favorite Marvel characters

Okay, i've been reading comics for like, 2 years now but so far i've only read DC titles. But Marvel is growing on me too. There are some amazing characters there too. Except for the X-Men, I just really don't like them. Or Spiderman. I have no idea why though.

List items

  • Thor: The Mighty Avenger #1 was the first marvel book i've ever bought. I love viking helmets in general anyway. Plus I had a plastic Mjonlir when i was younger.

  • best sidekick ever! and he reminds me of my friend Adam

  • Even if his headband reminds me of those naruto things, he has awesome powers and he's a twin.

  • Twin of Billy Kaplan. Fast guy. his hair is WHITE and he wears my third favorite color.

  • Yeah, i'm basically adding the rest of the young avengers to this list. Plus he's dating Wiccan, which makes him cool in my book

  • favorite costume, hands-down.

  • simplest costume ever. easiest halloween costume too.

  • Yes he is X-Men related, but i like his powers.

  • He had the best sidekick uniform ever. he ended up being Captain America before Dick Grayson became Batman.

  • i like the comic and movie version of him.

  • he doesen't even need to see you to kick your ass.

  • non-slutty costume and cool person.

  • Hawkeye is an awesome person with an awesome costume. plus she's a fellow archer

  • her hats. they are amazing.

  • she's my favorite character in Iron Man: Armored Adventures.