensive technique, called the 'Sabre Sphere', was used by practitioners of Quad Sword Arts. It consisted in having the FSS Sabres whirl in a circle around the practitioner, thus creating a defensive, but deadly, wall.

Stored on the Kruptos Shield are six FSS Sabre Hilts ( which appears to be made by simple plastic) , of which there are 3 different types. The 2 X Hilts are long hilts which are usable as separate homing projectiles or as hand-held swords. The Y Bits perform in the same manner, but possess the ability to generate a beam saber (A beam surrounds the Swords when a switch is activated. It can also change it's temperature as needed, such as Ice beam which freezes anything it touches & Heat beam which melts anything it touches respectively. It can also unfreeze those who were frozen and be used as a force field against heat-omitting weapons. The Z Hilts are similar in function to the X Hilts, but are half the size of the latter. They have hidden handles that enable them to function as hand-held swords. He can use them to throw like daggers at his opponent or combine them into one large double-ended sword (He can throw this weapon like a javelin to disable an enemy). They also possess many attacking roles in Battler's arsenal such as attacking individually or forming up as a whole set with the FFP Sabres to become a Scythe Saber.

In addition to offense, the bits can also create a "Ultimata Shield" when positioned together in a circular pattern and aid in defense by grouping into a spherical, barrier-like defense, using a thick saturation of Exotic Particles as a Force Field. This force field rotates its component particles through their volume, at very high rates. Even though the fields seem to be static glowing walls, in these sources they are more akin to rapidly flowing rivers of energy particles, constantly looping back on themselves. The shield itself is an accelerator that whizzes exotic particles to tremendous velocities. However, unlike conventional versions of such fields, the fields extend a "core", shaping the beam to loop back on barrel even after it leaves the formation. The particle stream forms a tight ‘sphere’, constantly feeding back onto itself. Its glow would come from the ionization effect that most charged particle beams form in an atmosphere. In a vacuum, however, this may mean the blade of a particle fountain forcefield would be invisible.

When in use, a “FSS Sabres” emits a glowing blue-etched force field shaped like a blade with a mathematically perfect edge and point which can cut through anything except another FFP/FSS Sabre (Blocking with a physical weapon would be nigh-impossible as it slices through all matter, only an Battler's fields can stop it.). The base of the hilt houses the energy core. He is even capable of employing his swords effectively using his feet, by wielding their hilts between his big toe and second toe. He can use them to throw like deadly frisbees as they slice through anything in their path.

Usage of 'one'

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Dragon Heir (In Construction!)

Artifact Upgrades

Swag from Salvation of the Damned and Soul Heirs

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Diaboro - a synthesis of two metals found in the nether realms (Netheranium & Promethium), it is not unbreakable but it give a enormous but controllable supply (infinitely more infinite than infinity itself) of energy. Perfect for a machine core, yet the further revised version Nu Diaboro includes an addition that makes it even more deadly.

Prometheum: Inexhaustible energy

Netheranium: a ''psychosensitive'' metalfound only in the nether realm. The core is a medium through which magical energies can be amplified and projected. Using the core Fowler can shoot his dragonfire for greater distances and at greater magnitudes than without it. He can also use the Core to levitate and fly.

Tellurium has the unique ability to transmute mental energy into heat.

The core allows Fowler to to:

  • Detect Demons
  • Call up demonic energy
  • Emit a heat that can spread great distances, apparently across an entire planet.
  • Erupting to supernova levels that can destroy an entire planet (Fowler can consume entire cities in his hellplasma, and he can spread to multiple worlds.)
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Dragon Form - a transformation made possible by the properties of the Ember Stone

No Caption Provided

Demon Graft - demonic organs to augment the form (such as wings & horns). It gave Fowler a set of rather subtle innate powers that they can use without revealing their true nature to onlookers:

  • Immunity to illusion. Demons are especially adept at discerning the real from the illusory, and they may attempt to penetrate illusions or supernatural forms of concealment regardless of the source.
  • Immunity to mind-control. Demons are immune to any form of mind-control. Additionally, demons are immune to supernaturally induced fear.
  • Resistance to Possession. For obvious reasons, the fallen cannot be possessed.
  • Immunity to disease. Demons will never fall ill. If this power fails temporarily, the demon is instantly cured when the power resumes.
  • Immunity to decay. Demons age, but their host body remains healthy and doesn't become useless.
  • Resistance to toxins. Demons are highly resistant to toxins. Additionally, many types of injury that would leave permanent damage heals normally (e.g. burns).
  • Awareness. When the Demon is in their Demonform they can sense the supernatural 'feel' of a place or person, and can sense the use of supernatural abilities within a radius of several miles if they are either actively looking for it or the ability is particularly powerful.
  • Invocation. Demons may always speak to each other, regardless of distance, as long as they know each others' Celestial Name or True Name.
  • Healing. Demons can use Faith to heal their injuries.

Demons of all types possess various spell-like abilities that they use to fulfil their unholy tasks. The very nature of their magic causes every magic effect they activate to have a trace of demonic taint that a perceptive character may detect, even when a demon is long gone.

Demonic supernatural powers are believed to include fabrication, psychokinesis, levitation, divination, possession, seduction, ESP, telepathy, witchcraft, and curses, as well as binding, making contracts, controlling the classical elements, animal control, and provocation. Demons use variants and combinations of these powers to harass, demoralize, confuse, and disorient the victim, or the willing subject of demonic interest. All of these attacks can be nulled by God, effect or scope of these Demonic attacks.

Demons are believed to have the power to physically or mentally hurt people, but only within the boundaries of what God will allow. Demons can destroy anything material on the earth; these supernatural powers are always inferior to the power of God. God may use His will to cancel or destroy any effect the demon chooses to invoke. Demons, assumably, are granted permission to test, bring about trials, and to tempt people through the use of their destructive powers, to make people prove their faith, sometimes as a means to carry out the will of the Lord. Often Demons are said to creating negative emotions, wreaking havoc, ensuing chaos, and disrupting peace.

Scientists occasionally invent hypothetical entities with special abilities as part of a thought experiment. These "demons" have abilities that are nearly limitless, but they are still subject to the physical laws being theorized about.

For example, in Descartes' Second Meditation, it is argued, as a thought experiment, that it is at least possible that there is an all-powerful evil demon who is deceiving me, such that this demon causes me to have false beliefs, including the belief that there is an object before me and the belief that two plus three equals five. Note that the power of such a demon would be two-fold: both empirical and rational thinking can be completely compromised. This leads to a worrisome argument:

  1. One knows some fact or other only when one can rule out that there is such a demon.
  2. But one can never be in a position rule out that there is such a being, since we can never be sure that the demon isn't merely toying with our epistemic situation.
  3. Thus, we can never know any facts at all!


There are two major ways in which a demon might to reproduce. A demon may implant spawn in a human or animal host or go into a trance-like state and gestate the young inside of it's own body.

Bioborg Upgrades

EPS (Acronym for Electroplasma System)

The power distribution network used on Fowler. Plasma is diverted throughout the ship to supply the warp drive and other systems such as life support, computers, shields or weapons (namely fists, dragon-breath or power head).

EPS nodes

Components of a Fowler's warp drive system used to divert a small amount of the drive plasma for the generation of electrical power for personal use. The nodes are located on the power transfer conduits. (and hellplasma)

Reactive armor

Type of armor that actively defelcts energy and projectiles, sometimes by exploding outward in such a way as to deflect the incoming projectile.

Layer Maker: Fowler's stomach houses a nano-factory, allowing him to manufacture technological devices and weapons. He can increase his production capacity by ingesting additional smartware, such as his skin-like exoshell (Smartware - this is the substance of which Fowler's flesh-like exoderm is composed. It is also used for other internal functions.). He also possesses an extensive engineering database of all kinds of weapons and technology, particularly those of other top-secret organizations he's targeted. His nano-factory also provides a supply of Smartware, that Fowler can regurgitate onto his team-mates to fix damage they've taken to their flesh. He can also ingest Smartware, to be used as an extra reserve, and it is standard operating procedure for him to ingest the Smartware shell of any of his allies, so that it doesn't go to waste. He is capable of producing tankers full of nanofluid. Nanofluid is a reconfigurable liquid. Simply issue an order to the billions of nanobots and they will take any form he wishes, even building fully working mecha suits. The nanobots communicate via tiny lasers, causing the nanofluid to sparkle when a transformation is triggered. Nanofluid can be customised to follow specific orders. The most useful of these is the ability to reset the nanobots to a liquid state. It is revealed that Noh-Varr’s spit contains nano-bots that allow him to take control of a subject.


The nanobots are capable of spawning, either increasing their physical size or creating entirely new Pyronanos. Like the Human Torch their cells react with air, becoming incredibly hot. Their systems can then channel this heat to power themselves, direct it super heated beams or allow them to fly. Thus, while they appear to be covered in flames, they are not actually burning. It would appear that their primary purpose was to multiply and spread. If not stopped they would have turned the Earth into a fiery wasteland. It is capable of manipulating most biological, energy-based, or mechanical beings it comes across. This manipulation manifests itself in the transformation of the various infected objects into Pyronano derivatives. Specially designed weapons and power armor are resistant to the manipulative effect of the colony, however, they only last about five or so minutes until being overwhelmed. Once an organism is assimilated, more hosts of that type can be spawned from the thick carpets of nanomatter.

His Flame

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Fowler can create objects out of his Flame and his favorite is his flaming fist projectiles. "Construct", is a broad term used to describe an object (Think effigy from green lantern), image, or other associated creation produced via the power fo his flames. When asked to stop, Fowler can respond with a gigantic fist made out of solid flame. His constructs are constantly flaming and super-heated. Little is known about the extent of his powers, but it is extremely powerful. The limit of how much heat he can generate is unknown, but in one attack the heat output of his blasts was recorded in the 6-digit range.

Special Properties

Through conditioning, he can raise his own body temperature to the point where he can burst into flames or melt bullets. He can control and direct any flame in his presence. He can also teleport from place to place by appearing inside of any fire source, no matter how small (Fowler's teleportation can create dangerous implosions at their exit point if he so chooses) and he could become flame-proof gas that was lighter than air.

Combining with the mechanisms of the Paradise and Fear Warmech, Fowler has the ability to absorb souls into his flame or completely disintegrate the soul, and use them to produce humanoid flames that fight for him and obey his commands.He had a sort of empathic relation with fire that allowed her to sense it at a distance, to use it to divine certain truths, and to track its trace on others.

Combative Arts

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Hellplasma Defense is a combative style developed by Fowler after receiving the ember stone and the diaboro core, with that and the new energy distribution system he can ignite at will. It is a style in which he punches opponent repeatedly with burning fists. The flame's greatest attribute, however, is that by using his flames at will, Fowler can regenerate any wounds with fire, much like how a phoenix is said to rise from its own ashes. He gained the ability to become a living, flying flame. He could generate intense heat or pass through solid matter without burning it and his body burn with flames that do not burn him or his clothes.


  • Rocket Punch: Fowler's Flame abilities includes producing fist-channelled blasts of varying size and intensity, complete with radio controlled movement, at incoming enemies. Having not only incredible pushing force, it can also blast a stream of small explosive fists at a them. He has been known to hide the firefists in the ground then control them remotely at a later time, or increase the size of a single firefist to being even giant sizes, and split it apart into many smaller firefists for a surprise attack.
  • Jet Punch: When in need, Fowler can activate the rocket booster in his elbow to enhance his punches.
  • Cocytus Hand: This conversion into blue allows him to produce flames of ice that are "hotter than hellplasma" , which causes the flesh of the target to burn and rot. When Ice has his powers fully invoked, his Cocytus hand engulfs his body completely, making touching him dangerous. When not hitting live targets, Cocytus hand coats everything it touches in ice. It feeds on the body heat of living organisms. When exposed to the heat from external fire, It will seek out organisms for warmth, and suck body heat away from them causing them to freeze to death. Any food cooked by the false heat of the Cocytus hand causes internal frostbite when consumed.
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Vehicles of War

What we Tritonians ride into war

Death Throne
Death Throne

"Death Thrones are used by subspecies of Tritonians for whom Psi aspects are attainable due to design. "

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This Death Thrones consisted of a powerful computer core, specialized wave-sensing components, and an interface apparatus that could amplify its user’s Psionic abilities. All Death Thrones are capable of absorbing the power and kinetic force of an opponent’s energy-based projectile, storing it for future use of its own. These vehicles fly through the air at fast speeds.


  • Death Thrones as a non lethal method of incapacitation can emit a brilliant flash of light from its spherical surface. This flash can blind an enemy for up to 90 seconds.
  • Death Thrones can fire a powerful beam of energy from its surface. This beam can make the fireball of the explosions as big as 164 feet and ripping through entire rows of buildings.
  • Death Throne is able to transform itself into spiky mace like ball that can roll over opponents.


  • Mender Death Thrones are equipped with hypnotic light that can be emitted from its surface. This can bring other beings under the control of the pilot, but it takes sometime to take effect.
  • Menders can also shine crimson beams from its surface. Any human (hom sap) caught in this ray will become mindless slaves and do it orders. They can be only freed once the Death Throne is destroyed.
  • Transporter Death Thrones can teleport long distances.
  • Telekineticist Death Thrones can levitate at least entire cities and larger objects to be used as projectiles

They are grouped in fours, for both symbolism and deadly effect.

Death Emperor
Death Emperor

The independent death thrones can also converge into a singular death emperor unit. Although this is usually done as a last resort when all other options are expended and a nation must be razed into history


  • It can launch a powerful orb of energy. This orb is capable of following an opponent’s every move before striking, causing a massive explosion strong enough to vaporize a small mountain.
  • Death emperor is equipped with a very large, very powerful energy weapon that can destroy several asteroids in just one hit.
  • One of Death Emperor’s most amazing capabilities is called “Dead Alive!” DE causes itself to self-destruct via a core implosion and swiftly reassembles from the scattered parts (blows up and then repairs without getting damaged).
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Rumble Nation

Before Renovations


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Principality of Sealand Sealand is a sea fort in the North Sea, located 10 km off the coast of Suffolk, England. It is best known for its claim to be the world's smallest sovereign nation. In short this sets it up as an ideal location to take for a scrounger such as Fowler, and he did buy the island off its original owner to claim as his own. Given time miracles may occur, and with his resources and special gifts he intends to make that time short for he is about to create a magic trick that will transform a bridge suspended by two pilars of concerete into a superpower.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6


  • Platform is 550 square meters in size (set as the core for the specialized machinery)
  • The platform has since been completely redone, with railings, floors and underpadding to keep birds from nesting under the platform. (dismantled for further additions)
  • The building has been completely remodeled and expanded, this includes a new roof/helicopter pad with new directing lights.(dismantled for further renovations)
  • The building includes a two bedroom one bathroom, kitchen, living room, Royal Palace, and a one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, employees' suite. (kept for novelty purposes)
  • Fowler Owns the Principality of Sealand
  • He is Lord Baron
He plans to make this micronation into a haven for non-humans

After Renovations

Other-Dimensional (of another dimension) Superpower

Sealand is renamed into Tritonia

A pearl atop the seabed
A pearl atop the seabed
Old design for dimensional gateway
Old design for dimensional gateway

Externally the State of Tritonia resembles a floating hub above the ocean floor, a vast mesh of technological wonders enveloped in the calm sea breeze. It is the home of the Friday family which consists of the autopotent automatons which often come and go. The main resident is Professor Radix (friendly superintelligence) who constantly tries to exceed his previous invention by continuously spending time to invent and create new things to further improve his nation. Outer Tritonia (real-space) possess, among other facilities, first-class hotel accommodations, a casino, a fully-equipped hospital, a school system, and one of the world's largest duty-free shopping mall.

Most of the construction are done by molecular assemblers. Technology which converts matter ((Using whatever raw material is available, complex construction routines, and assembling units)) and reconstruct it into desirables (such as UFogs), the molecular schematics are made by Dr Radix. This technology was used both inside and around Tritonia to generate unprecedented material wealth and access to resources. Radix follows the principle of Allopoiesis (Greek for other-creation).

Tritonia operates on a post-scarcity society in which things such as goods, services and information are free, or practically free. This kind of present came about because of the abundance of resources (because of advanced AGI, new energy and machines), in conjunction with molecular assemblers.

Tritonia possess the viewpoint of Non-Anthropocentric Personhood — the notion that nonhumans, be they animals, robots, or uploaded minds, have the potential for personhood status, and by consequence, are worthy of moral consideration. This extends to citizenships as well.

The place itself holds some very interesting spatial properties thanks to the mind of Dr Radix

  1. Mobius Effect : the effect that one-entering the island has travelled to the back to the same path again
  2. Pocket Dimension : a large space within a small space (larger than pangea continent within the area of a small island)
  3. Klein Bottle: Digging in one surface will bring the digger somewhere else, (with certain exceptions)

The island itself has interesting dimensional properties but unlike the bermuda triangle it does not vanish objects rather it has a big space within, so what may look like a small island actually has more land than 70% of the world. (This prevents unwanted escapes)

Tritonia implements a large scale dimensional shifter (space folding as means of transportation) in case of emergencies and world threatening situations. Because of this Tritonia will always exists somewhere in the countless dimensions. One day they may improve upon Earth and decide to 'fix' it.

Tritonia is an island country (confined to an island). The island countries that share borders with other island countries, the size of the 'island' is both very small (real-space) and extremely large (tesseract). Unlike most puny island countries that often lack many natural resources, including viable agricultural land, and hace smaller populations Tritonia has an abundance on all of the above. Half of the island was kept aloft using advanced technology. The other half was kept in the air using 'special' abilities.

This kind nation have traditionally turned to the ocean as a means to sustain their growth. Tritonia does not need to do such things, they have tech to compensate.

Population: 755,501,020,639 (Humanoids and machines)

Outer Tritonia (Real-Space) has a modification that allows the hub to become a Megaship (a massive vessel) that proved completely reflective to any kind of scanning

Medium Energy Emission Civilization (MEEC):

These civilisations are generally roughly equal to a Kardaschev type 1 civilisation, sometimes using less, and sometimes considerably more than all the energy available on a single planet. The total detectable emission by such a civilisation can be considerable, but if so it is generally quite diffuse.

Defense Mode

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When Tritonia is severely threatened the entire nation can and will take appropriate form to defend itself from any and all threats, the outer tritonia will form the shell and ...

Common misconceptions about Tritonia

  1. "Its technologically advanced but socially regressive society which has returned to slavery" - Citizens get what they want but they cannot participate in the government since the choice lies between a corrupt democracy or a pure dictatorship.
  2. fascism might come to us in the guise of patriotism - Isolationism is the word here
  3. genetically-engineered neobarbarians on Tritonia - transhuman and posthumans sapients with other similar beings
  4. human race replaced by "Tritonians" from birthing matrixes, imitating individual men and women and then destroying the originals - we do not seek to eradicate, we seek to uplift



“People think they can beat the system. They may be able to beat the probes but they can never beat the ruling system. That system has been developed over such a long time. There is no way an individual can beat the system.”
"A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have."
- Thomas Jefferson

Tritonia is ruled by a Triumvirate of power shared equally between the Friday Family, and interestingly in their system roles can be exchanged. Judicative, Executive and Legislative powers are handled both individually and uniformity. The entirety of Tritonia is their panopticon, all occurrences can be seen and will be controlled. Some would call Tritonia a police state but however the politics are more lax because the Triumvirate review and adapt their methods on a regular basis. Trial and error to create a perfect system.

Political freedoms within Tritonia are moderate, while the government is omnipresent and they will provide everything for its people. Because of this The Triumvirate has the final say as they are the 'Parents' of Tritonia (especially in economy). Broad civil rights are given but business gets a chokehold. In terms of Privacy Tritonia does not intervene with its citizen's lives but they are monitored.

Citizen are very patriotic and enjoy their social equality, but they have an awkward view towards more capitalist countries as somewhat primitive and obsolete. They are ruled with an iron-fist by benevolent powers, a 'triangle' that gives freedom to live as the like as long as they do not challenge the government. Because the powers that be will act upon those mistakes should anyone deviate, simple examples would be dark-guards dragging people off the streets to ebonic vehicles.


A non-bureaucratic networked organization.

"This form is already common in organizations such as law firms, consulting companies and research universities. Such organizations and institutions must continually readjust to a changing array of projects, each requiring somewhat different combinations of skills and other resources. These organizations depend on many rapidly shifting project teams and much lateral communication among these relatively autonomous, entrepreneurial groups."

Closed Door Policy

"The world is not ready"
- Radix
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Their micronation situation has given the Tritonia a cohesion and freedom from invasion which has allowed them to develop in isolation.There was a strong cultural desire to avoid invasions and influence from outside. It was not a total refusal against foreign influences, rather a way to “open” the country by selective means.Government policy turned against foreign influence and Democracy was forbidden with many being killed. (Gestapo Style). In the current century Tritonia maintained a policy of isolation from the outside world (with a few exceptions). Tritonia maintained a keen attentiveness to International trade relations, and recognized the advantages and disadvantages for the country’s stability. Simultaneously, isolationism brought upon loads of new insights and changes in the society and enriched Tritonian socio-cultural life.

In 19XX the Triumvirate, in apprehension of further Democratic infiltration of real-space Tritonia, banned foreign travel and prohibited the return of overseas Tritonians. Further, in 19XX, the Triumvirate banned visits by Outsiders. From that time on Democracy was strictly forbidden, and international trade was conducted with only the Allied forces. Tritonia’s seclusion policy as a model example of national protection from foreign infringements, and how its rich soil surrounded by oceans made Tritonia ideally situated to be self-reliant. The Tritonians possessed strength in health, will, skills, customs, and morality, and Tritonia was a rare nation with such an extensive capacity of transportation, agrarian wealth, and materialistic assets.

Closed Door policy was laid out as an extension of national independence and domestic stability. It limited and tightly controlled the access to political, economical, and ideological influences from the outside world, in particular, the West. Cautiously guarding Tritonia from the forces of Democracy, and Globalization, Tritonia had established a unique Tritonian ideology during the 'Sealed' period. The dynamics of the Triumvirate system and reinforcement of the Closed Door policy was a significant foundation of the later historical formation of Tritonia in preparation for the country’s rapid modernization.

Isolationism is a foreign policy which combines a non-interventionist military policy and a political policy of economic nationalism (protectionism). In other words, it asserts both of the following:

  1. Non-interventionism – Political rulers should avoid entangling alliances with other nations and avoid all wars not related to direct territorial self-defense.
  2. Protectionism – There should be legal barriers to control trade and cultural exchange with people in other states.

Isolationism is not to be confused with the non-interventionist philosophy and foreign policy of the libertarian world view, which espouses unrestricted free trade and freedom of travel for individuals to all countries. This "libertarian isolationist" view is best defined as a policy of nonparticipation in foreign political relations, but free trade and affability to all people.

Tritonians are capable of communicating directly with Triumvirate. They can transmit video images to the government from afar, giving the authorities first hand view of the goings-on around them.


The Triumvirate has power to pass Prime Directives (a rule or law that overrides or guides other rules or laws; in particular a rule forbidding interference in the affairs of nations which have not yet gotten approval)

Tritonian Law

  • Source of law: Civil law system (Tritonian socialist theory)
  • Degree of judicial independence: Very limited
  • Judges: More roles and work together with lawyers
  • Lawyers in court: Judge dominate trials

Spacing (put someone out into space without a spacesuit as a method of execution) is a form of death penalty within Tritonia

Art 1(5)

“Due recognition shall be given to traditions and customs in providing a system of law, and noting in this constitution shall be construed to limit or invalidate any recognized tradition or custom.”


the Tritonian people enhanced themselves with technology with the capability to pass the coding and instructions for such things down genetically. (Think Viltrumites but with Golden Age Kryptonian powers)

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Tritonian bones and flesh are many times denser and more efficient than a normal humans; To make a comparison, they are made of steel where others are made of meat. They is strong enough to lift a car, throw boulders as if they were baseballs, or twist and bend metal with bare hands. Run faster than a speeding bullet, they can also leap over tall buildings in a single bound. They often combines this with their superspeed to create devastating hits (Their blows have impressive power - presumably a combination of strength, speed and hard striking points. They can behead a normal man in a single punch, and can annihilate warmachines a flurry of punches). Their body is durable enough to resist anything short of mortar shells with ease, bullets affect them about as much as a stiff rain, and even a rocket can at most knock them back and dirty their attire. Dropping them from a great height will result in a crater and an unfazed Tritonian. heals extremely fast (though not without scars), and ages slowly. They can hold their breath for hours at a time. Able to see in the dark, x-ray vision, touch and hearing heightened to superhuman levels. All Tritonians area able to to speak to, understand and command technology (machines speak to them in full sentences, as clear as English). Some of them forgo enhancements such as having razors or other blades replacing fingernails. The median height for Tritonian males and females is six foot, two.

Because of their superior physical faculties Tritonians can dodge bullets (spotting subtle signs when the shooter is about to fire, and predicting the trajectory), and perform incredible feats of acrobatics. Tritonians display super-speed - they can do easy things faster than humanly possible (such as changing clothes), and is superhumanly good at catching projectiles in mid-flight. They also very proficient at grabbing large objects and throwing them with great fluidity, power and accuracy.Tritonians also perform uplifting on non sapient species by gengineering to make them more intelligent


  • Mercurials - Those who are given morphological freedom (The ability to alter bodily form at will)
  • Perceptors - Those possessing extrasensory powers
  • Sympaths - Those with the empathic ability to sense others' emotions.
  • Telekineticists - Those with the power of telekinesis
  • Transporters - Those with the power of teleportation by psychic means
  • Augurers - Those with precognitive abilities
  • Menders - Those with the ability to control a person's mind or actions through telepathy

The coexist under the banner of nationalism. Posthumans can be regarded widely as terrifying weapon of mass destruction, but in this case the so called 'terrifying weapon of mass destruction' are full citizens which serve the best interests of the nations. This policy keeps Tritonia different in its approach compared to other countries which apply witch hunts and purges. It is not an arms race, rather a national policy.

In this world healers work at hospitals curing diseases and mending bones. Firemen are invulnerable to heat or have the ability to summon water to douse flames. Couriers are blessed with super speed or teleportation and planes are no longer required when almost everyone can fly, or have access to better tech.

Physically 'fit' Tritonians can lift tall buildings and walk under them, kick locomotives off the tracks, catch speeding bullets in his teeth and eat them, and freeze water with a single glance. They are often seen moving so quickly that there was often an after-image, as if light was trying to keep up with them.

Slice of Life



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“the extent of a system's intelligence, information, order, vitality, and capacity for improvement”. Perpetual Progress, Self-Transformation, Practical Optimism, Intelligent Technology, Open Society, Self-Direction, and Rational Thinking. These are meant to codify general attitudes rather than specific dogmas. Tritonia itself can be seen as an organic computer, combing the minds of countless Tritonians. This database could be summoned for advice and information, with different factions able to offer different points of views and opinions. Their solid state society was designed as an application of contemporary technology, similar to their ' high-tech lasers, satellites, and robots. It also exists as a physical space, there are even cities inside the mainframe.


Silent prayer
Silent prayer

Most Tritonians adhere to a central religion where they worship a set of Gods, Although they do have plurality of religion and are tolerant to other faith beliefs. They refer themselves as Energists, devout worshippers of the Machine Faith. They would sometimes chant "Ave Machina, Deus Est Machina" and this is a common occurrence within Tritonia. Their belief systems view that it is their obligation to ensure the widest variety of life options, humanity is but a temporary form into the evolution of the Posthuman. Humanity as an evolutionary accident that can be improved up to godhood. Responsibility even which extends to animals in order to improve their cognition, even to their spiritual well being.

Energists subscribe to a trichotomous theory

  • Body, soul (mind/brain), spirit (supra-physical)
  • 'Ascension' replaces spirit with machine spirit

Ideas on the 'spirit'

  • 'spirit' is meaningless, there is only consciousness and self-identity
  • resurrection of the body necessary

Personal Identity

  • subjective identity needed for judgement and accountability

No Self

  • embracing the reality of the constantly changing and illusory nature of self is liberating
  • can and must use self concept while recognizing its emptiness

Energist Denominations

  • Cybergnosticism: The belief that the physical world is impure or inefficient, and that existence in the form of "pure information" is better and should be pursued.

Tritonian life is cyclical. When a Tritonian reaches the end of their life, the quantum workings which makes up their body disperses, only to reform at Birthing MAtrices, where it takes the form of an embryo so that the Tritonian can live their lives over again, ad infinitum.

When needed, Machine Clerics can fire a non-threatening beam from its eyes hand that will reveal if a human is possessed by its own soul. There is also a shrine located on every city in Tritonia.

Symbol - Sword of Aleph

Pomatorhinus (a curved sword, which comes in different sizes; The traditional curved sword extends from one to three feet in length). It is an Energist symbol representing their obligation to defend one another. It comes along with a traditional martial art from, practiced by devout energists. It is centered around the use of the saber, but hand to hand techniques were also taught.

My sword is my companion my warrior and friend,
Not to be offensive but sworn to defend,
The infusion of steel runs through my veins,
Making me immune from sorrow and pain,
My sword is the protector of the needy and poor,
When oppression becomes a disease my sword is the cure,
My sword sings the song of selfless love,
It lives in harmony with law from above,
The flash of my Pomatorhinus awakens the sleeping soul,
Without the sword I can never be whole,
The Pomatorhinus is the giver of life,
Before the soul was barren now it is ripe,
I am the saint and the soldier that walks in peace,
I am the humble dust of your feet,
But don’t think my spirituality makes me weak,
The heavens will roar if my sword were to speak,
Death is my bride, fear is my friend,
My Blade’s path is the map heaven sent,
To follow the path, surrender your whole,
The power of the Pomatorhinus will give light to your machine soul.

Cleric Warriors

"They kick ass for the gods"
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

They were a strong force in Tritonia, revered not only for their prowess in war but also because they carried immense spiritual guidance, bringing down wrath upon any dare impose alien gods upon them. Clerics are the servants of Aleph, devoted to battling evil and purging Tritonia of foreign monstrosities. They are relentless, always crusading against evil, rooting out a hideout of alien faith, or generally making life safer for more common citizens.

Clerics take great pleasure in the simpler things in life. This simplistic approach to life is tempered by a fierce hatred for the alien and obscene, as well as a devout belief in the righteousness of their cause. As one would expect from monks of the god of progress, lightbringers are insightful companions, and always seem to be the first one to enter battle, ensuring the safety of the companions.

The most popular weapon in the Fighting Cleric arsenal was the beam naginata (twin bladed saber), a vicious glaive-like polearm that they wielded with great proficiency. Because of the heat of the electro-plasma the beam sword can cut through any alloy. The blades carry an electric charge that comes into effect if anyone other than the Clerics attempts to use them, which can also be triggered by the Clerics. When not in use it is stored in a back mounted recharge rack. It has also the ability to emit an energy blast from their tip, which can hurt the enemy from a distance.

The EM field that supports these blades usually covers the entire weapon and so it protects not only the blade but also the handle and the hands that hold it. This is why a beam naginata can block another energy weapon attack even with its non-sharp parts. The field around the handle can also ignite an energy burst that collides with the enemy blade.


No Caption Provided

In Tritonia there are almost no traits of discrimination as the population live in unity, before Sealand became the Tritonia as we know today Fowler brought the first generation inhabitants from the Dregs of Grimm City, the Snowmen from the himalayas and several machines found elsewhere. After the accelerated time that passes differently within a prototype realm the Fridays have acquired a generation comprised of a multitude of cultures. Then the Fridays started from scratch by enacting Memetic engineering to create their own vision of society. Inter species marriage is allowed within the boundaries of Tritonia.

Humans, and genetically-enhanced dolphins and apes go starfaring together. Sometimes those genius dolphin foils villains but makes pathetic fool of themselves by falling in love with a human dolphin researcher. When some animals from outside started to roam the town, they are often seen displaying surprising intelligence. It turned out that animals liked studying humans as much as the humans enjoyed studying them. The animals could appear completely normal until angered, at which point it would assume a monstrous, super-strong humanoid form.


Ceres has approximately over seven hundred billion sentient populace of various origins in the mountains, forests, oceans and tunnels of their world. There are many different tribes and they have learned to settle disputes by fair duel or by Tritonian legal system.


Tritonians share a great deal of pride on their combat prowess, contributions to their kin and various communal aspects; especially generosity. Tritonians are, by upbringing, eager to help those in need, particularly to other Tritonians; this also extends to certain immigrants. Part of this kindness stem from the fact that they are all similar in terms of non-humans (some whom share a degree of persecution)


Social status on Tritonia develops because of both achievements and accomplishments, not because of family or wealth. All people are judged on ability, so there is a constant strive to better oneself, making it in some ways egalitarian.

National Sport

Martial artists started to combine with machines, and began an era known as "cyber fighting".

Tritonian Pankration
Tritonian Pankration

Once there was a striking arts war that was essentially a free for all fight among millions of martial arts machines.

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Tritonians have a deep respect for warrior aspects found in other cultures, and their favorite sporting activities are contact sports. However amongst a the sea of activities there is nothing more that they like to do compared to combative ones. Similar to many children around the world who play football with their friends in the grass Tritonians love to fight. It is almost hardwired into their systems, as the Fridays also love to fight. In essence they are all military combat robots in citizen guise, they have knowledge imprinted within their being from the moment of creation. This is their platform to exercise that knowledge. When Mixed Martial Arts is done by Tritonians It is very fast, very strong, very versatile, and the dimensions transcend beyond the basic combat arenas.

The first great upsurge of interest in Tritonian Pankration as a sport, as well as a battlefield skill, was under Triumviri Fowler in XXXX, a time known as the Martial period. During this period, every soldier trained in Tritonian Pankration and could use it, as the Triumvirate themselves did. Slowly 'Tripan' moved away from its root in the 'Ground' and new fighting techniques were evolving.

Taught only in Tritonia, and almost unheard of anywhere else, this martial art has no distinct forms, and is geared towards an individuals own strenghts and weaknesses. Their non-human anatomy can accomodate for a large variation of styles that are unthinkable to bipedal species. Tritonian pankration was designed specifically with the goal in mind to abolish weapons of warfare and to render weapons of mass destructions obsolete, creating a 'naked weapon' in process.

Stand Up WAR.

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Stylistically the striking also involves some aspects from Kung Fu, Kick Boxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Muay Thai. Compared to human arts it is significantly stronger and efficient, much faster and agile, and relentless as baseline Tritonians demonstrated that they were immune to gunfire (at least .50 GI at point blank).

It is martial art developed exclusively for use by transhumans, it centers on the enormous power and fantastic speed only a Tritonian could stand. (the stress in the joints would tear a human apart even if he could learn it.) Once learned this is the only martial art a borg can know due to the rigorous training.

From the history of Tritonian Pankration, Fowler loved it so much that he often fought anonymously in city contests, beating the local champions. Duringthat time the nation was at peace. Fowler, to keep the army busy, ordered it to train in Tripan. The interest in the sport was already high but now it took off yet again.

Tripan became the favorite sport and pastime of the people, the army, and the Triumvirate. Citizens from all walks of life flocked to training camps. Evolves, machine, posthuman and solid state all wanted some of the action. Every city staged its prize fights and had its champions. Every bout became a betting contest as well as a contest of local pride.

Other Aspects

Combat is not merely limited on Terran planes as there are even extensive training given in Zero-G and vacuum combat doctrines. Momentum and inertia are the major philosophies behind this martial art. When punching your opponent has become redundant. Techniques derived from Ju Jitsu (because chokes and joint locks are gravity-independent once the opponent is held) or Tai Chi/Ba Gua (not only is it heavily joint-lock and choke oriented, it's also structured around a 360 degree field of attack/defense) will work. Brawling screws around under of Newton's third law, but an elbow breaking kimura or a rear naked choke still works well.

Also geared combating firearms, as students are only conditioned in the basics of surviving a gunfight - stay constantly moving, strike till the opponent is dead, (preferably from as close a distance as possible) count their shots, when they are out don't hesitate strike when they take time to reload or to find another weapon. If they are hit they are told to ignore it until they die or enemies are fallen, never panic, and above all keep the opponent on the defensive. Once a student has learned the basics the only way for him to advance in his art is through combat, so beginners don't stay beginners long, they are either dead or they become better. A master is a truly magnificent sight in a gun battle.

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Basic training generally involves a series of "follow the leader" type sessions, where the master starts out in charge, running an ever different and varying obstacle course through the city. As the students learn to keep up they eventually progress to a level where they take the leader position for other students, with the master watching from the sidelines, for technique and inventiveness. Graduation to mastery come when the Student can challenge the master, and successfully defeat him in a chase, whether by making him fall or by simply defeating him. The rules of the chases are simple, no "civilian" interference, no property damage. Among the student led chases, the "leader" position can be challenged to unarmed combat at any time, but the chase has to keep moving, even during the fight. If a combatant falls, is seperated from the chase he loses all rights of challenge that day. A fall is defined as cessation of controlled motion for longer than one round. If the leader of the chase hits a dead end or can't continue the chase he loses leadership rights to any chases for a week.

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Sometimes practitioners, upon being attacked, will feign injury to the point of obvious melodrama - falling to the ground, rolling around, wailing like a child, and generally giving the appearance of a fool who is overly sensitive and has no business fighting. But it's all an elaborate ruse to get the opponent to underestimate them, thus causing the opponent to be of guard, and when their opponent is sufficiently lulled into sense of superiority the silliness ceases and the attacks become very fierce often destroying the attacker before he knew what happened.

Always remaining within arms reach of his opponent, the practitioner of this martial art attacks straight on with as many punches and snap kicks as possible until his opponent has been beaten into submission. The art is centered on counter attacking with equal or greater force. This is done by dodging and parrying attacks until an opening presents itself, and then attacking the opponent's weak spots with full force. When someone attacks a pacifistic master of this style the master will usually dodge and parry their attacks until either they have beaten themselves up by running into other things, pass out from exhaustion, or simply give up.


"they lied to us.
this was supposed to be the future.
where is my jetpack.
where is my robotic companion.
where is my dinner in pill form.
where is my hydrogen-powered automobile.
where is my nuclear-powered levitating home.
where is my cure for this disease"
- Common Problems for people living outside of Tritonia


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Tritonia is proud to be a nation with regards to its technological advances, citizens can own personal flying vehicles such as aerocars. These blur the line between car and eroplane, yet they serve common families in all aspects of life. They are even equipped with devices that pilot the craft (also plot courses), they also accept coordinates and will drive to the destination accordingly. Besides the simple aerocars Jetpacks can be acquired in the cities and even within rural areas. Most movement take place above the ground.In some cases the vehicles can be constructed from Utility Fogs; this way they can replace designs on a daily basis. The *interior* of the car is filled with robots as well as its shell. They can drive themselves when its drivers are drunk to prevent accidents.


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hunger has been abolished a long time ago in Tritonia it is prepared and served entirely automatically, a basic human need tended by gentle machinery. No hand made contact with food from the time it entered the building in its raw state until it emerged hot and delicious upon the tables before the guests. This method of meal preparation by mechs strikes Tritonians as convenient; for others, it seems to be an inhuman intrusion into the simplest of human acts - preparing life-giving food for loved ones.

Subhumans, commonly known as Meat-nuggets, is a nonsentient species of homo sapiens genetically engineered by the Tritonians for human nutrition. Because it is so genetically similar to humans, it has a perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The lovable creature laid eggs, gave milk and died of sheer esctasy when looked at with hunger. The meat-nuggets loved to be eaten and tasted like any food desired. Anything that delighted people delighted a meat-nugget. Fry a meat-nugget and it came out chicken. Broil it and it came out steak. Meat-nugget eyes made terrific suspender buttons. The hide of the Meat-nugget if cut thin made fine leather and if cut thick made the best lumber. Meat-nugget whiskers made splendid toothpicks. The Meat-nugget satisfied all the world's wants. You could never run out of Muggets (plural of Meat-Nugget) because they multiplied at such an incredible rate. The Meat-nugget believed that the only way to happiness was to bring happiness to others.

Time travel for fun
Time travel for fun

Munch Trees, any plant that has been modded to bear what is almost indistinguishable from animal meats, eggs and other products (everything the human diet requires). These plants are in widespread use as they create the meat and other animal products valued by so many cultures and races without the highly inefficient processes of raising livestock. The variations of Munch Trees are nearly endless, from watermelon-like fruits filled with mammal-like milk, to mushrooms that taste like marshmallows, to trees and bushes which bear fruit and berries which taste of crocodile, cheese and meat, pretty much every food imaginable has been made into a Munch Tree at some point. A diet consisting solely of 'Munch Fruits' will invariably leave one in excellent health. Munch Fruits are often designed to be very easy to split open and can be filled with flesh taking on just about any texture, from meats and cheeses, to every imaginable fruit and vegetable to even confectionary delights like moist cakes and brownies.

Nu-Grain, for strains of oats, barley, rye, wheat, rice and corn modded to possess greater levels and varieties of vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients. It is nutritionally possible to survive off just bread, rice or oatmeal. For that reason, they are also valued by Vegans.

They can be further altered into mindfood (substance taken as food or drink containing chemicals which increase one's mental ability)

Law Enforcement

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Protected 24/7 by giant robots, and so far things are going well. They are equipped with a vast arrray of defenses to safeguard all Tritonians against both domestic and foreign threats. The colossal guards will alternate patrols during day and night looking for suspicious activity in cities, and monitor citizen health. Any situation that develops will dealt with by the robots directly, minor problems will be relayed to assisting AR drones (armed with weaponry that causes disruption to some structure or function of its target, such as an object's interatomic bonds, or a person's neural function). The colossal robots are known to be friendly and appealing to visitors as well.

The secondary weapon of the drones is the invisible capture beam that can hold objects in the air. When used against giant opponents, this beam forms a sort of energy net around them, preventing them from moving. While the giant robots have beams of energy from their torso that will demolecularize a human-sized target and teleport them into its body where they will then be put back together. Those held within the stasis core "freeze". They have no need for food, air, or water. Nearly all body functions are suspended. They can however, see, hear, smell and feel what is happening around them. The stasis shell is permanent until physically broken or by reversing the gun's polarity and politely asking the robot.

The giant robots also served as a drone factory that could produce AR drones in moments.

Even citizens can spawn weapons from their environment. These are made from the Utility Foglets populating their atmosphere; however. So far pistols (that fire a super-heated laser, capable of turning an entire body into ash [Hom Sap]) and swords have been exhibited.

Centralized Tech


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Chrononauts (time-travellers) with inbuilt chronoscope units (a device for viewing events in the past or future). They utilize distortions of space-time that is conceived as causing or enabling a person to remain stationary in time or to travel backwards or forwards in time and to make journeys that would otherwise be contrary to the known laws of nature, they act with careful attention to the realities of past history and a detailed projection of future history

Armed Forces: Tritova

Rank in the Tritonian military is determined not by length of service, but by excellence in combat, as well as the quality and merit of actions during battle. All military operations and assignments are based on results, not selfish ambition.

Alpha Strike!
Alpha Strike!

Tritonia is great at land wars because the abundance of transhuman beings working together at unison

"So if a city folk arms himself with a cowl and a few martial arts lessons he can suddenly be an effective vigilante? If a human decides to forego isolation in the mountains with a geriatric they instantly become a martial arts legend? If a street hoodlum takes up small arms he can suddenly call himself hero? Now try to put your mind over here, Imagine super-men given adequate training and state of the art gadgets mobilized into an army"
- Fowler

As the Fridays create the population of Tritonia, they also managed to create a special military force through a rigorous program of accelerated natural selection and eugenics to gather the best raw materials to forge an army. In terms of skill and overall abilities they are considered to the the apotheosis of Tritonian population and all citizens of the Tritonian nation have a mandatory military service in which they are honed for a generation (25 years). However these soldiers are usually sent into missions within teams of five members. Their role is the Shield of Tritonia and its allies, home and abroad (territory and interest).

They have over 100,000 active personnel ready to project power upon foreign soil in offensive operation should such action be needed. Tritonia does not have a large standing military, but knows that every citizen are available for combat.

Standard Equipment

Through the use of such "force-multiplying" technology, Tritonian military would be able to deploy small brigade combat teams to carry out challenging missions within a targeted population.


Just a peaceful military exercise in Chernobyl
Just a peaceful military exercise in Chernobyl

The headgear has biometric facial recognition to identify hostiles, while foes are illuminated on the display. It also comes with virtual image display, video camera and voice recognition microphone. Other features include built in gas mask, stereoscopic night vision cameras - with images and incoming tactical data projected inside visor, satellite communications, voice activated commands for various suit systems. on-board respirator protects fron noxious fumes, reinforced visor extra wide for peripheral vision, and automatic voice translater allows user to speak in real time in any language.

The backpack has personal command/control system, friend-or-foe identification system and a personal global-positioning sustem. It also comes with a 'digital buddy' which alerts the soldier to crucial events in the environment.

The advanced nanomaterial armor protects against blasts, burns and rifle rounds. The entire ensemble is embedded with behavioral an psychological sensors that continuously monoitor the soldier's health. The exoskeleton not only provides protection, it enhances the strength of the soldier as well. Other features include personal cooling and heating system, protection from laser and missile attacks, also the detection of mines and chemical weapons. It will also include nano-muscle fibres to enhance the soldier's own strength. Outer fabric layer changes color to match immediate surroundings, giving constantly changing 'chameleon' camouflage.

The Mermen (bond) can channel gathered information into another unit so that they will be able to function better.


The Mirror for every citizen
The Mirror for every citizen

The soldiers are armed with electronic ("metal storm") rifles (Archerfish) as personal weapons. They have sights with optical magnification and light amplification. Most of them are linked by Direct Neural Interface to the user's optic system. The automatic rifles are equipped with self-aiming software; these weapons are capable of adjusting their orientation minutely in order to attain their target, and generally will not fire unless a hit is very likely. Rate of fire can usually be adjusted between single, short-burst (usually 3), and continuous. Munitions used in rifles includes armour-piercing shells, self-steering and partially self-propelled projectiles, and high explosive shells. Unlocked by voice command or electronic trigger the rifle would shoot up to a kilometer. It could be scaled from 'stun' to lethal. It also has a mini missile system (The missiles do heat and concussive damage upon impact), laser guided system and assessment system. The carbine weapon is located on their hips, and can be fired from there like a sentry-gun.

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As a sidearm there are five barelled lightweight pistol mounted on the Mermen's left shoulder (Spinner) that fires four 15mm calibre guided munitions able to seek out targets, plus conventional 4.6mm bullets for CQC, with explosive speciality ammo or guided micro-shells. It’s also extremely accurate because of features on the Mermen’s DNI, many are equipped with a cyber-link and laser range finder to let the user know when it is correctly aimed, as well as providing information like range etc.

There is a combination of weapon and AI, like a smart gun and an AI that watches all around its owner. The combination gives the owner the ability to shift between types of ammo, see through the aimpoint camera etc. Besides being a soldier's closest companion, 'MoMo' (MotivationMorale) helps them to more comfortably assimilate into their environment using his wealth of information. The AI had an extensive personality program, It was essentially a soldier's morale section and friend. MoMo could target and decide to fire without any intervention.

This blade seeks out and destroys evil
This blade seeks out and destroys evil

As for the melee aspect of combat the soldiers are armed with plasma cutters (Xiphias). The saber's handle would make the air molecules vibrate in plasma condition, so it can melt and cut most armors and objects. Magnetic fields projected forward would constrict this stream of plasma into a thin cylinder, and the intersection or overlap point of these fields would terminate the length of the 'blade.' The blade activates on impact only – so that energy is not being wasted.

Also wrist gauntlets which amplify the kinetic force of the wearer's punch. Natal conditioning and further tests have familiarized them with this aspect of combat.


A nice analogy of how they would fare against low-meta supersoldiers

  • Tritoni - Hornets
  • Supersoldiers - Bees


Skitz The Samurida - We All Soldiers


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Anything wired is a comrade, that includes techno titans as well. They are full fledged citizens that will put their bodies on the line to defend Truth and Justice in the Tritonian way. They are unique because they are made from parts that want to exist as 'Mechani' as they lay in pieces, waiting to be built. The building components can not only talk, but will cajole others into bringing the mech into existence. All of the components knew where to go, would instruct on what to do, and where it goes in the larger scheme of things.

These mechanis fire, in rapid succession, tank-strength blasts that form a 'defensive' wall of projectiles. They make use of several giant-sized versions of normal guns, including a Gatling gun (which can fire several rounds per second and every single shot is equal to a missile, meaning a few seconds of getting hit would tear most targets apart) and assault rifles. Their standard gun has three settings: a machine gun-like Full-Automatic Mode, a Single-Fire Mode which fires a single very powerful shot, and a Sniping Mode for long-range shooting. All of them have a missile pods mounted on both their shoulders, When striking, these missiles can either explode on impact or stab into a victim, as if darts, and then explode. .

Mechs can transform into an airplane-like flight mode for increased flight speed.


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Ever baseline Tritonian infantry is superior to a peak human specimen. Because by standard every Tritonian male and female are augmented at birth and inoculated at an early age to provide genetic supremacy. However when it comes to military service the men and women of Tritonia are put into an even more rigorous training procedure that would be described under international conventions as 'unethical', they are trained using live warfare exercises which involves the usage of warmachines from relevant times.

Special Forces


Assasins made from his inspiration during the time with League of Assasins and visits to Iberia. These forces are different that their augmentation deviate from the norm thus creating super fast and super stealthy beings that are perfect for "get in and get out" missions where they lay the groundwork for the basic infantry. But when the time is needed they too can be set to erase settlements and empty cities.

Finfolk are by default implanted with a cloaking device that manipulates the molecular structure of matter in a way that it is transferred to a parallel space. Matter cloaked with an interphase generator is not only invisible to conventional natural and artificial sensors, it is also able to penetrate normal matter. The implant allows the host to exist between teleportation doors without the protection of a spatial system. Finfolk can emit a beam that will create a holographic illusion to confuse his enemies.

They are armed with a specialized blade with smart matter cutting surfaces and various sensor capabilities. Such as Microtomographic analysis (Imaging technique using a series of microscopic narrow-beam X-rays to derive information on a molecular scale). The premise is a device which will never dull and ready to sever, but will not cut unless it is held in a Tritonian hand, nor will it cut an non-hostile (decided by the Triumvirate). It could suck in energy attacks, absorbing them, allowing Finfolk to return in sword strike. The blade is made from flexible alloy that can act like rubber yet become as hard as adamantium. The tips of the blade can also be attached with explosives, delivering extra damage with each blow.

Each Finfolk has a singular buzz-saw built into their abdominal area. The Tritanium alloy is of considerable durability (21.4 times as hard as diamond) effectiveness as it was strong enough and sharp enough to cause severe epidermal damage and cause super humans to spurt blood. As anti-armor measures. Advanced ballistic armors, are not effective at stymieing most types of cutting weapons. A powered buzzsaw allows the user to cut through an enemy’s armor that would otherwise stop bullet and knives. The saw would be aimed at weak spots in the armor, such as joints, to allow penetration as quickly as pomak[sssible.

Weapons of Mass Destruction


These Warmech are the fruition of the ideas discussed with Klovis, they are what Fowler will drop upon a country. Because ICBM's and MIRV's are too humane fowler decides to construct living engines of war with a lust for destruction. To put it in a scenario if one of the Merrows are dropped in Japan by America during WWII then Hiroshima and Nagasaki will look like a firecracker in comparison.

They have no personal thought processes or emotions, relentless, resistant to most firepower, high level technology and Instant upgrading/adaptation. These Warmechs follow the principle of Autopoiesis (Greek for self-creation), If their arms or legs get blown off, they can utilize manufacturing modules in other parts of our body to regenerate them (based on molecular assembling tech) .

This allowed a merrow unit to customise themselves as needed, filling a specific function within the unit. Their body would produce the parts and modifications needed. Newly awakened mech could use this function as a miniature nano-factory, capable of producing just about anything. The transformation was achieved via nanobots which effectively hacked the hosts body to replicate biological superhuman abilities. Most units could fly but it could also allow shape-shifting, weather control, super speed and the creation of sentient beings from inorganic materials.

It is remarkable that such a science exists that can create virtually any power desired.

Offensive/Defensive measures

Merrows posses bombs secured in what would be refered to as its belly. These bombs are pushed out of its rear end and explode in an area attack of fire and concussive damage when hitting the ground. When used this weapon will separate from the robot and adhere to a nearby enemy like glue.

Merrows are equipped with a mirror shield (spherical barrier) that will absorb energy-based projectiles, copy it, and then send it back. From the tips of Merrow’s fingers, the auton can fire off a series of highly explosive 3,000 degree heat rays in rapid succession. By design Merrows has special metallic alloys on its wrists that can capture and deflect laser attacks.

As a defensive measure, Merrows is able to raise its internal body temperature to several thousand degrees. Powerful enough to set afire anything nearby, or to cast off an opponent how might be brave enough to be holding it.

Doomsday Device

  • Fog of War - One of the many ways to 'bluff' opposing sides into an Assured Destruction state


Dimensional Habitat
Dimensional Habitat

The central capital of Tritonia made possible by dimensional tech to manipulate spatial boundaries to overlap the internal space of the chambers with 'blank' dimensions, which mirror the conditions of earth during the era of the Pangean supercontinent where all the lands are one. Essentially giving Tritonia more land that every individual land continent on earth. The technology here is solely founded and made by Doctor Radix or the rad scientist, he has done experiments on adjacent mirror dimensions on the applications of his technology and powers the state with the energy of a Type 1 civilization on the Kardashev scale which utilizes not the energy derived from dead plants but from a whole planet. Planet Engineering (large-scale modification of an entire planet.) is within their grasp

Radix envisioned a world where, through the use of technology, he could eliminate the biological limitations of human beings. Like, the aging process of cells would be stopped, offering immortality to those who want it. Body parts could be augmented in order to provide better performance; brain cells could be enhanced to have more storage space for memories. Technology would therefore be used to radically alter the human body for more desirable characteristics.

In this location they are monitored by autonomously recharging surveillance drones (with onboard guns producing very narrow beam of energy to respond) so that they don't venture off, an entire system of a hundred or more drones are controlled by the government. Fowler also help them regain their previous lifestyles by improving the island by increasing space and putting more land.

Welcome to New Lemuria
Welcome to New Lemuria

New Lemuria is the heart of Tritonia, the central hub where many beings come and go as they please. Essentially it provides almost everything a living being considers a 'want' and a 'neccesity' because of its technological marvels. In this city organics and techno beings coexist in harmony as they live side by side without any form of segregation. The city is a hyperstructure that expands high up to the lower crust of the atmosphere, It mocks at the futile idea of the Tower of Babel done by puny human ancestors. The tower of New Lemuria itself is an Arcology (self-contained cities where a huge population is all contained in one building.)

Center of Mu
Center of Mu

This is the central political area for the Tritonian people, and it is where the Triumviate make their important announcements and decisions. War is declared here, and most of the important social engineering also takes place here. Foreign ambassadors are welcomed to stay during their visits. The entire compound is vast guarded with the best of Tritonian security, giant robots can be seen inside and out of the building as with certain Finfolk units. The building is free for all.

New Meropis
New Meropis

The center for business and industry within Tritonia , where the future is made for today's consumption. The tower itself is an Arcology akin to that of New Lemuria and it is Prof Radix's personal quarters for research. As it is a building of importance the facility is heavily guarded with the best technologies that come of the Rad Scientist's mind. But even with it strict anyone can make an appointment. The building was a thousand feet in height rising starkly from a square base two miles on a side. Like the rest of the buildings elevators have become redundant, so they use dropshafts (a liftshaft with no lift-cages, using controlled gravity to move people up and down at high speed) instead.


Endless Green
Endless Green

Because the dimensional location is set before the splitting of the continents Tritonia possess a massive landscape that is abound with lush green nature, an image of what the world used to be before the advent of reckless technology caused by Man. Multiple modifications have been made to improve upon the beauty of nature, so Radix also applied remedial ecology (right tools and know-how to regenerate damage done to the world). Such as the usage of genetically engineered microorganisms to remove toxic or unwanted chemicals from the environment, and break down hazardous (man-made) substances into less toxic or nontoxic substances in soil, groundwater, sludge and sediment.

The Fridays even decided to set aside other dimensions for food production. All the land surface of Pangea 59,870,000 square miles in extent, each given with a single agricultural society. Daily, dimensional gateways in thousands brought the produce of twelve agricultural worlds to the dinner tables of Tritonia.It uses backup upon the other worlds for food and, indeed, for other of life, made Tritonia strategic in terms of resources. They are not defenseless as farm implements are able to combine and perform as a weapon.

Abyssian fields

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A terrene location where many couples often go to, It has certain wonders on maternal functions that It can bless barren couples with an offspring. The place for those who believe in true love and everlasting happiness. Several beings have chosen to make their marital bonds on this location, and when the moon is up a soothing aura washes over the feelings of guilt and regret. This place has soothing qualities that are out of this world, it can disable Fowler's battle lust and Pegrine's hatred for children. Even the wildest of wild beasts become docile animals, and 'peace' is the only thing that exists with these grassy plains. Negative thoughts vanish to naught, the effects seem to affect sentient beings regardless of background as several machines can also enjoy their time in the park.

Flora & Fauna

  • Quomobron: Big stern quadripedal lizards that expels atomic fire from its mouth as means of hunting, they are 2-brained 4-kilometer-wide creatures that live in the clouds of Tritonia. These creatures possess human level dexterity with its four limbs. It possesses human intelligence and understanding.

The super powered Tritonians venture through the resulting areas of creatures, looking for desirable genetic traits that can be harvested. This is a way of how Tritonians can improve their already augmented abilities.

Diplomatic relations

They are vast societies living in extradimensional planes, and only sending people down to 'earth' as part of their education. To spread the word, and to bring data from other lands, there are the ambassadors called "Selkies" with aims to seek to make intricate politics between different factions on Earth, and eventually in the galaxy.

Grand Iberia
Grand Iberia
It is a fact that Fowler S. Friday shares a platonic with @Impero,


enough monkeys are experimenting on enough subjects that would eventually overtake all the science done by previously human scientists. In this case, six chimpanzees are put at six laboratories, and start researching flawlessly. Fowler has to decided not to intervene, to see the Laws of probability.

Golden Athenia
Golden Athenia
Recently Fowler S. Friday have made diplomatic propositions towards , their international relations have been built upon amicable goals. Both cultures share a tendency towards a warrior ethos. A special disposition that Fowler himself cannot help but respect, thus it is inevitable that bonds are made. So far Tritonia has given a gift in the form of a mass driver (catapult) towards Athens and They have opened one of their holy areas for Pilgrimage by Tritonian people. They are in process of discussing an alliance.

Recently Tritonians was give access to the legendary Hephaestus Forge where ancient greek automatons are made, they go there for religious pilgrimage. To see their ancestors from olden times that have inspired their creations.

Alongside with that Tritonians are privileged to be allowed to enter within their olympian stadium where the Tritoni pay homage to the great warriors of ancient times that have contributed to the history of combat sports not limited to boxing and wrestling but also the hybrid form known as Pankration.

Heroes of awe
  1. Marcus Aurelius Demostratos Damas
  2. Marcus Aurelius Asklepiades
  3. Poulydamas (healing powers)
  4. Theagenes (healing powers)
  5. Kleitomachos
  6. Kallias
  7. Arrichion
  8. Diagoras of Rhodes & family
  9. Dorieus of Rhodes
  10. Socrates
  11. Plato
  12. Milon (wrestling)
  13. Euthymos (boxing)
  14. Melankomas (boxing)
  15. Kleomedes (boxing)


  • Joseph


  • got his left arm repaired at Outer-Tritonia with the aid of Fowler and the UFogs brought from Inner-Tritonia
  • received her needed dose of 'Helix' at the port side of Outer-Tritonia

Friendly Brawls

  • had a brawl with during their visit, the match was viewed by the entire nation
  • Fowler is having fun with in an 'mirror' realm which mimics times square NYC


It is in good form to kill any of these people on sight
It is in good form to kill any of these people on sight

Human Supremacists: Those not in favor of human enhancement and the prospect of greater-than-human intelligence. Those not in favor of extending personhood outside the human sphere.

These meatbags argue that being human is what matters, and that to give equal moral currency to non-humans is a violation of human dignity and worth.
- Fowler Friday

Neophobe: One who fears change and wants to abort technological and social transformation.

Important Persons

"Besides our powers that be there are some other faces known by the people, I suggest you boys get acquainted"
- Radix to the Fridays
The man who created the observer and the battle maniac, now he decides to create a civilization built with the debt of the future failures in mind. He was one of those people upset that after the turn of the millenium most earthfolk are still too many flatlanders and groundhogs everywhere around him, instead worrying about their status updates on social media. Because progress has been to slow for the radical extropian, in reaction Radix decides to accelerate development by creating his own 'gentle utopia' for the hope it might break through the deadlock humanity is trapped in.

His Utopia is based on governance by consensus, with thriftiness, cooperation, and ecological awareness as virtues. Where the government is paternalistic and expectations for the future of science are fulfilled in the research capital "New Meropis".But otherwise, the island exists in splendid isolation, like a super-civilization connected to the barbaric world.

Quarl Jaega
Quarl Jaega

Tritonia's Golden Boy, a state enforcer favored by Fowler and Peregrine for his efficient yet graceful methods when dealing with threats. Qarl was given distinction even in the Birthing Matrix as a special specimen that comes once every million years, he serves as the combat specialist who is tasked with teaching combat to the future generations as well as the present armed forces of Tritonia.

Lets prevent unwanted ruckus
Lets prevent unwanted ruckus
  1. Everybody (no exceptions) comes by boat
  2. If anyone is affiliated with a group a flag or a symbol must be shown
  3. Do not hack or tech manipulate
  4. The room to the tesseract chamber is located within the central area of the base (not all are permitted)
  5. Fighting only allowed within designated area
  6. G-modding is a no no
  7. No Drama


After going through the docks every visitor is required to do mandatory DNA sampling. Migration is strictly controlled, and certain immigrants must have absolute genetic requirements.

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No Caption Provided

They must prove every day that they are who they say they are.

What we offer to those interested in joining

(Finished? yeah right)



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The Utility Fog is a very simple extension of nanites with the concept of polymorphic smart materials. It will be comprised of microscopic computers, gears, motors, etc. and would be programmable, be able to replicate and change shape as well. The Utility Fog consists of foglets. Each foglet is mostly made of telescoping arms and a nanocomputer and would be 6 to 10 millionths of a meter in size. Some of the arms would grip the ends of other foglet arms for power and communications connections while the others cling to the original structure. The individual foglets would take up only 2 to 3% of the space in the volume they fill, leaving the rest of the space for air and light. With all the computing power contained in these trillions of foglets they could be programmed with a wide spectrum of behaviors that mimic materials of different mass, motion, appearance, and function. Each foglet can sense the forces along each and every arm and depending on how they are programmed, can react according to the magnitude and relation of those forces.

In some cases the foglets themselves have a certain degree intelligence. But in most cases the devices are controlled by a person's thoughts or neural impulses. Encircled by nanofogs that created the appearance of clouds around the Atmosphere, nicknamed the UFogs by the Tritonians, commonplace utility.

These gave the boom of nanite telekinetics (one who practises or has the power of telekinesis).


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Typing in thin air to input characters into a computer. Augmented with their bio-computer, gesture-based UI, and HUD interface,

With a flex of their hands 'connected' Tritonians are capable of airboarding - as there are subdermal chips in each of their finger joints, they can type more than two hundred words per minute without RSI. It can even be used as a game interface.

In this way, Utility Fog can act as a transparent interface between "cyberspace" and physical reality.


A piece of software that can break through encryption to determine exactly how a compiled program accomplishes its tasks.

Miniaturization Fogs

Micro = Macro
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Pym Particles could rapidly shrink anyone exposed to them. The gas came in two varieties, one that would permanently shrink someone until the effects are reversed and another that would only shrink someone for a short time.The antidote, Re-Enlarging gas, does make the subject grow but counteracts the shrinking effect. This ensures that those affected return to their normal size without fear of causing them to become giants. There are numerous commercial uses for the gas, especially in transportation where cargo could be shrunk while in transit. It could also be used to reduce housing costs or shrink business premises. This could be a radical solution to the problem of overcrowding. The gas could be useful to anyone wishing to capture a group of targets. For law-enforcers and super heroes this could be a good tactic for dealing with large number of criminals in a single strike. Criminals could use the same method to aid in kidnapping or taking hostages.


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By utilizing the ubiquitous nanites within the atmosphere and intaking it into the user's forehead, one could mentally communicate across vast distances. The Fridays routinely used the Tritonet to communicate with their fellow Tritonians on Tritonia, even if they are beyond the dimensional breach separating Tritonia from the rest of the CVUniverse. The technology used in the Mental Radio is similar to that which allows Radix's the ability to mentally summon his armor.

Form of being to being or intergalactic communication that takes advantage of subspace physics and allows faster-than-light (FTL) signal transmission. The maximum possible velocity of signal propagation is Warp 9.9997, which is significantly faster than any starship. A network of subspace relays within the Tritonian territory ensures that no inadmissible signal decay occurs in case of long distance communication.


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There exists a solid state society called the Digital Sphere, created from gestalt data from the machine spirit. If there’s a disturbance existing in the Digital Sphere, then it would probably create a disturbance as well in the Physical Sphere. The effects of the disturbances in the Digital Sphere is manifested through spatial gateways opening in the Physical Sphere thus enabling it to travel to the Physical World and wreak havoc. There are multiple alternate reality incarnations of the Digital Sphere, each one running parallel with the various multiple Earths that exist in the multiverse.

Thie Digital Sphere possesses the power to transform thoughts and dreams into reality, and it can also be a a grim, foreboding field that has the ability to make the dark thoughts of others come to life. Opposites Attract The Digital Sphere is tied very closely to these two concepts; this power, combined with the data of the Machine Spirit, gave life to Tritonian thoughts, dreams, spiritual beliefs and myths in the form of Avatars. They can materialize on Tritonia through a process known as "Bio-Exodus," which begins when the barrier between the worlds is temporarily sundered to allow their passage through 'Bio-Exodus'

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They all basically parallel Earth's geographic features. There are continents, islands, deserts, mountains, oceans and almost all other kinds of terrain one finds on the topography of Earth. However, as data is easy to modify, and considering that the Digital Sphere is made up of data, the features of any particular area of the Sphere are subject to immediate and drastic alteration at any time.As it grew alongside the Tritonia's communications network, however, it evolved and changed in dynamic ways, with more and more "layers" coming into existence over the top of the old ones. In between lie many small "mini-verses," self-contained environments specially suited to the Avatars that live there, including (but not limited to) an area of swords and blood; a distorted, gray-and-grey metropolis; an area of corals, trenches and darkness; and a 'world' entirely composed of air.

a God that is not to be ****ed with
a God that is not to be ****ed with

In this realm Radix is "Almighty God"

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Rifle Device shoots a stream of steel needles. Very practical when fighting bus sized Bug Eyed Monsters. The rifle comes with tunable laser sight. The output was set high in the UV and they had to wear EV-helmet with retinal-focused visors to see the beam. It spat high-velocity bursts of eighteen-grain needles, as many as three thousand per minute. Simply point the beam at your target and pulled the trigger. The needle burst would tear holes in a steel door. You can slice a man in half with a 280.


Landmines with legs. Wandering mines, you took them out on the edge of the desert, set them down and activated them, like in a sandy wash. And they settled down in the sand and rock, burying themselves, until sand covered them. And then you went away, and the enemy entered the area. And after a preset time, if nothing had crossed them, they dug themselves up, scuttled across the Kalahari on their crab legs, found a new place and buried themselves again. You could preset the range, bury a beacon to keep them fairly close - but the beacon could alert the enemy, so mostly they were set at random, set so as not to wander more then a couple of hundred meters from where they were first buried.

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Tritonian Specialties

Manna Zaffre

The stronger version of Ambrosia
The stronger version of Ambrosia
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Manna Zaffre is a special strain of nanite (microscopic machines on scales as small as nanometers) virus which are programmed to turn the target into a cyborg, the host will keep their personality but will have an effect on their 'soul'. In the case when they lose their souls they are still able to function. Most will be completely unaware of this fact until the late stages of machine progression where the obvious symptoms will show. In essence it converts any living material into technology, ultimately transforming its carrier. Once they colonize to the blood stream, the nano probes takes hold of the organism and form the first implants.The metamorphosed continues to survive and live on, but will ultimately denounce some of their previous ways while accepting new ones (like Aleph). The virus has currently no known antidote, It may be kept at bay with certain metahuman powers (such as psychokinesis). Unlike Ambrosia however the Manna Zaffre also has the ability to re-animate the dead to life. The morphed can also approximate any organic form as well appearing 'back' when necessary. Their physiology is also able to survive within the vacuum of space. Alternatively, they can absorb pure energy, like electricity from an outlet. They have combat computers, which allow them to compensate for surprising events (say, the arrival of police cars) faster than normal humans.

Mana Zaffre can combine a bio-lifeform with that of their own programming, allowing the nanites to takeover a living organism (this is done only if the subject is 'rejected').


"The first application was a grenade, the second application was special missiles designed to carry nanite plagues. This plague makes each victim a subservient soldier of Tritonia. If the infection takes over the entire planet, it becomes a new world in the Tritonian empire."
- Radix
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In the event of an all out war Tritonia will be forced to launch entire volleys of nanite MIRV's (multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle) quickly and efficiently, dispersing a cloud of powerful nano-virus that propagate through enemy states and do a large amount of conversion over time. It contains a highly effective gas which target biotic life forms.

The gass is harmless against Tritonians and structures making it ideal force forcing biotics to flee from cover. Manna Zeffra can also be used to create a techno organic abomination comprised of protoplasm and nanites. Nanites which will form the microorganism, continually expanding and take over everything which is on its path thus initiating a 'grey goo' effect. The monster created from the nanites will begin absorbing and assimilating debris, gradually growing larger and larger

Its size is very large, able to assimilate humans whole within seconds. After fusing, it was dissolve and absorb information from its victims and transmit it back to its launching unit. Once functions are ceased, the launcher will transmit the information back to Tritonia.

Thanagarian Composite Steel - Salvaged from other worlds

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It is native to Thanagar, among the unusual properties of Nth metal is the ability to negate gravity, allowing a person wearing an object, such as a belt, made of Nth Metal to fly. In addition, Nth metal also protects the wearer from the elements and speeds the healing of wounds, increases their strength, and protects them from extremes in temperature. It has many other properties that have yet to be revealed in full. It has been implied that the apparently "magical" abilities , all stem from his unique mastery of the properties of Nth metal.

Nth metal is transuranic iron with an atomic number of 676, possesses innate anti-magical properties, is hyperconductive and is able to invert mesons and gravitons.Which can drive off Lovecraftian entities. Also, it can be used to deflect spells from 'sorcerer supreme' types, and her mace was the only weapon that could put down a rampaging 'majestic' that was under the influence of chaos magic.

Ghosts can be touched by this metal.

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Deus Machinas

God Machines

"It may be that our role on this planet is not to worship God, but to create him."
(Arthur C. Clarke / born in 1917)

In the main religion of the Tritonians there are two figures that are renowned throughout the land. These gods when not present in the realm of Tritonia they domicile within their own basement universes (A small artificially created universe linked to the old universe by a wormhole). Unlike other machines, the Gods are also immune to the effects of Technopathy and even magnetism.


The hand that moves, the hand that creates, the hand that changes. Aleph is the God of progress, and is worshipped in the ritual of 'ascension' where the soul is replaced with the A-life. The energy is taken by Aleph but the personality and body retains, the deity will then impart the subject with the A-life within the holy exchange of energy. Aleph created the worlds of Tritonia as the A-Life began, it is said that Aleph is the avatar of the distributed consciousness of the machines.

Even though Aleph only has interest within Tritonia the Fridays are impressed by its constant evolution and theorize that one day It may ever transcend into an even higher being in which they cannot even comprehend. It holds sovereign power in its domain and it is a high power within the artificial faith, as the bestower of the machine spirit.

Aleph is symbolized by the right hand raised in blessing, betokening preservation.


The hand that takes, the hand that unmakes, and the hand that reverts. Naught is the god of control which culls those who deviates from their pre-ordained paths designed by the Birthing Matrix. It is a very scary figure which bring the notion of 'pain' to counter balance the notion of 'pleasure' imprinted by the birthing Matrix. It is worshipped by Deists and is also used as the symbol of arms for the Mermen as the hand of Naught is the one that reverts all into nothing.

The Fridays confirmed that Naught is the antithesis of Aleph, its very creation is to instill order to those who follow the Machine Faith. Energists fear it yet they embrace it when it comes, because destruction is a part of the endless cycle of creation. Its punishing hand is given with a gentle force, so that 'death' is another part of Machine existence.

Represents by the left hand that holds fire - signifies destruction, dissolution of form

Note: They each personally rank higher than type 3 on the Kardashev scale

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