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Come out, come out wherever you are...

I know that, for some people, the search for identity is a long, hard road. They may not be comfortable enough in their own skin to accept it. For some, it's liking their body image. For others, they can't come to grips with having a mutation. But for many other spandex wearing crime fighters, it may be something else that they're hiding...

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  • Okay, if Family Guy will do a spoof on your sexuality, you need to check yourself. Also, Shatterstar was flirting with you and you didn't seem to mind (and don't even make me get into that unrequited love with Northstar from back in the day). Definite number one choice.

  • He likes wearing lipstick...and, if you've read Arkham Asylum by Morrison, then it's a definite.

  • I don't believe your "fake" coming out and then retracting it because Cyclops got pissed. Sure, you want to be a symbol of unity and a role model, but straight dudes just don't say that!

  • He may appear to be the Casanova, but I can bet that 3 beers in he doesn't care who's touching him.

  • Ever heard of Aleister Crowley? If not, look him up. Real person who was one of the most "wicked men alive". He was a sorcerer who believed that magic was achieved through kinky sex (among other things). I can see Steven doing that. Plus, look how he carries himself and how well-groomed he is!

  • At his funeral, Northstar was there among his former lovers. 'Nuff said. Ancient Greeks were more open-minded about that sort of thing.

  • "I don't know how I suddenly became a woman...oh drat, I'm stuck in this female body!" Uh-huh. Buying that one.

  • He just has a whole Lady Gaga look going on that messing with my senses. Sure can't read his poker face...

  • Back in the New Warriors days, before he became all angsty, Robbie always seemed to enjoy his male teammates a bit too much. Plus, happy-go-lucky guy who creates pastel orbs that float around him like magical fairies? Need I say more?

  • I always thought he and Blue Beetle had a little something-something on the side.

  • Why didn't you just name yourself the Condom Kid? Super arrogant comedian may be trying to deflect something? Not all stretching parts are voluntary when you're in the JLA shower room.

  • He's wearing a fur coat! Fur. Coat. Know any straight guys who drool at the latest animal pelts?

  • The Literal with the best fashion sense, the wittiest quips, and a fear of looking aged. You better believe it!

  • If you haven't read Ex Machina, pick it up. The relationship between Mitchell Hundred and his best friend/bodyguard is seriously complex. Mitchell leaves a death message telling Rick he loves him. At the end of the serious, a drunken Rick tries to kiss Mitchell and tells him he loves him as well. But they never consummate and they never discuss any of the steel hard tension between them! Frustration.

  • He likes boys. He likes girls. Pick one, dude! When you kiss Bullseye when you think you're going to die (and not Moonstone, who you humped), I think the needle is pointing you in the right direction.

  • Maybe it's just me, but I though he and Cannonball had a secret thing on the side for years. Sure, they're best friends, but they are just really close for two bros.

  • I put him way down here because I didn't want to make anyone mad, but he's at the top of my list. All you have to do is look back to the old comics where he SHARES A BED WITH ROBIN to tell you the truth. Nothing happened? That's what Michael Jackson said too.

  • This picture doesn't show it, but Riptide has a purple costume, slightly purple hair, and likes to twirl. The only reason he turned evil was because they didn't give him the lead in Swan Lake.

  • Oh, Simon. A bit too preoccupied with the looks, eh? The movie career? The tight fitting pants? The obnoxious porno-esque name? I think we have another Tom Cruise on our hands.

  • Now, I personally love this character. But I can't help but see tiny hints throughout the series. Cute, young, habitually single. Throws his affections on girl after unattainable girl. And on his death bed, he's catty as hell to the girl who turned him down. You're looking for a beard, my dear. Or a Big Bad Wolf.

  • So I'm supposed to believe that this guy is one of the smartest people on the planet, right? Super brain, super intellect, etc. Well then why is he wasting his time chasing after the Hulk? Start a corporation, run for president, take over a country somewhere. Sweetie, it doesn't matter how long you chase after your boy crush; it's not happening. He's just not that into you.

  • Come one. We were all thinking it. What do you do if you can make multiple clones of yourself and you're a little randy? Some of the characters have even joked about it (and he didn't successfully defend himself). Plus, at least one of his dupes was gay.

  • When he showed up with an Asian baby, even his brothers were confused. Seance never clarified; he just left them baffled.

  • How many guys do you know that play the flute? Okay, it's hidden in a dagger, but what kind of messed up innuendo is that ("You wanna play my dagger flute?")

  • The man collects Malibu Stacy dolls and has daydreams about Mr. Burns. NOT a mystery there.

  • Do we really need a comment here? He's only a rainbow flag away from being the grand marshal of the gay pride parade.

  • He was the "peaceful brother" who became the Dove to his brother's Hawk. It's okay tender heart. Let it out.

  • Supposedly the ideal synthetic man, he just so happened to reject his female compatriot. Also, he once split into two personalities, one of them being a female named "Goddess". Oh, and he once went by "Goldilocks". Need I say more?

  • He tells his wife that he can't speak to her because he'll destroy half the cosmos. I think it's just because he can't stand her nagging. Is it really so hard to picture Black Bolt sneaking around to get some from one of the other member of the royal household?

  • Poor Fish Man. He can never fall in love with an attainable woman. The only woman he married, he killed...twice. Plus his usual ensemble is a pair of green bikini bottoms which match oh so well with his feathered wing feet.

  • Side-tracking any references to fisting, Danny just seems too fond of Luke Cage. If there's nothing going on there, then we have an epic bromance happening.

  • You can't Cage this Power Man when it comes to his more than Luke-warm love for his partner Iron Fist (bonus points for punning?).

  • Recently appeared shirtless with leather pants on. Someone wasn't fighting evil; he was cruising for it.

  • If you take male lovers regularly (as he did in the Greek myths) you're not straight.

  • Uptight. Organized. Reliable. Gets impossible tasks finished with panache. You guessed it! He put the "mo" back in Domo.

  • He was never really given a love interest, for one; plus, a part of me just has a hard time believing that both Peter and his clone could both be straight.

  • In the MC2 universe, Spider-Girl's "Uncle Phil" was a career bachelor who had nothing better to do than hang around with teenagers. He's basically the high school theater teacher in a goblin mask.

  • Gay or European? The age old question resurfaces with the Swordsman.

  • I honestly think it's the well-coiffed mustache that throws me off for Freebooter. Plus the mental association with Swordsman doesn't hurt either.

  • He pretty much is a 'mo in everything but name. Quit hinting about it and step up to the plate. Transmute you some courage.

  • He grows really small. He grows really big. He grows really crazy. One thing is consistent: he hates his wife. But after she dies, he suddenly wants to take over HER identity? And this constant re-imagining of his identity is most likely a reflection of his own inability to love himself.

  • Little known fact: Starfox's OTHER name is Eros (as in the Greek god of erotic love). Knowing this, it makes sense that he decided to come camp out on Earth a few thousand years ago and begin pursuing pleasure. That tidbit could be confused with any drunken frat boy, but the telling thing is that after his very close "friend" Captain Mar-Vell died, Starfox decided to raise his kid as his own. Yup, someone had to daddies and didn't know it.

  • We know it's hard, Invisible Kid. You can only sneak into the boys locker room so many times without being detected. It's been hinted at--just say it. We see you, Invisible Kid. We see you for who you really are. You don't have to hide anymore.

  • Just look at the pose. He's one sashay and a snap away from being RuPaul.

  • The boy makes pretty things out of crystal. Maybe he can whip up a nice decanter or a chandelier for me.

  • Really? You choose to name yourself after the gayest mythical creature ever? And your energy signature is pink? Does it come out in a triangle shape?

  • What villain actually thinks to himself, "I need to get even with so-and-so! I'm going to rub this lube all over a leather-looking bondage costume and THAT'LL teach 'em!"

  • He used to be a ballerina, for starters. Next up on the list, only an erudite gay man would know a long word pertaining to fashion. Finally, part of his fierce array? Destructible scarf.

  • You leap? And that's the name you choose? Batroc, the Leaper. Strikes fear in the hearts of heroes everywhere....why not Batroc the Prancer? Plus, check out your costume. Mauve and goldenrod.

  • I knew a guy who wore rings on every finger once...he was a drag queen.

  • You can try to fool us with your emotionless act. We all know that you burn inside for James T. Kirk.

  • No powers, but he has a flying tandem bicycle. When was the last time you went tandem bicycling unless you were trying to get your girlfriend in bed? That's right, you were too busy watching the game.

  • His abilities come from his accessories (a valuable lesson, ladies). Also, his gun shoots rainbows. No, this is not an innuendo. Go look at the pictures.

  • He can shoot rainbows. Out of his special glasses. They affect the moods of others. Nuff said.

  • Just look at the picture. He is being propelled forward by gaiety itself. Poor kid's gonna get beat up in middle school. Badly.

  • It's not just the name. It's not even just the costume. It's the collar. Poppin' it long before it was cool.

  • Bleach blonde bangs and a Leather Daddy Jr. costume that shows off a slightly furry yet muscular chest? Yes please!

  • He puts the flamer in flamingo, folks. Oh, and he'll eat your face...literally.

  • What? (Get it? It's what his name translates to in French). This apparent Celestial Messiah is a little on the Corpus Christi side of things. Proof? Who needs proof when you have faith?

  • If you haven't read Ex Machina, pick it up. The relationship between Rick and his best friend/boss is seriously complex. Mitchell leaves a death message telling Rick he loves him. At the end of the serious, a drunken Rick tries to kiss Mitchell and tells him he loves him as well. But they never consummate and they never discuss any of the steel hard tension between them! Frustration.

  • From The Invisibles, King Mob is...confusing. He seems to be ambisexual and it is never clarified. If I were to take a guess, though, I would say gay. Shirtless constantly. Leather pants. Nipple piercings. A penchant for masks. Plus the dude hangs out with a gay drag queen named Lord Fanny. 'Nuff said.

  • If he could find a sidekick named Bottom, they'd be set.

  • A preppy pretty boy millionaire who likes to hang around naked blue guys.