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Okay this is a fabulous list, I disagree with Negasonic Teenage Warhead though, and Doc Rocket is a far superior speedster name than say, The Whizzer.

I once asked Jack Kirby how he pronounced Darkseid and he said, "I get asked that question a lot and today I'm going with, either way is fine." However I do believe every time he pops up in the DC cartoons it's Darkside. Some other names for you to consider:

Tigra the Were Woman (let's all get on the same page with what the prefix "were" means.)

Lady Rawhide (although it would make an absolutely fine brand name for a line of chew toys marketed towards lady dogs? Don't laugh, both Lego and Nerf do it, there's precedent.)

Cherry Poptart (just... just no.)

Lashina (adding ina doesn't make it female either)

Maxie Zeus

Garganta and Rad (also from FemForce... shudder)

for that matter FemForce

Matter Eater Lad (more than a little on point)

Bouncing Boy (even more than more than a little on point)

Nightcrawler (lets face it great character, suck code name)

Rainbow Raider (not to mention the dude's name is Roy G. Bivolo)

and if we really wanna play the how the hell do I pronounce it game, Mr. Mxyzptlk

Codpiece and Coagula (both awful...just awful code names.)

Steppenwulf (seriously, the dude doesn't even own a magic carpet) (nor is he on record as being any kind of fan of Hermann Hesse either.)

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I always kind of liked Rachel Summers, (mostly I think because I always wished Claremont would cut the poor girl a break.) I totally agree with you on Dazzler and Psylocke. I am curious though, what caused you to flip on Surge.

I wonder why Wolverine makes the list as well? I agree with you, but knowing your writing and the fact that you never make a list without a lot of thought behind it, I'll bet there's a good story there. Care to share?