Favorite Writers

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  • Rucka had an amazing run on Wonder Woman. He's one of the few writer who actually understands her potential.

  • Morrison is the reason I returned to comics oh so long ago! His run on New X-Men is possibly my favorite run ever. He likes to go outside of the box and doesn't care if it is frowned upon. His WE3 is a great read too!

  • DeFalco created the MC2 universe and has written every Spider-Girl issue to date. His writing is a lighter tone (but still one that makes an impact) which is a great contrast to some of his heavier peers.

  • Johns seems to be to DC what Superman is to the JLA. He had a wonderful run on Teen Titans and garnered my interest in Flash and Green lantern.

  • I loved Young Justice! David brought a lighter tone (somewhat similar to DeFalco) that made a fun read.

  • Simone's run on Birds of Prey is noteworthy. She seems to have a great understanding of the characters and appreciation for the fans.

  • Bendis co-created a great thing with the Ultimate Universe.

  • Pfeifer's Catwoman was a great read. I was never a huge fan of the character, but his work definitely changed that.

  • Wolfman made a lasting impact on the Teen Titans and created several characters that continue to be important in the DCU.

  • Who would've thought a simple family friendly comic could be so fun?! Baltazar co-writes and draws Tiny Titans.