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But who truly is the all-new Ms. Marvel? Teenager? Muslim? Inhuman?

I think we will also see the debut of all-new superwillian: Superior Marvel-Troll.

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We all saw in Injustice how swiftly Superman can take out entire alien horde of parademons. So slow zomies wouldn't be a problem... Of course except the situation when zombie plague will begin from someone with Superman-level power, like it was with Sentry in Marvel Zomies.

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An so batman make nightwing nightwing so he can be nightwing while he is nightwing. Okay.

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@terrybogard2014 said:

So i ask,why is she right off the bat unfit for this particular mantle thats paying homage to carol who used the mantle to pay homage to mar-vell an alien life form from the kree who are not exactly known for being the most friendly of people.what is it about the mantle of ms marvel that makes it more sacred then other mantles?should cassandra cain not have been bat girl?is miles morals dirtying the name of spider-man worse then Ock?why is it unneeded?who determines whats needed and whats not?obviously if nobody is reading it and it goes under from the get go then the people will have spoken on their interests,but you can at least test the waters now and then,which is at least them giving her a shot because lets be honest if she had her own tittle with a different name.people wouldn't even remember later,lots of good books that get cancelled because people forget they even exist.dropping a new hero with not much history in their own tittle by themselves can be a tough sell now adays so when you have an embarrassment of riches to pull from to try and help why not

may even add the sense lots of people have idols.maybe carol can even swing by and drop some knowledge on her after the hilarious misunderstanding because heroes always have misunderstandings when they first meet :p,can at least see how she acts and responds first before deeming her unworthy.

Cassandra was adopted and trained by Wayne. Connection. Miles was biten by another altered spider ang gets same powers as Parker and some else. He was inspired by death of Parker and "With great power comes great responsibility" of Gwen. Connection. Captain marvel, very untipical and friendly kree, saves Carol life, they were both in army (Carol in air forces), and Carol gets powers after the incident with kree device, there powers is similar and thats not all. Big connection. And what we see in this new character? We see teenage muslim shapeshifter from conservative family. Right now i see no connection at all and so deem her stealing name from Carol and, as you see too, doing it mostly for marketing. Thats why i am now so sceptical about this development and deem her now unfit. Is't it understandable?

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5.Honest question.what is the worse case scenario that comes about from marvel trying this?

Perhaps i exaggerate the importance of culture, but its also something that cannot be simply ignored. And that is fine example of my tesis about different world views... I dont mean it can lead to something horrible, the problem is that i see this kind of development unneeded and unfit for this particular mantle, which was as it seems now chosen just for purpose of marketing. If that would be really all-new character whith new name, that there would be no problem. Well... If she really will "threw it all away" that will be good enough for me.

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so in 2013 you don't think its possible from someone from one culture to have a similar view with someone of another?yes because apparently to you your race alone determines your personality and everything you'll be,you most know so much about every other culture.SMH you know i find it funny that people don't judge the mantle of their hero by their morals,values,or things that drive them.but by their color and gender.nice to see how far we've come

Not nation or race, but culture of this nation or race. Existence define consciousness. Where and by whom we rised define basis of personality and our first values, which of course can be changed during our live by our own experience... People from different cultures have different world view and because of this they have different characters. Similarites exist when there are something common between cultures, but when they are completly different? No. It is very naive to think otherwise. Just look at identity of Carol and tell me from where common traits whith this new character can come from? From what cultural background or live experience?

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Teenage muslim girl shares some of views whith Carol? Okay. That's so possible! And look at her powers - i now see really no differense whith Carol! And her cool costume, yeeeeas, it so good costume for girl from muslim family... Ups, i forgot that she is a shapeshifter, so at least one problem is solved. xD

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I dont understand why people are exited about this... politcorrectness for the sake of politcorrectness. That's absurd and icing on this cake is fact that this new character has absolutly nothing common whith Carol, unlike different spidermans or batmans, but steal her codename.

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The true reason of Batman unkilling is very simple. It's not some great moral or responsibility, but fear, result of trauma of his parents death.

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Good, good. I just wonder who this new Batman is... Dent, Todd? Someone other?