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I'm from San Diego and have been a huge comic nerd for a long time. Oh man...my man cave has at least 7 large boxes of comics and a couple of mini stacks of comics scattered throughout the floor. I collect Marvel Essentials books and Marvel Encyclopedias too. It drives my wife nuts but I tell her it's information needed on comicvine.com. I'm a huge fan of statues and busts from Bowen Designs because I think they have the best rendition of 2 dimensional characters from the Marvel Universe into 3 dimensional figures. I have over 25 statues and 100 busts but I did suffer some damage from the earthquake that hit SD a few weeks ago. 
I've been married for 5 years and have three Pembroke Welsh Corgis names Lucky, Ella and Gwen. I also enjoy playing no limit Texas hold-em poker, chess, tennis, basketball, ping-pong and cruising on my mountain bike.
Well that's a little something from me and now it's time to earn more wiki points on this awesome site!!