My SDCC 2010 Experience

SDCC is over for 2010 and my overall experience was pretty good. I purchased a few back issues including some Thor and Daredevil issues. Certain issues were very hard to find so I guess I'll have to go online or wait till next year. I'm a huge fan of Bowen Designs statues and busts but I kinda shocked myself since I did NOT purchase one Bowen during the con. There wasn't anything there I had to get Bowen wise but the Red Hulk statue was tempting. 
I spent most of my time and money in Artist Alley and I even purchased two sketch books to get some commissions in. Some of the artists that did some stuff in my books were Todd Nauck (classic Moonstone & Pixie), Norm Rapmund (Zatanna), Lord Mesa (Red Hulk), Adam Archer (Bengal), Bosco Ng (Nekra), Chris Giarrusso (Crimson Dynamo), Tony Washington (Tiger Shark), Francis Manapul (Solomon Grundy), Dustin Nguyen (DC Scarecrow) and Gabe Eltaeb (Silver Samurai). 
I actually used my camera and took some pics of peeps in their costumes. I applaud everyone that dressed up and give them mad props for displaying a passion they have for various characters in comics, movies, manga and fantasy. I wish I took more pictures and attended all 5 days but there is always next year. I didn't attend any panels but their was one I really wanted to see which was the Big Bang Theory panel. The past two years that panel took place on a Sunday and assumed it was the same day but to find out that it was on Friday which was the only day I did not attend!! I year I will go to the Big Bang panel.