Favorite DC characters

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  • I've liked him as Robin, Nightwing,and Batman! It's cool to get to see a character evolve like this. Even if he"s mad some questionable fashion choices over the years ( pixie boots, disco collar, mullet thing) he's still awesome.

  • Props to Tim for being the first to put pants on the Robin costume! It's weird to think of some random kid to be the onr to figure out BAtman and Robin's identities, but he did. The fact that he just faced off against Ra's Al Ghul and won makes him even more great.

  • It doesn't matter if he's Speedy, Arsenal, or Red Arrow; Roy is the best. Sure, he had a drug problem and had a kid with an assasin, but the fact that he can still be a great hero and Dad makes this guy pretty awesome to me. The fact that he's a fellow archer is just a plus!

  • If you can make it growing up with a name like Aqualad,then you know you're a pretty tough dude. Garth is my favorite of the Aquas and he has on e of my favorite costumes out of any character

  • As much as I like him as Kid Flash, I loved him as Impulse too!

  • Even if the Halle Berry movie was horrible, this character is amazing. This a strong, independet woman, who can do well as hero or villain.

  • Sure he's a clone with Lex Luthor's DNA, but he's a awesome clone! Thank god he ditched the leather jacket and sunglasses, because his t-shirt and jeans are one of the only costumes that i'd wear myself.

  • The original Huntress from Earth-2, Helena Wayne is a graet character. The idea of Batman and Catwoman having a daughter is good, but the idea of that girl folloeing in the family "business" and becoming a vigilante is even better!

  • i just like the kind of character who can joke around, but still be considered good enough to be a mener of the Justice League. plus he wears white sunglasses, like me.

  • This guy is like the British version of Batman, but better because he has a british accent!