my introduction to comics

yesterday, my friends and i were talking about elementary school, and how everybody used to collect Archie comics. it got me thinking about when i started reading other types of comics.  I usually say i started reading comics after the Dark Knight came out, but i realized that my interest started much earler.

List items

  • i remember watching the animared series when i was like 4 and 5. i used to want to live in Gotham too! that show was probably the reason i read mostly Batman comics now.

  • I was kind of upset when batman:the animated series stopped, but this show soon became a new favorite, it was never my very favorite show, but i always liked the art and general feel of it.

  • Static Shock was another show that completed my saturday morning routine. I think i liked this character because he was african-american and his name was Virgil, which was the name of my goldfish at the time.

  • i didn't watch the show as much as i watched the superman animated movies. I liked Clark Kent better than Superman because he lived on a farm. annd as we all know; farms are awesome!

  • okay, i still watch this show. but when it first started, i sometimes forgot that he was eventually to become Superman. I thought a live action show was a better choice for this kind of plot.

  • I loved this show! i thought it was so cool that the team just got to live in a building shaped like giant T, and there were no adults around. i wish they could have been seen both in and out of costume.Slade was creepy though.

  • this show was interesting because it was a whole bunch of heroes, instead of just one or two. This show made me love Wally West! i liked Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern the best though.

  • when this show was on, i used to pretend i was kitty pryde. my brother would put on sunglasses and be cyclops, and my neighbor would be Nightcrawler! there were so many great characters in this show. even though i'm a DC girl, i sometimes give in to the other side.

  • okay, so this wasn't around when i was a little kid, but i watched it last year so i'm putting it on my list! I love teenage Tony Stark.