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Fox; might even be a stomp.

DCEU just gets slaughtered.

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He can only kill humans without the Scythe. anything post season 5 is fine to use as long the feats are not due to amps or other version changes.

Many beings in MCU shown greater durability than Casteil body which is limited to one ton Mark and not even bullet proof.

If they are so powerful they would not need host bodies. Making the rules as they saw for. Thanks for agreeing.

God has nonpose much of shit considering he left earth to perish and let his kids run things as they saw fit with a total hands off approach. As for the rest of your rant, no one is saying the MCU are any better powerwise only they have better feats. They are not omnipotent but neither is the Archangels as we proven just now lol

Where are you getting the idea that he can only kill humans without the Scythe? That's literally never shown nor said, and when he was ordered to kill God-Castiel he did so by raising his hand and walking towards him.

Castiel was shot multiple times and stabbed to no avail because Angels can only be killed by certain things; bare in mind that Angels are able to survive re-entry as during the fall the literally fall from the heavens into the earth like meteors.

They don't need host bodies, they use them to prevent damage. Yes, they made the rules; they also made the rules that Angels can only be killed in certain ways, Arch-Angels in even few ways. So if we're using the rules to gauge power then the MCU's lack of Arch-Angel blade will pose a serious problem for them.

Except God is still on Earth, is still part of the setting, and is in the picture you posted which means he's in the fight. No one in the MCU is standing up to God.
More importantly if we're including everyone we know of that exists in Season 5, including those we don't meet until later; that means there's also Rowena to contend with, and all the Alphas, and the Dragons, Cain, all the Ghosts and Monsters, Abbadon, as well as the British Men of Letters and the Colt.

Meanwhile Dormammu is basically featless, as is Thanos. In fact there's no one who has the feats to take on the Arch-Angels or God because all the "high-tier" characters in the MCU are featless. At the end of the day; who exactly do you think has the feats to take on those characters?

The rest wasn't a rant; it was a point that you've apparently decided to simply ignore.

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@zetsumoto: here is the problem. Would Death Scythe work? Sure. It's had much like Death Note or Saint of Killers guns. Now will it work when Death has to hit you? Not as well when Death shown no skill in any fight. Death himself as powerful as God was made Lucifers bitch boy with a simple spell that Dean and Sam replicated lol. So it's pointless to bring up Death as some OAA or Galactus level being of a higher plane.

Same for any Supernatural charcaters. Unless their powers shown to work on durable and powerful beings like say Thor or Odin, I don't see what in universe scaling matters. Just like the reality warping of Anti Christ and the old timers psychic. Their powers are very limited in range and how they work to be effective. Same for Archangels. If they are so powerful with reality warping then Dean and Sam would not be needed for host bodies. Hell, if they are so powerful then black magic from the witch book would failed at containing Lucifer. Hell, Lucifers could not even mind control Sam into saying yes where Demons could. So powerful. Riiiight.

Death doesn't need his Scythe; just touching you will kill you as evidenced by his first scene.
Dormammu was made Strange's bitch by something as simple as time; are you saying that Dormammu isn't a being of a higher plane? Also, that's from season 7; so does that mean we're going past season 5? Or extrapolating from events past season 5? It's kind of important to know.

Thor and Odin haven't really demonstrated any greater durability than the Angels or Archangels. Lucifer was able to destroy Castiel with a snap of his fingers when even a Demon Killing blade couldn't hurt him. Jessie's Power's weren't all that limited; he just didn't know he had them when he first started using them.

Angels don't need host bodies, they just end up destroying everything without them. The reason Sam and Dean/Adam were needed was because they were weapons. Dean/Adam was Michaels sword. And he couldn't mind control Sam to say yes because then Sam isn't saying yes.
You're basically saying that because God is powerful enough to impose order and rules on the world; it means the Archangels who aren't as strong as him are just weak sauce. By that token everyone in Marvel is pathetic and useless because if they were so powerful then why can't they not be idiots when the writer makes them idiots? If the Celestials were so strong why aren't they around anymore? Odin's so powerful yet he has to sleep, yeah right.... See how that line of argument is easily used against you?

Also, God. What's the MCU's answer to God who does exist in Season 5?

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I agree ^^ If Lucifer etx were so powerful why the need for a host body?? I've not seen anything that makes them as powerful as some are claiming here. A lot of statements opinion and hyperbole but that's just me. They seem to me to be nothing more then Demi God's


Because without a host they just wreck everything.

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@superentity: He did it with planet vegeta. And even so there are no feats of accelerator blocking ki. Let's assume he did and frieza lost his arm. That won't mean crap because he'll just get infuriated and destroy the planet. Then call up his scientist to restore his arm. Frieza solos 10/10.

Well he can't since he can't use KI.

The problem with ignoring universal equalization is that characters rely on it t effectively gauge a fight.

In this case; since fights do not automatically take place in the DBZ universe, ignoring equalization means that outside of the DBZ universe; no DBZ character has access to KI as no KI exists. Thus outside of the DBZ universe Accel murderstomps everyone.

Or you can use universal equalization in which case everything takes place in a neutral universe where it's assumed all characters have access to their normal abilities and their abilities effect all other characters as if they had always existed in the same universe. In which case DBZ characters can use KI and Accel can use his abilities on KI in the same manner as magic.

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Darkseid stomps. Avengers Assemble Thanos was pathetic without the infinity gauntlet.

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@stahlflamme: By going inside a building, which he would absolutely do for cover; thus forcing Falcon to follow him in or allow himself to simply be shot at.

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Barry all rounds. He ran around a city fast enough to create a constant line of lightning which puts him at least a couple to several thousand miles per hour.

Which is not nearly fast enough. Bart's fast enough that even Clark can't see him when he runs, and Clark's idea of catching up was to grab lunch in Mexico. Even ignoring the stated speeds in The Flash (which are like Mach 3), Barry just doesn't have the feats to keep up with Clark let alone Bart.

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@jexsu said:

@rpottage: The next thing begs me to question, are the Nazgul better than they were portrayed in the movies? I mean, if they were portrayed correctly, then I'm not sure they'd stand a chance against the White Walkers.

Yes, no, kind of.

In the movies they're portrayed at their weakest. Bound to Sauron; they're at their lowest power in the First Book just as he is; while in the last book they're closer to their potential just as Sauron is. The movies also leave out things like the Barrow-Blade. In the movie it's made to seem like all it took was a woman to kill the Witch-King; in the books it's clear that he was first stabbed with a weapon designed specifically to fight the powers of Mordor that was given to Merry by Tom Bombadil (who's basically above everything and existed before time did).

So for the most part they are portrayed correctly; but they're portrayed at their weakest point. Their power is tied to Sauron's, and Sauron put his power into the One Ring so without it he's weak himself.
It's like looking at a movie based on the early Golden Age Superman, he's portrayed correctly but at the weakest point in the timeline. It's the same thing with the Nazgul, they're mostly portrayed correctly but their only portrayed at their weakest.

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@jexsu said:

@rpottage: But how do we actually know that? Has those weapons killed anything similar to a White Walker?

The Nazgul?

I mean of we're going all out on them, then yes. They're Umaiar (Demons) and their Black-Breath (aura) affected all living creatures. They were bound to Sauron and the more powerful he was, the more powerful they were. Even without the One Ring, the Witch-King still a match for Gandalf the White and able to destroy his staff; and Gandalf the White is a Maiar (An angel).

That's kind of the problem with asking if they're powerful enough though; you really have to dig into the Simillarion and extended writings of Tolkien to understand.
But basically they're the most powerful servants to a fallen Archangel who sits on the throne of the Devil in the Devil's place; and even when not at full power are still capable of fighting regular angels and have auras that can kill all living beings (which would include arch-angels if they were around too long).

So yes, kind of; in the unique extended Tolkien way.